Hair Pressure, Page 2


February 2020

The taped part of Saberi's report gives us a clue of what's to come. Most of the hair is behind her shoulders, and even tucked behind her ears. If she keeps it that way, she should be fine....

...But when she appears live, the breeze seems to have already taken a toll. Hair is off the ears, but still seemingly flipped back (at least on the left side). A bit more hair is in front of the shoulders, but still not as much as some reporters do it these days.

The wind starts blowing, and here comes trouble! A short strip of curled hair comes up! It's at her cheekbone!

And it's very quickly above the cheekbone! It's at eye-level - but the curl turns up, and stays out of her eye! Saberi tilts her head slightly to the left. Did that provide the room she needed to make the save? Perhaps so.

But when Saberi blinks a couple of times (something our vid-caps can't capture well), the curl bounces with her right eyelash! Clearly this report and this struggle isn't over....

Will that curl come down on camera, and what will happen if it does? Is more preventative action ahead, to prevent on-air mussing? Will Saberi prove that when it comes to protecting Super-Hair, a "left-leaning" journalist sometimes can be a good thing?

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