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February 2019

Her shopping bag may be swinging forward - but Nigella's hair clearly is being blown back. It's shoved behind the shoulders! Yet she probably wouldn't mind that; a wind in your face logically should mean hair going away from it.

But as Nigella presses forward, look what happens. The hair starts flying up, not simply back....

...and this is the result. Nigella's hair is practically standing on end! What will happen when it eventually drops?

Some of the hair seems to come forward, like an overdone 'do on a Premier League footballer. (We would note some cite this picture as evidence Nigella has scalp damage.)

Yet with no evidence of her touching the hair at all, Nigella bravely battles the breeze - and the fur scarf of her jacket becomes a place of safety for most of her locks. If this style fell, the tabloid website didn't post any sign of it.

CONCLUSIONS: Read the article in our link, and you'll find the writer was stunned to see Lawson's hair mussed at all. We've seen her enough to know her styles aren't that Super-perfect - but in this case, the thickness of her hair apparently made a big difference. And Lawson clearly was ready for potential trouble. After all, who has a fur scarf sitting around the house?

Lawson obviously knows hair preparation as well as food preparation. We think women with the best hairstyles have more than good genetics - they have beauty brains. It can take a severe threat to show that, but it's marvelous when that moment happens.

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