B.M.O.C.: Best Manes On Campus


Colleges and universities, we're told, are all about getting an education. But let's be honest - they're also places for admiring women whose hairstyles are blossoming into their prime, and are well-prepared for a long day of studies and activities.

We realize head-turning Super-Hair can be found on campus, so this area honors those styles - and 2017-18 is our 15th season for BMOC's! Check below for details about how to offer someone you've seen.

WEBER STATE: Halle Evans.

A five-way fight at a university in Utah ended with a sophomore setter in volleyball victorious. One Hair Fan praised this transfer from Houston for "a touch more body and more waves," as she topped Paige Dilmore in the final round 10-5. [Final 1.13.18]

Third through fifth place: Kylie Harris, Aubrey Saunders tied; Paulina Rodriguez.


She stands only five feet tall, but this future accountant is big on the volleyball court - earning academic all-district honors in her senior season. Her long waves add up well with Hair Fans, as she finished third in the Las Cruces City League tournament. [Posted 12.6.17]

REGIS (CO): Christina Kennedy.

The third-year senior's long hair flies invitingly (somehow both straight and curled) in cross-country meets. It probably needs no physical therapy, which is her career goal. And it dominated a three-way race, winning 73 percent of your votes. She went on to be this term's "Elite Eight" leader. [Final 11.25.17]

Second-third place: Maddie Labor, Tamara Brcina.

SOUTHERN METHODIST: Haylee Schoonover.

This junior from Arizona is skilled in both equestrian events and long blonde hair. She won the Las Cruces City League title while attending New Mexico State. But that college apparently shut down its stable, so now she's a transfer who's riding with the Mustangs. [Posted 11.4.17]

BELLARMINE (KY): Carly Anson.

A senior from Ohio who's majoring in nursing has made both goals and saves on the field hockey team. Her well-teased long hair scored a quick win in a four-way fight. [Final 10.21.17]

(Second through fourth place: Kira Steinke; Jillian Fazio, Daisy Letch tied.)

COLUMBUS STATE (GA): Darby Demarest.

A junior who's not only a power pitcher on the softball team, but an academic all-conference athlete. Her control of long hair earned her second place in the always-tough Columbus City League tournament. [Posted 9.29.17]


A Hair Fan found two "sisters" with good hair on the volleyball squad at the "first college in Memphis." A sophomore from across the state in Chattanooga proved to have stronger hair than a senior, knocking off Nina Tuszynski 8-5. [Final 9.19.17]


She's not an instruction building, but a senior who plays soccer. A Hair Fan may have recommended her because of medium-long hair prepared well for holding - or is it because she's from Shreveport? [Posted 8.30.17]


A sophomore from west Texas went to the far north to compete as an all-round athlete in the pentathlon. Her intensity when running the hurdles is matched only by her long lush hair, which tied for third in the Anchorage City League contest. [Posted 8.20.17]

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If you see a great style on a college or university campus, nominate it by writing us: . Please specify you're making a "B.M.O.C." nomination. It will help if you can submit a photo; we prefer .jpg attachments.

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