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Colleges and universities, we're told, are all about getting an education. But let's be honest - they're also places for admiring women whose hairstyles are blossoming into their prime, and are well-prepared for a long day of studies and activities.

We realize head-turning Super-Hair can be found on campus, so this area honors those styles. The 2016-17 term is Season 14 for BMOC's.


The NCAA women's basketball tournament made this junior a national star. The head coach's daughter was moved from a bench role to starting guard in three games, and she averaged 16.3 points a game in her starts. Some call her "Type-A", she has enough A grades to make the conference honor roll, and her flowing blonde hair is likely as competitive as she is. [Posted 4.12.17]

REINHARDT (GA): Shannon Champion.

She calls herself a Starbucks barista and barbecue server on Facebook. But this first-year student was a high school valedictorian, is majoring in pre-med biology - and her long curls seem ready to outsmart any threat. [Posted 4.1.17]

WYOMING: Lauren Hamilton.

A cross-country runner and her perm-like waves outlasted two opponents in our version of "March Mane Madness." The junior nursing major topped Danielle Badger and Solana Quintorff by taking 53 percent of your votes. [Final 3.25.17]


A junior audiology and speech major is also a high-speed swimmer, who's set school records in distance events. She also was a high school "Prom Queen" in north Texas, thanks in part to her lengthy blonde waves. They earned her first runner-up in a Little Rock City League contest. [Posted 3.11.17]

WICHITA STATE: Dani Mostrom.

She earned a degree in health science in December. But the volleyball star whose long blonde waves spent time in our Top Ten Tresses list and reached the Super-Hair Wars semifinals earns one more graduation gift. She proved unstoppable in a three-way fight, to become a two-time BMOC - gaining 62 percent of the vote to defeat Callie Hurst (25%) and Savannah Harper (12%). [Final 3.4.17]

PRESENTATION (SD): Kelsea Heintzman.

A Hair Fan found three hair contenders at a small college on the prairie. A first-year nursing major and volleyball star from Iowa quickly settled the issue, as her loose long locks rolled up 85 percent of your votes. [Final 2.8.17]

(Second place: Amber Cline, Maria Nightingale tied.)


A sophomore majoring in communication arts, playing on the basketball team and working in her school's "Patriotic Activities Office." Her mid-length waves brought a salute from us, as the only student from her college to make the Branson City League field. [Posted 1.26.17]


A Hair Fan who likes long locks found a lot to love in this first-year business marketing major. She even had a two-goal game in her first season on the soccer team - although we assume she tied the hair down for that. Now she's playing hockey, too. [Posted 1.10.17]


She's from New Jersey, but received a scholarship in the South to play soccer. The first-year health science major has longer hair than we realized when we put her in a Savannah City League tournament, but she finished in an impressive second place anyway. [Posted 12.30.16]

ST. FRANCIS (NY): Sara Bogdanovic.

A three-way battle in Brooklyn led to a final round with more than two days of extra time. A first-year student and tennis player from Florida who plans to become an accountant had the perfect balance in the end, edging Mina Krastoshevsky 11-10 for the title. [Final 12.13.16]

(Third place: Danielle Chin.)


A sophomore physics major who can run 100 meters in under 13 seconds. Someone both smart and fast probably knows how to keep a short sidepart under control - and she did it well enough to finish third in the Rochester City League contest. [Posted 11.19.16]


In a showdown of soccer players, a freshman majoring in nursing was strong early, then her long sidepart held on at the end. She edged Spain's Patry Carrion in the finals 6-5, then went on to win our "Elite 8 Week" poll for the top college style of this term. [Final 11.4.16]

(Third place: Olivia Marazzo.)

CLEMSON: Rachel Wyatt.

Where do we start with this woman? She's a member of the college dance team, the current Miss South Carolina, the first runner-up at Miss America 2017, a former Miss America Outstanding Teen, a senior majoring in communications - and she handles medium-long hair quite well. [Posted 10.10.16]

GEORGIA: Abby Brown.

We thought a nine-way contest at a large school in the South would be a lengthy dogfight (pun). But this senior member of the equestrian team (at least she's still listed there) rode high above the others. The "Risk Management and Insurance" major gained 54 percent of the votes after one week. [Final 10.1.16]

(Second through ninth place: Taylor Carmen; Lindsey Cheek; Kathryn Youngblood; Madison Anger, Meghan Donovan, Carissa Duvall, Katie Houser, Anna Kate Kartsens tied.)

ROCHESTER (NY): Raegan Herne.

A high school student council president is now a sophomore on the softball team. We don't know her major, but her skill with long hair took her to the final round in a City League tournament over the summer. [Posted 9.18.16]

CHAMINADE (HI): Brianna Georgia.

A search in Hawaii led to four women that some voters suggested had very similar styles. This senior business major from New York state outlasted Kayla Henim 7-5 in the final round, gaining praise for the best combination of thickness and silkiness. [Final 9.10.16]

(Third-fourth place: Jenn Betian, Rebekah Kai tied.)

PITTSBURGH: Kalista Walters.

She'll be a sophomore on the basketball team, and was talented enough to start many games as a freshman. This "arts and sciences" major also has layered waves attractive enough to earn her a spot in the 2016 Pittsburgh City League tournament - an honor no other college student could claim. [Posted 8.20.16]

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If you see a great style on a college or university campus, nominate it by writing us: . Please specify you're making a "B.M.O.C." nomination. It will help if you can submit a photo; we prefer .jpg attachments.

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