Hair Pressure, Page 2


February 2017

We'll start with the test the Hair Fan sent us. Jackson is outside Trump Tower, looking serious - and the hair seems seriously ready. The vulnerable right side (from her perspective) is pushed back, but not so much that she tucks it behind the right ear like she did the other side. Is she going to regret that?

She just might! The right-to-left crosswind starts to work. The bottom part of the style, below the ear, pushes against her neck - but then the Director bails her out, by putting quotes on the screen.

A slight flicking lean of the head can flip the hair back into line. But for how long?

Not long! Within seconds, the crosswind pushes harder! But Jackson's right side becomes a wall, staying perfectly in line and stopping within a half-inch of her right eye. The hair went from wavy-looking to solidly straight in a hurry

The hair flexes back on its own when the gust goes away. But Jackson still reaches for the hair and pushes it as far back as she can. She clearly realizes there's danger here.

This is the result. Perhaps a bit of hair is behind the right ear now, but not much.

But there's still trouble! A small strip of hair is loose! It curls up to the top of her cheek....

...and then HIGHER, to the bottom of her eye! If the wind can push it another half-inch, Jackson's Super-Hair will be defeated!

But remarkably, that's where the hair stops! It comes back down, and the live report ends with Jackson escaping truly by a hair's-breadth. But she'd better not relax long, as we have our own challenge ready - and it could be tougher....

What else could be waiting for Hallie and her hair? Can she recover from this close call, with her style more sturdy? Or will a second round of wind finally do this mane in?

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