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August 2022

We join Kallyn for a front-row seat on this new coaster - and her look surprises us. She did NOT add any waves like Wonder Woman (right) might do. We'd think that extra element would provide Kallyn's cut needed strength. Instead she has it down, and potentially in danger! How challenging is this ride, anyway? Let's find out. It's starting, with a camera pointed right at our Super-Hair!

She begins by going up - 13 stories up, as she points out. At the top, she faces this: an 87-degree drop. "That's close to 90," she notes. (Sometimes she's the weather anchor, too.)

Kallyn starts down, hanging on and screaming! The hair predictably goes back, but staying in line - coming up a bit at the back.

Kallyn's enjoying thr ride, with no problems for her style at all. In fact, she shakes her head a little simply for the fun of it - not due to sudden twists or turns.

The coaster goes upside down a couple of times, but we only see that from wide angles, never with her close-up. Is it camera trouble... or someone protecting Kallyn's public appearance?

Kallyn even talks to us while the ride is in progress. She uses hand gestures - yet never reaches for the hair at all. She says it feels like flying, yet she's remarkably cool and collected.

Can Kallyn keep her cut from collapsing from start to finish? Is there a surprise waiting at the end of the track, which she's not expecting? Is Hobmann really superior to Wonder Woman - who "flew" on TV in an enclosed airplane?

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