The 20th Annual Crown Awards


The Crown Awards are a Super-Hair tradition - and so are the annual controversies and objections they tend to produce. With the demise of our message board, we're now using this page to address some of the 2019 questions and concerns.

I voted for ____ despite your crappy photo, which doesn't even show her having bangs. Come on! Give her a chance.

This Hair Fan demanded we change a photo - and this year for the first time, we have. In exchange for this, we asked the Hair Fan to provide rules for other requests we might get to change photos. (We realize one of these moves is bound to lead to more.)

We were told to simply make the change and be done with it. We admitedly don't feel comfortable with the door this opens, but this is what happens when criticism brings accommodation.

Ballot A is always the toughest ballot for us to prepare, because of time constraints. We have to compile the full list of nominees before building that ballot - and when a lot of names are submitted to us at the deadline, that doesn't make things easy. We attempted to add extra time to that process this year, but it didn't work out as we hoped.

If you have a question or objection concerning the Crown Awards, email SuperHair @

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