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AAA Cup 2017


Each year Super-Hair.Net holds an international tournament to determine which countries have the best hair on the planet. They culminate in a World Cup, which is coming in 2018. But in 2017, it's the Super-Hair AAA Cup - honoring outstanding hairstyles in Africa, Asia and Australasia. Each country has only one outstanding head of hair competing for it in group play.

Weeks of open nominations for candidates from those countries closed 21 April. Then we drew for groups in a live conference call 24 April, naming all the entries. After two qualifying weeks to settle some national contestants and six weeks of group play, we've come to the semifinals - and your votes will decide the champion!


INDIA: DEEPIKA PADUKONE. A Bollywood actress defeated Priyanka Chopra in national qualifying, then rolled up the best possible record in group play.

India 15 points, Thailand (Tanaporn Thongsing) 6, New Zealand (Rachel Hunter) 4, Taiwan (June Ting) 0.


PHILIPPINES: PIA WURTZBACH. A former Miss Universe who defeated Marianne Lyles in national qualifying, then won a tense showdown in Match 6 to claim her group.

EGYPT: AYTEN AMER. A model-turned-actress won a four-way national qualifying contest, and had no points against her until Match 6. She gains the "wild card" spot based on winning percentage.

Philippines 13 points, Egypt 10, Australia (Amanda Drury) 5, Mozambique (Tamara Seda) 0.


OMAN: DENISE ELLISON. The Oman native was 2009 AAA runner-up as a tennis player at Notre Dame, and impressed again this time as an MBA candidate at Northwestern University.

Oman 13 points, Indonesia (Sandra Dewi) 10, Vietnam (Betty Nguyen) 2, Algeria (Sofia Boutella) 0.

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For a full match schedule, results and standings, click here.


SEMIFINALS: 21-30 June (group winners plus one wild card)

FINALS: 30 June - 10 July

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Some tournament flags courtesy ITA's Flags of All Countries; used with permission


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