Hair Pressure, Page 2


June 2020

It's 1992, remember - and Tracie has "anchor hair" fit for the times, even if she's reporting. It's big, yet it's beautiful - round-brushed to frame her face well, but with risky-looking bangs above the right eye. Her left side seems combed back and out of trouble. But this precise-looking style is at a wind tunnel. Let's crank it up!

First stop: 25 miles per hour. Tracie notes this isn't too bad, since southern California has Santa Ana winds frequently. The hair blows to her right; the left-side strategy worked, as it goes behind her neck.

At one point, the hair tries to circle back toward her face. But it never gets farther than Tracie's cheek. Good start....

...But now let's go to 50! The style comes up a bit more, but Tracie is standing in the right direction to keep it out of danger. Oh - and did we mention there's a second camera?

Tracie turns to it, at the other end of the (have we emphasized this enough?) wind tunnel! The left side swings up - but it seems to stop at the very brink of her left eye! She stays there for several seconds AND....

And? AND?? What happens next for the Savage style? Can it somehow keep from collapsing, even though the wind tunnel can be turned up much higher and faster? Does she have some secrets left, to help her Super-Hair hold on for victory? Has "hurricane force" incredibly met its match in "TV news helmet hair" - or will the wicked wind win at last?

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