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December 2017

Mund steps outside with her hair prepared like this. Let's analyze: the vulnerable left side appears straight to the shoulder. Then the action starts - almost a U-curl, with waves below that. And is there a bit of a twist, near Mund's left eye?

There's a breeze along the beach - and it's easily enough to blow Mund's hair back, as she skips along the water's edge. Did she even bother using spray? It's not evident from this - and that could be trouble, when the jump comes!

Here it is - the moment of truth! Unlike other queens, Mund puts up both hands near her head instead of extending them out! A newspaper report on this (where we obtained some of our pictures) claimed Mund was "checking each time to see if her crown was still on her head." Maybe so - but Hair Fans smell another motive: protecting her long locks from collapse.

Mund's hair stays solid to the end of the photo shoot, with this moment being her closest point to a drop. We only spotted her reaching for it once or twice during the event.

CONCLUSION: Miss Louisiana had the attention of Hair Fans heading to the 2018 competition. But Miss North Dakota won the title, and is proving her hair is every bit as tough and luscious. Some might find fault with Mund for the defensive move she made. But we have the feeling the hair would have held, anyway. This event showed how big hair can be "super" in a big way.

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