Hair Pressure, Page 2


October 2017

Tynan's taped report starts with her standing outside, and her short style looking as flawless as always. Teasing is evident atop the forehead, and a small strip might be out on her left side.

But after a look inside the AccuWeather offices, things have changed a bit! Two strands of hair have come astray - one on either side of the part line. But they're short, like bangs. We can't help noticing Tynan leaning to her right a bit....

...because a gust of wind is coming up, seemingly from the back! Tynan's vulnerable righ side flexes out, while one of those bangs parks atop her left eye. But not in the eye, because it's cut too precisely to do that.

Now the breeze really takes on Tynan! The right side maintains a precise semi-circle - but the bottom is hitting her chin, and a strip from the back is trying to push forward. A couple of strips on the left side clearly are loose! How will this end?!?!

Will the wind go all the way to conquer this master of short hair? Does Cecily have a protective trick that we have yet to see? Could unpredictable weather take out Tynan's tremendous tresses once and for all?

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