The Hot List, 2000

NAME: Melissa McDermott

WHO IS SHE: News anchor on CBS's "Up to the Minute"

HER STYLE: Side-parted, tight semi-shag, almost reaching the shoulders

WHY WE LIKE IT: She wears the style awfully close to the eyes, yet it never moves down toward the eyes. This is a style that works well for long hours under warm lights in a TV studio -- which is her job.

SUPER-HAIR? From what we've seen, yes. It comes across on the screen as a bit flat. But then again, it's not easy to have consistently great hair at 4:00 in the morning. [Posted 11/28/2K]

NAME: Ann Coulter

WHO IS SHE: Lawyer, columnist

HER STYLE: Long and luxurious, parted to one side, a bit wavy near the end. Often tucked behind the ear for safety's sake.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Flowing and tempting blonde hair would thrill a lot of hair fans. The fact that a lawyer is not afraid to wear it this way gives it even more, uh, appeal. On a recent "Politically Incorrect," she tilted it and tossed it to show it off - almost letting it drop in her eyes at one point. (Men, we're checking to see if she's married.)

SUPER-HAIR? As lovely as it is, we doubt it. (Given the picture, we really doubt it.) The "PI" episode we mentioned had her seated across from Lisa Ling - a hair fan's dream matchup come true. (We think they discussed the election.) Yet Ling won the half-hour easily because her long hair hardly budged, while Coulter's had more "motion" than a Supreme Court docket. [Posted 11/17/2K]

NAME: Katherine Harris

WHO IS SHE: Florida Secretary of State

HER STYLE: Side-parted poufed pageboy

WHY WE LIKE IT: No party politics needed here. We vote for a style that looks flexible, but holds rigidly (probably due to hairspray). Can be tucked behind ears, but looks so well-curled that it's not needed. Helped by bangs that don't fall far.

SUPER-HAIR? Unbeaten so far, but we haven't seen it much. Can we demand a recount -- by hand? [posted 11/15/2K]

NAME: Lisa Ling

WHO IS SHE: "The View" Co-Host, Top Ten Tresses member

STYLE: Long and straight, parted slightly off-center - BUT she's mentioned here due to a new twist: right-side strands closest to eyes are combed straight over the head, then apparently locked down with a strong spray.

WHY WE LIKE IT: We saw her try this approach on "The Tonight Show," and were fascinated by how well it worked. The style looks so natural that you might never notice the "combover." Yet the risk of hair falling in her eyes is reduced substantially.

SUPER-HAIR? If she keeps doing brilliant moves like this, absolutely. Her hair remains unbeaten. [posted 11/15/2K]

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