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This section examines the best celebrity styles Hair Fans have seen lately - posted here even before they hit the Top Ten or enter a Super-Hair War. We update our Hot List often, as new styles and women come our way!

NAME: Bethany Mota

WHO IS SHE: Fashion/beauty video blogger; author of Make Your Mind Up

HER STYLE: Medium-long with a part that seems adjustable; waves added on occasion

WHY WE LIKE IT: We learned about her by seeing her book, and the waves looked inviting and attractive. We were led to think she takes good care in keeping the hair in line, with waves controlling the overall look to assure that.

SUPER-HAIR? Alas, we checked her Twitter feed. Without the waves, straight hair seems to blow across her face with ease. So to borrow from her book, sometimes she's “Mota-vated” to have perfect hair – but sometimes not. In a battle of YouTube millennial hair, we think Chelsea Krost beats her most days of the week. [Posted 8.7.17]

NAME: Gaelle Baumann

WHO IS SHE: Professional poker player from France

HER STYLE: Medium-long and usually loose; tends to adjust the look between hands during tournaments

WHY WE LIKE IT: When she's in action, this hair isn't going anywhere. You might try to stare her (and it) down during hands, but she won't budge unless you eliminate her. And given her success record – almost making a final table at the World Series of Poker's Main Event a few years ago – that can be hard to do. We suspect her usually-stunning hair easily distracts other players, helping her cause.

SUPER-HAIR? You might think someone this cool and calculating would be as careful with her hair as with her chips – but not always. A couple of posed photos for a French online poker site show a few strands across her right eye. Yet with Vanessa Rousso stepping away from the table, this may be the best style for poker-playing Hair Fans to bet on [Posted 7.21.17]

NAME: Laryssa Bonacquisti

WHO IS SHE: College student and journalist; model; crowned Miss Louisiana 2017 (supporters on Twitter would note she was Miss Shreveport, but the competition site says she's really from Baton Rouge)

HER STYLE: Long with adjustable waves; our photo from KTBS-TV shows fully-rolled curls with teasing around the crown

WHY WE LIKE IT: To borrow from a magazine which showed a similar look years ago, this is at its best a “lion's mane” of hair. Teasing (and, we suspect, some spray) clears the face. Then the hair is brought forward for “extra fullness” - a style in which Hair Fans could get lost for days, and not complain at all.

SUPER-HAIR? OK, we admit - it's not always this fully-loaded. But she's kept straighter and flatter styles out of her eyes as well, even though she's had a close call or two. So she gets a big YES from us – and if she adds a headband to our photo, we would declare her Wonder Woman and try to take her on. She'd win, of course, but the battle would be quite a thrill.[Posted 7.7.17]

NAME: Hillary Vaughn

WHO IS SHE: Fox Business/Fox News correspondent based in Los Angeles

HER STYLE: Medium-long, parted a bit off-center with varying wave

WHY WE LIKE IT:I love her wavy, shiny and thick blonde hair,” a Hair Fan wrote to us. “Occasionally blew with a smooth wind to make her more charming and charismatic.” We admittedly never put those descriptions with “wind” before when it comes to hair, but we suspect she found the right combination of lightness and hold to spray her left side into place for outdoor tests. Yet she can tuck the hair back behind her ear in challenging situations.

SUPER-HAIR? She's relatively new on the air and pictures of her are sparse, so we'll award her the benefit of the doubt and say yes. But we wonder – would her strong style be “more charming” if she was caught in a crosswind? [Posted 6.23.17]

NAME: Elisabetta Pellini

WHO IS SHE: Actress/model/writer born in Switzerland, based in Italy

HER STYLE: She's shown several, but our photo displays the look that stopped us cold – long loose waves with bangs. (Note to our newsletter subscribers: we mentioned this woman with an incorrect name in our June edition.)

WHY WE LIKE IT: When the hair comes in front of her shoulders, a lot of thickness is on display. Her hair looks hard to move or muss. But if it does, the bangs are cut deeply enough so they provide a warning to her for making adjustments.

SUPER-HAIR? We sadly must say no. She's a model, after all, and some photo shoots show her hair fan or wind-tossed into an eye. We wish more women would say no to that. But if we saw this style in public, we'd watch it carefully for as long as possible. [Posted 6.10.17]

NAME: Christine Pellegrino

WHO IS SHE: Long-time elementary school teacher, newly elected to the New York State Assembly

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length with bangs and flipped curls

WHY WE LIKE IT: There's something here for all kinds of Hair Fans to like. At their best, the bangs cover the forehead with pretty good thickness. But the strongest point here seems to be the flips; they keep long hair from dropping into the eyes, and can avoid drooping for a lengthy time even when pressured by wind. Together, they form a two-pronged defense system to prevent collapse.

SUPER-HAIR? Her hair wore down quite a bit at times during the special election, especially when she was outside in the breeze. But like her campaign, this style refuses to lose. Nothing in the eyes gets an “aye” vote from us. Supporters call her a “fighter”, and her hair seems able to fight off any challenge. [Posted 5.26.17]

NAME: Britt Robertson

WHO IS SHE: Actress currently appearing in the Netflix series Girlboss

HER STYLE: Medium-long with a light natural wave and bangs across the forehead

WHY WE LIKE IT: We were drawn to the bangs first. When they fill the forehead, we wonder how strong and thick they really are. To help answer that, we're led to the long hair on either side of the face. When they're prepared for business, her style is full – yet it's set close to the eyes with confidence, because the bangs allow freedom of movement that she otherwise might not have.

SUPER-HAIR? The series shows all of her character's life – and away from business, her styles sometimes look troubled, and even worn-down. At those moments, she makes moves that put hair in her eyes. So our answer is no. But this series provides a great opportunity to study a great haircut in many different conditions and phases. May women focus on developing the “boss” best, and find ways to avoid the worst. [Posted 5.12.17]

NAME: Briga Heelan

WHO IS SHE: Actress currently appearing in the TV comedy Great News

HER STYLE: Medium-short sidepart, with teasing to lift hair at the crown; shorter and less wavy than when she competed in Super-Hair Wars at the start of 2014

WHY WE LIKE IT:Great body, subtle waves,” explained the Hair Fan who suggested her. We also think there's spray on her right side to keep the teased section in place – but this looks like a style that might flex a little during turns, but not much. She's shown more voluminous styles, but our picture is taken from the TV show's website and may be designed for her role in an office.

SUPER-HAIR? She's not afraid to place her hair at the brink when she's on a red carpet. And sadly, we found one image from TNT's 25th anniversary celebration where it drooped an inch too far – covering her left eye. “Great news” for some, but not quite for us. [Posted 4.29.17]


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