Hair Pressure, Page 2


December 2020

Things seem quiet enough at the outset. Kristen is interviewing a man about some kind of upcoming Halloween event. The part side is facing us, and most of that hair is in front of Kristen's shoulder. The "vulnerable" left side and shoulder can't really be seen, but the hair seems to be mostly in back.

But here comes trouble! An ugly head appears seemingly from nowhere. Skovira instinctly reacts by turning to her right....

...and that brings a lot of hair both up and forward! But Kristen is still turning....

...and as the hair comes down, she's turned the head much more than 90 degrees. It seems that's enough to keep the hair out of her face - or is the style simply bouncing?

Will Skovira keep her face free from beautiful blonde body? Will a bounce down leave her unbeaten Super-Hair record down and out? And wait a second.... didn't we mention TWO sudden turns?

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