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December 2019

At the very top of the clip, Coco's cut looks like this. Where are the muscular-looking waves? There's barely any. And her right side is very much at risk.... much so that a slight bit of wind after two seconds does this! The right side is at the brink of dropping in her eye. A small strip comes up to her chin!

We zoom in moments later, and here's the drama. A couple strands cannot be more than a few millimeters away from the eye. Will this style break loose and go wild?

Not if Coco has anything to say about it. Without touching the hair, she uses several head flips back and to her right. That bounces the style back - but as she walks, it wants to bounce back down!

The hair gets that close! But remarkably, no closer! We count seven head flips in the 58-second clip - and they work. Coco's cut stays out of her face for the duration.... somehow.

CONCLUSIONS: Claudia's hair has impressed us since her college days - so much so that we interviewed her for Super-Hair Q&A. As she matures, the impressive hold continues - and this was one dramatic example of it. (She's posted a couple of others on her Twitter feed.)

Claudia's waves might get a bit disheleved at times. But when the moment requires it, this hair simply refuses to cave in and she refuses to let it surrender. That's what Super-Hair does. Except for a couple of drops, we think "Super-Coco" would rank among the best in the world.

Watch the entire clip by clicking here.

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