The Ultimate 50

12. Annie Parisse

HOMETOWN: Anchorage, AK

BORN: 7/31/76


HER BEST STYLE: Falling gently below the shoulders - but in a variety of different ways. One online biography page revealed her hair is naturally curly, but the bigwigs on "As The World Turns" want it straight. We prefer the curls, which do appear once in awhile. It looks more natural and romantic, while the "too straight" style seems a bit forced.

HISTORY: She only joined this soap opera's cast in 1998 (a cast that's grown surprisingly young), but this grown-up style has grown on us. It usually hangs invitingly in front of the shoulders, yet is somehow so strong that it takes a serious "character crisis" to make the hair even bounce. Perhaps she learned holding secrets by growing up as a "grunge rock" fan in the Seattle area, where tough hair was in vogue.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: This hair looks and sometimes acts like it should collapse at any moment - but it never does. That fact puts her above shorter, more securely positioned styles. If there was a Daytime Emmy award for Ultimate Hair, she would be the winner.

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