Hair Pressure, Page 2


June 2018

Rebecca is outside the Apple store throughout this report. She begins with her back to one of the building's glass windows. Her right side of the style is tucked behind an ear, but the "short side" on her left is down and loose! The style looks so straight, we wonder if it was flat-ironed straight to stay rigid.

We're going to find out, as Rebecca and her photographer start walking down a flight of stairs. That left side actually curves a bit to be in front of her shoulder.

She turns back and forth to the camera several times - allowing this nice vid-cap of her hair in mid-turn motion. But will it stay in line?

At a corner of the building, Rebecca steps into bright autumn sunshine. She also exposes her hair to a bit of a breeze. It's blowing from her left to right! Now we can confirm a tiny strip of hair on her left side may be tucked back - but a loose strip may be moving in....

Is there enough wind to bring down Jarvis's hair once and for all? Will she have to make an uncomfortable, or even desperate, adjustment? Can this long-time Super-Hair champion outsmart the elements, at a store offering smart-phones?

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