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This section examines the best celebrity styles Hair Fans have seen lately - posted here even before they hit the Top Ten or enter a Super-Hair War. We update our Hot List regularly, as new styles and women come our way!

NAME: Makenzie Burk

WHO IS SHE: TV journalist in Lawton, Oklahoma

HER STYLE: Mid-length sidepart, probably round-brushed at the ends and to sweep the left side back

WHY WE LIKE IT: The television news "rule of threes" (don't ask where we learned that) applies for the Hair Fan who suggested her to us: "Great shine. Sometimes subtle waves. Perfect sidepart." We'd add a fourth point: great spray - because that must be how this style stays in place when she anchors the morning news. When she's outside the studio reporting on stories, she uses the ears frequently for control and does something to keep the styles straight and solid.

SUPER-HAIR? As we write this, yes. While wind can push her hair around, we found nothing to show it shoved down - especially on that high-risk left side. Not even her monthly "outdoor adventures" for TV seem to do it in. She's apparently a Lawton native, so she knows how to handle the elements there. Thanks for a big-time find, far from the big city! [Posted 5.29.20]

NAME: Afton Addington

WHO IS SHE: Singer in the country group Lost Saints (not to be confused with a musical group in Pennsylvania with the same name)

HER STYLE: Very long and center-parted; at its best with well-shaped waves

WHY WE LIKE IT: Some say good country music has a "hook" - and the hair does it for her. When the group made its TV debut on "Circle", we clearly had to stop and look. The style sat so close to her eyes, yet held so well. And Instagram photos show she's careful about keeping the hair in line at all times; the waves protect it from windy days.

SUPER-HAIR? From what we've found, it is. She has waves that a Hair Fan would want to ride all day, and they're strong when they need to be. But when she straighens this style.... oooh, we wonder. That's the drama here. So may she keep us wondering. [Posted 5.15.20]

NAME: Natulia Candy (so she says on Instagram)

WHO IS SHE: Self-proclaimed "long hair lady," with tips and product reviews online

HER STYLE: Very long and frequently straight sidepart

WHY WE LIKE IT: While she braids it often, she also wears it loose often - and she cares about it enough to keep it under control for the camera. Not all women in this category do that.

SUPER-HAIR? Based on her Instagram portfolio, we say yes. There's nothing to show a drop in her eyes. A Hair Fan recommended this woman for EuroCup 2020, but was unsure of her homeland. Since we don't read Cyrillic, we don't know, either. And that's the only thing that kept her out of the tournament - because this "Candy" has hair sweet enough to make many people hungry for more. [Posted 5.1.20]

NAME: Kelly Loeffler

WHO IS SHE: U.S. Senator from Georgia; also co-owner of WNBA Atlanta Dream

HER STYLE: Medium-long sidepart, usually kept straight save for occasional curled tips

WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the most daring hairstyle we've seen in the U.S. Congress in a long time. Her vulnerable left side is hardly ever pinned. She doesn't even tuck it behind her ear, like she sometimes does on the right side. This long hair is front and center, which is where she seems to want it - with little means of protection except tilts and shakes of the head, plus perhaps a little teasing at the crown.

SUPER-HAIR? We can't absolutely prove it, but we doubt it. One speech about coronavirus funding from late March had the left eye partly covered, but not all the way. And it's curious that her closest calls seem to come when she's wearing glasses, which you'd think would help keep the hair out. But when she rises to address the Senate, this is one reason why Hair Fans are thankful for commercial-free C-SPAN. [Posted 4.17.20]

NAME: Jennifer Morgan

WHO IS SHE: Co-Chief Executive Officer of the software company SAP<.036+/P>

HER STYLE: Mid-length sidepart that strikes us as a modified shag

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan suggested her for "nice color, body and slight wave." We think the critical wave on her right side is round-brushed and sprayed. But keeping that section of hair out of her right eye must be her biggest challenge. During a lengthy interview on CNBC, she tilted her head slightly as in our photo much of the time to keep some room. (And it was a "work-from-home" interview.)

SUPER-HAIR? We had our doubts, but she proved us wrong. With occasional "touch checks," this hair stays in place remarkably well. In fact, one image search for her brought up a couple of photos of Hair Fan's Hall of Fame member Jennifer Aniston. At this point in their careers, this hairstyle probably would defeat Aniston most days. Thanks for showing us that "board room" hair doesn't have to be boring. [Posted 4.3.20]

NAME: Katie Witham

WHO IS SHE: Fox Sports reporter, specializing in soccer

HER STYLE: Long sidepart with varying amounts of curl

WHY WE LIKE IT: It's daring when it's unpinned. She used long flips for the opening game of FC Nashville in MLS. With tighter curls for body, it can rest very close to her right eye. But she knows how to keep it out of that eye, with head adjustments and very little touching. She reminds us of Samantha Ponder before Ponder's big 2019 cuts.

SUPER-HAIR? Call us optimistic, but we're saying yes. The curl obviously is crucial for control, ut it adds to the beauty of her styles. That's a great combination. Even though soccer matches have stopped due to COVID-19, may she keep bending her hair like Beckham - David, we mean. [Posted 3.20.20]

NAME: Ursula von der Leyen

WHO IS SHE: President of the European Commission; former German defense minister; 2016 Crown Awards nominee

HER STYLE: Short and oft-swept back sidepart, with subtle layering (it was below her shoulders years ago)

WHY WE LIKE IT: She thrilled a Hair Fan who wrote: "Always perfectly coiffed!" If you don't sense that thrill, consider this: her hair might blow back a little in windy conditions - but it never seems to blow forward. Especially not where it matters most, at the left part of her forehead. We imagine she sprays it all-around to keep a perfect look.

SUPER-HAIR? Videos online show this hair scarcely even moves when she runs a little! Teasing + spray + layering for "warning bangs" on the forehead = marvelous perfection - so perfect that we're not sure if the style can fall in her eyes or not. So our answer in German is, "Ja, unbedingt" - and "dankeschoen" for recommending her! [Posted 3.6.20]


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