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August 2021

This was the vidcap Miller posted on Twitter of a Friday dance 16 Jul, which snapped us to attention. She's in motion. The hair is in motion! But how much? "Haha," she wrote with a bit of a dare when we inquired about more; "video on Facebook!"

But the Facebook video from that day confuses us, because Miller is wearing a different outfit. Shooting her small "box" off the screen, the picture admittedly is blurry - but it shows her hair on the thick and plump side. We think that's her best look.

A little swim-dancing leads to Miller dipping her head! But the style doesn't droop at all....

...and it comes up very close to her right eye, but not in it. The hair is at the brink! But she doesn't panic about it. Instead....

...Miller keeps on dancing! The next move seems to lean the right side even closer to a fall! But that side holds solidly, and stops at the brink of her eye. So Miller passes this test - but we're still puzzled by the different outfit. There must be other dances....

What other Miller moves are hiding on Facebook? Is her style prepared any differently for them - and could that mean trouble? Will the meteorologist do anything to bring more "high pressure" thsn her high-quality hair can handle?

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