B.M.O.C.: Best Manes On Campus


Colleges and universities, we're told, are all about getting an education. But let's be honest - they're also places for admiring women whose hairstyles are blossoming into their prime, and are well-prepared for a long day of studies and activities.

We realize head-turning Super-Hair can be found on campus, so this area honors those styles. 2018-19 marks our "Sweet 16th" term of BMOC's. Check below for details about how to offer someone you've seen.

PURDUE: Brooke Peters.

A senior majoring in sales management won over Hair Fans easily with a long sidepart and some back-combing. The volleyball star "killed" three opponents in our contest with 54 percent of the vote. [Final 11.24.18]

(Second through fourth place: Roxy Griffore; Madison Caruso-Emma DeHart tied.)

LOUISIANA STATE: Laryssa Bonacquisti.

The fifth-year senior has returned to campus, after a 2017 in which she was named Miss Louisiana, placed in the top seven at Miss America and won the Super-Hair Wars Champion Hairstyle of the Year title. Now her jaw-dropping long curls are on the anchor desk at Tiger TV, where she's also the News Director. [Posted 11.10.18]

ST. THOMAS (MN): Alyssa Wallace.

Our second Saint Thomas of the season goes not to an Alysha, but an Alyssa - a spohomore who majors in entrepreneurship and persues goals on the ice hockey team. Her long waves won a four-way clash of teammates - then was voted the "Elite Eight" winner for this term. [Final 11.2.18]

(Second through fourth place: Demi Cooper, Kelsey Milanovich, Maddy Fiedler.)


She only attends college during fall semester, because she's busy in the spring - serving in the state House of Delegates. In fact, long waves already have won this 22-year-old a Crown Award. [Posted 10.13.18]

MARYMOUNT (VA): Gabby Cabrales.

She's a starter on the soccer team, and a junior majoring in elementary education. Children may be distracted someday by her flowing shoulder-length hair, which gained 82-percent support in a four-way race. [Final 9.29.18]

(Second through fourth place: Callie Nguyen-Maggie Viniard tied; Sita Nair.)

MISSOURI: Raime Cohen.

A wavier style won this woman the Columbia City League title during 2018. But the softball player and television journalism major is going straighter with layers in her senior year. "Doe_Rai_Me" on Twitter is top-scale with us. [Posted 9.15.18]

ST. THOMAS (FL): Alysha Coyle.

Talk about a busy junior - as this young woman is both Student Government President and a utility player on the softball team. Yet the budding broadcaster finds time to keep long brown hair in good enough condition to win a four-way race with 89-percent support. [Final 9.8.18]

(Second through fourth place: Eneily Rodriguez; Andrea Gonzalez-Maria Iglesias tied.)

EAST CAROLINA: Madison Clark.

She was not only the BMOC at Buffalo, but a City League champion in 2016. Now she's a senior who's transferred south, starts on the volleyball team - and, based on her Instagram feed, seems to love long curls. [Posted 8.20.18]

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If you see a great style on a college or university campus, nominate it by writing us: . Please specify you're making a "B.M.O.C." nomination. It will help if you can submit a photo; we prefer .jpg attachments.

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