Cup of the Americas/Copa de las Americas '19


Since 2002, Super-Hair.Net has held an annual international tournament to determine which countries have the best hairstyles on the planet. In 2019, we begin a new four-year cycle leading to Super-Hair World Cup VI. It's time for another "Cup of the Americas"!

We're looking for the women with the top hairstyles in the Western Hemisphere, from pole to pole. (Other parts of the world will get their turn in coming years.) As always, your nominations fuel this race - and right now, it's open season for your contenders. They'll be put in groups for round-robin play in a few weeks. National qualifying will be held where needed, so each nation is represented by only one outstanding head of hair.

Making a nomination is easy. Simply email us: SuperHair @ Multiple nominations are welcome, but be sure you specify you're nominating someone for the Cup of the Americas. (We base all entries on country of origin.)


NOW THROUGH 24 APRIL: Open nominations

SUNDAY, 28 APRIL: Live chat with draw for groups, time to be determined

Some cup flags courtesy ITA's Flags of All Countries; used with permission

Past Cups of the Americas: 2015 2011 2007 2003

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