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Anyone can walk out of a salon with a great head of hair. But the women who can "keep their heads" when challenges come their way prove they're a cut above the rank-and-file. Their hair is great, and perhaps even Super. This area of the site shows potential Super-Hair facing the toughest tests. Can these women and their top-quality styles find ways to survive and escape?

(NOTE: While we strive to keep Super-Hair a family-friendly site, this area is for hard-core Hair Fans. Things may get a bit intense for some readers.)

April 2021

NAME: Maria Elvira Salazar

BACKGROUND: Veteran journalist, elected to the U.S. House from metro Miami in November 2020; Ultimate 50 member who spent almost two years in Top Ten Tresses from 2008-10

THE STYLE: Shoulder-length sidepart, with a bit of natural wave

THE CHALLENGE: In mid-March, she joined fellow House Republicans on a trip to the U.S. southern border to check reports of potential immigrants hurrying in from Mexico. She's on la frontera near El Paso, Texas - and it will be windy.

RISK FACTOR: This woman's way with wind has been miraculous at times, with several narrow escapes on camera. But now she's in public office, not on TV. Will she let her preparation down, the way Republicans say the Biden administration.... oops, we're getting political. This is about hair, not House votes. And we think Salazar still cares about that. But a potentially wide-open border makes this a top-level 10 for risk.

Will Salazar's smarts with Florida breezes turn the trick in Texas? Will any of her secrets to style strength be exposed by the elements? Can this daughter of Cuban immigrants show excellent "border control" - or will she be whipped by winds from Juarez?

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