Hair Pressure, Page 2


October 2018

This challenge takes place against a white background, so there should be no disguising what happens. Bonnie puts her hands on the floor, and we see her magnificent mane is full-forward. Practically no hair is behind her shoulders. She does this often with her styles these days - and gravity would make it hard to keep hair in back for this pose, anyway.

Bonnie goes vertical! The hair is dangling down! Anyone daring to reach for it right now probably would get their hands crushed on the floor by hers. But is it in her eyes? We.... MUST.... KNOW!!

So we zoom in to see. Bonnie's face is toward the camera, since she started largely with her back to us. But the camera is some distance away. So can you give a definitive answer to our question? We're really not sure, and lean toward saying no. But not even Super-Hair can stay in that position forever....

What will happen when Bernstein rises? Will the loose hair plop for a drop? Does this hair legend have yet another brilliant answer ready - or has she gone one hand-step too far?

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