B.M.O.C.: Best Manes On Campus


Colleges and universities, we're told, are all about getting an education. But let's be honest - they're also places for admiring women whose hairstyles are blossoming into their prime, and are well-prepared for a long day of studies and activities.

We realize head-turning Super-Hair can be found on campus, so this area honors those styles. Offer your discoveries (find out how below) in this 20th season of B.M.O.C.!

Left-Right: Ella Brandt, Adriana Mroz, Julie Ann Piesocki, Aja Underwood.

DETROIT MERCY: For this year's March Mane Madness, a Hair Fan offers four young women in the Motor City. Whose hair gets your motor running the most? [Opened 3.25.23]

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This sophomore soccer player made money in high school offering private skills lessons. Her ponytails can get messy on the field, but her long locks were strong enough to win the Macon City League title. [Posted 3/11/23]


Talk about cross-training: this senior communications major from the suburban Twin Cities was once a soccer goalie, then became a full-time sprinter. She's also developed a more polished look for her waves through the years, which led her to victory in a six-way contest. [Final 3/4/23]

Second through sixth place: Hanna Baskin; Svea Smestad; Alexandra Bragg, Hope Schjenken, Elizabeth VanLoon tied.


This senior majoring in mass communications cut her long straight hair to a short natural look in the middle of college basketball season. It worked for us - as the All-America candidate grabbed our attention during a big game, by looking like a style that was unpinned in motion. It was, subtly, but still... [Posted 2.11.23]


We're not sure how this first-year student was coaxed away from southern California to play on a golf team in the Midwest. But her wavy long hair scored strongly enough to become Columbia's latest City League champion. Whatever her major, she's off to a great start. [Posted 2.4.23]


A Hair Fan recommends this sophomore who plays on the volleyball team and is an exercise science major to match. She wears #23 to match tbe Biblical Psalm - and her long style certainly doesn't leave us wanting. [Posted 1.28.23]


Was this an invasion? A hostile takeover? The Tallahassee City League champion was at Florida State last term, but surprisingly transferred across the panhandle. Once we found out, we put the redshirt junior who's undecided about a major against the woman found earlier this term. Culp cut down Mia McLain 5-3 in an unusual Challenge Round, even though one voter called it a "coin toss." With added curls at the ends, her medium-long hair has become what one Instagram put well: "breathtakingly stunning." [Final 1.22.23]

December 2022: MIA MCLAIN. This junior psychology major who moved south from Illinois for college. As a high school valedictorian, she's smart. As a cross-country runner, she's fast. Only a superior head of hair (and a Hair Fan considered hers great) possibly could stop her.


She was the national freshman of the year in college softball, with a pitching record of 22-1. Now this sophomore with no announced major is winning respect from a Hair Fan for long blonde hair that she likely could defend like what some have called "a lion in the circle." [Posted 12.24.22]


A youth basketball coach called this first-year sports management major "Gab-zilla." Her natural curls seem ready to battle all comers - and she fought off plenty to become the City League champion of Topeka. [Posted 12.17.22]


She's a junior business major. But she's so much more - a star outfielder on the softball team, the daughter of an Arizona Diamondbacks coach, a Crown Award nominee, the Tucson City League champion AND winner of the 2022 City League Challenge, defeating once-world #1 Maddy Baxter. She also beat Baxter to be "Elite Eight Week" champion of this season. So her long waves clearly have Hair Fans watching closely. [Updated 12.11.22]


This junior from Mexico "plans to major in strategic communications and public relations," her online biography says. She transferred north from Palm Beach Atlantic in Florida, apparently to play soccer - but her long thick waves found victory here, winning the final round of a four-way battle by messing the mane of Madison Marino 5-3. [Final 11.12.22]

Third-fourth place: McKenzie Anderson, Blaire Barr.


It was an all-Martinez matchup, between two "Roadrunner" softball players who tied for third in a summer City League tournament. A redshirt senior on the softball team who's doing graduate work in educational counseling defeated Kirsten (not related) 5-4. [Final 10.12.22]


A first-year cross-country runner won state titles on the track in Louisville as she left high school. A Hair Fan probably likes her long hair loose, instead of the tied-down looks she uses in races. [Posted 9.24.22]


She's from Kentucky. We're not sure why she isn't in Montana. But she's a nationally-known name in Tuscaloosa, thanks to a perfect game she pitched during the 2021 College World Series. Near-perfect blonde hair made this graduate psychology student a Crown Awards nominee early in 2022. [Posted 9.10.22]


A Hair Fan suggeested this junior advertisding major, who gets hit by pitches a lot while playing on the softball team. But her big head of impressive curls undoubtedly can absorb anything above the strike zone. [Posted 8.30.22]


We might as well get this out of the way right now. When this junior lacrosse star who majors in arts and sciences is voted #1 hairstyle in the world in a Cutting-Edge Hair News poll, she gets a second year here. The burden of a challenge at her campus is on every other student. [Posted 8.20.22]

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