Hair Pressure, Page 2


April 2018

Rebecca's hair seems a bit more relaxed as she sits outside, compared to other photos. There's barely a wave below her neck. But the crown is where the real action is - with a lot of teasing to arch the long hair away from the left eye. Well, wait; maybe not all of it....

A closer look shows one flyaway strand above the left eye. It's very short. But the light wind has stirred up a few longer strands as well.

The wind seems to be blowing from Rebecca's right to left. She turns her head slightly to the right, so more of the breeze is in her face. The long hair looks like it's closer to the eye, but that's deceptive due to the angle. Yet does a small strip appear ready to come loose?

A dip of the head at the moment of a video "dissolve" includes a slight tilt of the head. The long hair has a gap on the left side, but order is restored. For a moment, at least....

Is even more danger possible as the video continues? Will Sheehan have to take more action to save the style - even something less subtle? Could a sales job for bracelets do what "action news" live shots have not, by bringing down a top-level head of Super-Hair?

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