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Super-Hair is celebrating its 20th year online! And we're doing it by counting down what we consider the 20 most "Super" hairstyles of the last two decades - similar to what we did for our tenth anniversary with "Project 20/10."

As we count them down, we want to hear from you. Which women do you think have the greatest hair of the last 20 years - the best of the best? Send us your "20 For 20" list (or fewer, if you can't come up with 20). Email it to SuperHair @ You also can post it directly on our message board, Let Your Hair Down; you'll find a few there now.















15. Debra Messing

Thick, wavy, melt-on-sight hair that's been impressive enough for two runs of Will and Grace. She's in the Hair Fan's Hall of Fame, with six Crown Awards and seven additional nominations.

16. Norah O'Donnell

A reporter at NBC-turned-anchor at CBS, her often-flawless pageboys have kept Hair Fans fascinated for two decades. She spent 27 months in Top Ten Tresses and has gained six Crown Award nominations.

17. Judy Fortin

The woman we declared the #1 hairstyle of the Ultimate 50 in 2000 keeps impressing, while working in public relations in Atlanta. The former TV anchor amazingly still has undefeated short hair in public, after spending 50 months on the Top Ten Tresses list early in the millennium.

18. Alyson Footer

Amazing natural curls helped this baseball blogger advance from Houston to MLB television. They also earned her two Crown Awards, the Houston City League title, nearly two years in Top Ten Tresses and second place in the 2011 Cup of the Americas.

19. Suzy Kolber

The ESPN reporter's short, sturdy and almost indestructible cuts won four Crown Awards from 2003-13. She entered the Hair Fan's Hall of Fame through a Veterans Committee vote in 2016.

20. Mara Schiavocampo

A TV reporter who turned natural curls into perfectly-positioned strong styles, which lasted an amazing 78 months on the Top Ten Tresses list.

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