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Anyone can walk out of a salon with a great head of hair. But the women who can "keep their heads" when challenges come their way prove they're a cut above the rank-and-file. Their hair is great, and perhaps even Super. This area of the site shows potential Super-Hair facing the toughest tests. Can these women and their top-quality styles find ways to survive and escape?

(NOTE: While we strive to keep Super-Hair a family-friendly site, this area is for hard-core Hair Fans. Things may get a bit intense for some readers.)

June 2017

NAME: Mara Schiavocampo

BACKGROUND: Reporter for several U.S. TV network, currently at ABC News; Quintuple Platinum Award recipient in Top Ten Tresses

THE STYLE: Most recently shoulder-length with "beach" or permed waves

THE CHALLENGE: She was asked to emcee a gala event by the Council of Urban Professionals, and was before the camera for a lengthy period of time.

RISK FACTOR: What - there's risk here?! If she prepares the hair properly, her history tells us it should last all night and probably through next week. But she must be in this section for some reason - so we'll say it's a middle-of-the-road 5 on the 10-point scale.

Did Schiavocampo do something to her hair that she's going to regret? Is a surprise coming at the gala, to put her style suddenly on the spot? Will this long-time Super-Hair champion finally make a a blunder - or leave us shouting for more Mara?

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