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For movie fans, the news must have been startling. The star of Legally Blonde had turned.... brunette?!?! A snapshot from the set of an upcoming TV miniseries verified it. Reese Witherspoon's blonde hair which won her a Crown Award for the film Sweet Home Alabama had converted to the dark side - at least for the short-term. This isn't Witherspoon's first time doing that; she was deep brunette as June Carter Cash in the 2005 movie I Walk the Line.

Should Witherspoon keep her hair dark for good? Bad idea, or voters say - as 78 percent of Hair Fans in our week-long poll preferred her blonde (7-2). While no one left a comment, we think the miniseries color is lukewarm. But it beats the Halloween picture Witherspoon put on social media, which was shockingly red.

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Katie Piper once dreamed of being a British supermodel, along the lines of Naomi Campbell. But attackers changed everything, by raping her and pouring acid on her face. Doctors were able to restore a blind left eye, and Piper changed her focus. She now runs a charity helping burn victims, writes inspirational material and appears in Britain reality shows. Piper's short time on the 2018 season of Strictly Come Dancing featured her with classic-looking mid-length blonde hair. But after her elimination, changes came - with a cut to shoulder-length, and a dark brunette shade.

We chose to focus on the length in our eight-day poll - and six out of ten Hair Fans decided Piper's short cut was better for her (6-4). No one left a comment, but we lean toward the longer look being more appealing - even if it's more likely to fall in her eyes. After what she's endured, may nothing fall in Piper's eyes beyond that.


What's this - Angelina Jolie still acts in movies?! Apparently she has time to squeeze in a role or two, while serving as a United Nations celebrity ambassador and fighting off endless tabloid rumors. A co-star in the upcoming fantasy Come Away posted proof on Instagram in October. Jolie plays a character named Rose. A yellow rose, apparently - because her usually-brunette hair is blonde. The picture shows it pinned; we don't know yet if she'll let it down in the film.

Style-watching websites made a big deal about this color change. So we did, too - asking you if Jolie should be blonde all the time. Our one-week poll concluded with 80 percent of Hair Fans preferring Jolie as a brunette (8-2). One voter noted Jolie has made this switch before: "What about her platinum blonde/Marilyn Monroe do from Life, Or Something Like it?" Jolie played a TV reporter in that movie - and based on promotional pictures, her hair fell. In real life, journalists with Super-Hair never would allow photos of moments like that.


It may be a stereotype, but country music always seems to be looking for the next big blonde. Think Tammy Wynette, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert - or even Hayden Panettiere on the TV drama Nashville. In recent years, Kelsea Ballerini has shown the potential to follow that path to success. But she's also thrown a curve or two, when it comes to the blonde part. Ballerini had her long locks cut to a "lob" at the end of 2016. The style was slightly shorter than that at the 2018 American Music Awards - as a near-center part stopped at the shoulders.

Would the singer of Yeah Boy get a yes from our voters for this change? The quick answer was.... no! A week of voting found 85 percent of Hair Fans wanting long hair again (11-2). One called the cut a "waste of beautiful hair," and may have borrowed from a classic George Jones song to ask: "Why? Why? Why?" Ballerini answered that on Snapchat after her 2016 cut, explaining it would "get my hair strong and healthy again." Based on the pictures we've seen, her styles are indeed stronger-holding when they're longer. Crystal Gayle might be able to tell Ballerini something about that.


Her mid-length mane impressed us at first sight. She gained an endorsement deal with L'Oreal Paris in a hurry. Yet singer Camila Cabello must have frustrated Hair Fans for a long time, by showing up at awards shows with pinned-up styles. We simply don't put that kind of style on our ballots. But Cabello made some changes for the 2018 American Music Awards - not only by going loose with the locks, but singing a ballad with an orchestra. Her hair stayed out of her face all night long, and the former Fifth Harmony was rewarded with first place in our vote for best hair at the AMA's.

While some viewers complained on social media that Cabello's hair was flat during her song, our vid-cap was taken as she won an award. She was prepared to win, and that resulted in Cabello receiving 46 percent of the votes. Carrie Underwood was second with 23 percent, yet one voter was disappointed that her hair "was unusually flat and sleek. She's country! Where's the big hair?" Again we posted an award picture; it was bigger and seemed messier to us when Underwood sang. Venessa Hudgens and Bebe Rexha tied for third with 15 percent each.


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Can you tell what these two young women have in common? They're both actresses. They're both named Molly. And they've both played the same role on the TV comedy Last Man Standing. Molly Ephraim (left) played a girlfriend named Mandy during the show's years on ABC. But when the program returned in September on Fox, Molly McCook had the part - and she was blonde to boot! It's not clear why Ephraim was expunged. But a Hair Fan suggested this "Battle of the Mandys" would be a good one.

We chose a different name for it: "Last Man Standoff." After eight days of voting, the winner was the old Mandy (our photo is from 2011). Ephraim gained 60 percent of the votes (6-4) - but maybe we should added a third option. "Abstain," one voter wrote; "neither head of hair is impressive." Another chose Ephraim for "better hair in general, but I hate those too-short bangs." Her current look may become hard to find, as her Twitter account seemed to disappear during our vote - a lot like her job did.


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Lisa Rinna built a successful career through "soap operas" - spending several years on Days of Our Lives, Melrose Place and even a talk show on the SoapNet cable channel. So perhaps we shouldn't have been surprised when Rinna joined a reality soap of sorts, as one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Through it all, Rinna has been admired for a short layered hairstyle that seems built to last through any challenge. So it's been surprising in 2018 to see her trying out longer looks. One September red carpet found her displaying a ponytail - one we suspect was a clip-on, given her history with plastic surgery and injections.

At age 55, is it time for Rinna to make a real hair change? Our voters said no, with 71 percent preferring the shorter style (10-4). Yet the comments were on the side of the minority, with one Hair Fan writing, "I always wondered how she'd look with longer hair.... I love it." Another took Rinna to task for "the horrible frosted" short cut. She's changed that as well over the years, sometimes looking like a stunning redhead. But maybe that explains why this short-hair icon never has been a Crown Awards contender in that category.


At the two-hour mark, she was on the ballot. With 30 minutes to go, she was on the ballot. But then, Connie Britton took the stage at the 70th annual Emmy Awards - and we feared she'd blown it. The star of 9-1-1 had the sort of loose long hairstyle which put her in the Hair Fan's Hall of Fame. But we thought it dropped in her left eye during too loose a moment, disqualifying her from our ballot for the best style of the night. Yet our Hair Fans thought otherwise - so she shares top honors in hair.

For the first time that we can recall, "Other" led the week of voting after the Emmys ended, receiving 45 percent of the votes. The suggestions went beyond Britton to include Mandy Moore (another actress we thought had a drop on-camera), Heidi Klum and Sarah Silverman. "Or Penelope Cruz," one added (even though she showed up with a ponytail). "And they were just OK. Not worthy of the title 'Superhair.'"

As for women actually on the ballot, Kate McKinnon of Saturday Night Live led the way with 27 percent. Then came co-star and newcomer for us Aidy Bryant at 18 percent, although one voter suspected she wore extensions. Chrissy Teigen followed at nine percent.


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