Hair Pressure, Page 2


August 2017

The hour begins with anchor Emma Jade introducing Henderson. Jade's hair is anchor-perfect. Henderson's hair, even from a side view, looks quite loose! Is she in trouble already?

When she turns to the camera, Henderson's hair looks quite alright! It looks fluffy and thick, in fact. There's a little teasing, but it's well hidden - and an off-center zig-zag part seems to be her strategy for controlling without pins.

A small puff of wind pushes across Henderson's face, from right to left - but it stops less than an inch gust from the right eye, then flexes out. How?!?! We're not really sure. But she lowers her head a second later, perhaps as a defensive maneuver.

Henderson turns to interview a clown, and the side view still looks a bit messy. A small strip of hair on the left side appears ready to fly forward.

But wow - much of her right side flies up when she turns back to the camera! The wind is trying to outsmart her hair again....

When the hair comes down, will the Henderson hairstyle be out? Does she have more moves ready to display, to stop a drop in her style? And could one of those clowns do serious damage to Krystle's cut and its serious strength?

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