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This section examines the best celebrity styles Hair Fans have seen lately - posted here even before they hit the Top Ten or enter a Super-Hair War. We update our Hot List regularly, as new styles and women come our way!

NAME: Jennifer Morgan

WHO IS SHE: Co-Chief Executive Officer of the software company SAP

HER STYLE: Mid-length sidepart that strikes us as a modified shag

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan suggested her for "nice color, body and slight wave." We think the critical wave on her right side is round-brushed and sprayed. But keeping that section of hair out of her right eye must be her biggest challenge. During a lengthy interview on CNBC, she tilted her head slightly as in our photo much of the time to keep some room. (And it was a "work-from-home" interview.)

SUPER-HAIR? We had our doubts, but she proved us wrong. With occasional "touch checks," this hair stays in place remarkably well. In fact, one image search for her brought up a couple of photos of Hair Fan's Hall of Fame member Jennifer Aniston. At this point in their careers, this hairstyle probably would defeat Aniston most days. Thanks for showing us that "board room" hair doesn't have to be boring. [Posted 4.3.20]

NAME: Katie Witham

WHO IS SHE: Fox Sports reporter, specializing in soccer

HER STYLE: Long sidepart with varying amounts of curl

WHY WE LIKE IT: It's daring when it's unpinned. She used long flips for the opening game of FC Nashville in MLS. With tighter curls for body, it can rest very close to her right eye. But she knows how to keep it out of that eye, with head adjustments and very little touching. She reminds us of Samantha Ponder before Ponder's big 2019 cuts.

SUPER-HAIR? Call us optimistic, but we're saying yes. The curl obviously is crucial for control, ut it adds to the beauty of her styles. That's a great combination. Even though soccer matches have stopped due to COVID-19, may she keep bending her hair like Beckham - David, we mean. [Posted 3.20.20]

NAME: Ursula von der Leyen

WHO IS SHE: President of the European Commission; former German defense minister; 2016 Crown Awards nominee

HER STYLE: Short and oft-swept back sidepart, with subtle layering (it was below her shoulders years ago)

WHY WE LIKE IT: She thrilled a Hair Fan who wrote: "Always perfectly coiffed!" If you don't sense that thrill, consider this: her hair might blow back a little in windy conditions - but it never seems to blow forward. Especially not where it matters most, at the left part of her forehead. We imagine she sprays it all-around to keep a perfect look.

SUPER-HAIR? Videos online show this hair scarcely even moves when she runs a little! Teasing + spray + layering for "warning bangs" on the forehead = marvelous perfection - so perfect that we're not sure if the style can fall in her eyes or not. So our answer in German is, "Ja, unbedingt" - and "dankeschoen" for recommending her! [Posted 3.6.20]

NAME: Erin Napier

WHO IS SHE: Co-host of HGTV series Home Town

HER STYLE: Short sidepart; we were drawn to a look in Parade with layers combed across the crown

WHY WE LIKE IT: It's short, but not too short. In fact, the styling leaves us wondering if it's dangerously too long. Could a windy day bring the style down - and if it did, are the layers short enough to become protective bangs? Her styles without layers certainly can drop in her eyes, but she seems to use oil and/or spray to prevent that.

SUPER-HAIR? She had us going, as we did a picture search - but no. A parenting website posted a vidcap from her show, where the style drooped across her right eye during a home renovation. But that doesn't seem to happen often. She's called Meg Ryan her hair inspiration, and that's a good one. In some ways, we think she's actually superior. [Posted 2.21.20]

NAME: Angeline Mirenda

WHO IS SHE: From her Twitter feed, an "actress/dancer/singer/writer" - perhaps best known for musical theatre and the TV series Halloweeners

HER STYLE: A long shag - sideparted with sideswept bangs and tips stretching nearly to the bust line

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan offered three reasons: "Great thickness, rich color, great bangs." The tension for us is whether she's growing out those bangs. If someone or something pushed them off the side of the forehead, what would happen? Her Twitter videos indicate they might be stunningly close to her eyes - with one "tab" clearly against the right eye. This is the stuff of Super-Hair drama!

SUPER-HAIR? Her hair is built to handle motion, and it does that well. We're honestly not sure if a fight scene on her Instagram account brought the hair down or not; it was fast-paced and dimly lit. So we'll lean toward saying "yes" until proven otherwise - and we'd certainly want to see that proof. Thanks for a great discovery! [Posted 2.7.20]

NAME: Lindsey Gort

WHO IS SHE: Actress currently appearing in the TV drama All Rise

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length or slightly longer sidepart with waves; might have well-hidden bangs

WHY WE LIKE IT: She plays an attorney, and her hair is perfect for impressing a jury. It seems to be molded into precise lines, probably sprayed down - and is often set so close to the right eye that the hold is stunningly strong. Turns and tilts don't seem to budge it at all. Many Hair Fans might watch and plot a way to test how strong it truly is.

SUPER-HAIR? In her TV role, yes. In real-life, no. She posed for one dockside photo where she seemingly shoved her hair to completely cover her right eye. Will art imitate that at some point? That's what makes great courtroom drama for Hair Fans - and we're watching quite carefully. [Posted 1.24.20]

NAME: Kristen Skovira

WHO IS SHE: TV news anchor/reporter in Colorado Springs (she's been on the air in other places)

HER STYLE: Medium-long, with an apparently adjustable part line and a bit of what a Hair Fan calls "subtle waves"

WHY WE LIKE IT: That Hair Fan also praised her for "good body and color." The color's not our issue - but the "body" of evidence is there. It can take however much wave she adds (usually not a lot) and make it look marvelous. But we suspect she adds some spray to keep her styles precise on the air.

SUPER-HAIR? She's worked in a lot of cities, yet pictures of her online are surprisingly sparse. We found no sign of a drop in her eyes, so we'll give her a benefit-of-the-doubt yes. But as loose as her hair sometimes can be on social media, we want to see this style climb Pike's Peak. [Posted 1.10.20]


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