Hair Pressure, Page 2


June 2019

The clip comes up a bit fuzzy for us, but Hillary seems to be using unusual caution with her hairstyle. It's about two inches off the left eye, instead of sitting close. Or is the wind playing tricks with us?

Yup, it's the wind! It quickly pushes at the hair - but not hard enough! Hillary's unpinned left side stops at the edge of her eye. Yet it clearly is in danger....

....because another push from the wind does this! Now the left side has no room for error at all! And the closest strands look weak, like she's already been outside longer than she wished. Is a bit of curl at the end saving Hillary from outright defeat?!

A slight flip of the head buys her some space - but not much. Through all of this, we never see Hillary's hands. She'll battle the breeze on live TV without bringing them up for defense. And this battle isn't over...

Will this wind get the knockout punch, after causing considering damage to this style? Does Hillary have any other moves at her disposal, which will bail her out? Are any Hair Fans paying attention to anything she's saying about credit card interest rates and perks?

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