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June 2021

The talk of the media during Zendaya's Oscar night was about the top-dollar jewelry she wore. OK, but Hair Fans watch other things - and this snapshot shows what we mean. She stops to pose with the wind at her back! For most hairstyles, that's dangerous - so she keeps her shoulders up for defense. Yet a strip is loose on her right side, and even around her arm at her waist.

A slight turn to directly face the cameras would mean an even more dangerous crosswind, and Zendaya's left-side hair already is crowding her face. So what will happen?!?

Zendaya starts by turning around - still facing the cameras, but with the wind blowing her massive mane back. yet some strands are flying as high as her forehead!

Here's a closer and clearer look. The face has plenty of room here.

The southwest breeze isn't strong - about eight miles per hour. But it's giving Zendaya an annoyance. as she reaches for the top of the hair to make a safety adjustment. Is a relatively calm moment the right time?

She leans her head back, to make sure....

BUT NO!!! As Zendaya lets go of the hair, a strip pushes into her left eye, anyway!

She straightens up - but the proof remains. The breeze succeeded in bringing a bit of that great long hair into her face.

We conclude with this vidcap - and we're not sure exactly when this moment occurred. But it shows what the breeze did to what should have been a well-prepared head of long hair. It's left a bit shredded.

CONCLUSIONS: Most entertainment videos of this appearance edited out the bad hair moment. The camera lowered to show Zendaya's dress, or other parts of the footage were inserted. We thank MSN for providing the true picture of what happened to her style. While her fans might not want to see it, we think many Hair Fans deep-down do.

It's estimated Zendaya wore $6 million worth of jewels on this night - and even got to select some of the pieces she wore. Did they not have a single jeweled headband for her? She's used them marvelously in the past. We may never know about this evening - but she certainly could have used one. Our Super-Hair rules allow for that. It might have even increased the style drama.

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