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Anyone can walk out of a salon with a great head of hair. But the women who can "keep their heads" when challenges come their way prove they're a cut above the rank-and-file. Their hair is great, and perhaps even Super. This area of the site shows potential Super-Hair facing the toughest tests. Can these women and their top-quality styles find ways to survive and escape?

(NOTE: While we strive to keep Super-Hair a family-friendly site, this area is for hard-core Hair Fans. Things may get a bit intense for some readers.)

June 2019

NAME: Hillary Vaughn

BACKGROUND: Reporter for Fox Business Network, occasionally seen on Fox News Channel as well; ranked as high as #1 in Top Ten Tresses

THE STYLE: Medium-long sidepart with adjustable wave; usually placed very close to her left eye

THE CHALLENGE: A Hair Fan directed us to a live report in late March outside Apple's world headquarters. She'll talk about a new credit card. An old-fashioned spring breeze will blow.

RISK FACTOR: She seems to defy gravity with her style day after day. But a wind test is exactly what some Hair Fans have longed to see her face for a long time. If she stands in the right position, she'll pass easily. If she doesn't.... well, re-read that "hard-core" disclaimer above. This is undoubtedly a top-level 10 on our scale.

Can Hillary turn on the hold, when nature turns up the fan? Is some kind of secret to her hair strength about to be exposed for the first time? Will a high-risk style pass a high-level challenge - or is the reputation of Vaughn about to be gone?

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