Hair Pressure, Page 2


February 2021

Maria's companion on this journey is former U.S. pro football star Joey Galloway. We see them first in a car (which they're advertising) - and Maria's driving with a change of pace: sideparted waves! Is this a protective measure for her hair? Will it work? (And would you want to chase them?)

Galloway and Taylor travel to a football field (turf) in the Atlanta area. Here, she explains the plan: run 40 yards downfield.

But as Maria turns toward her colleague, a strip of hair comes up! Wind is a factor! But the strip somehow stops at her cheekbone! It's not tucked behind her right ear. So what's keeping it in place from the ear up?

Turning back sends all of Maria's hair behind her shoulders and out of trouble. But is that another weak strip above her left eye?

A funny line from "pal Joey" makes Maria bend over! Yet the strip near her right eye barely angles forward. The left side seems to hold together as a curled unit. All this.... and the run hasn't started yet!

Can Taylor take on this trek without trouble for her tresses? Are more secrets to strong hold about to be revealed? Will this "40" turn our Super-Hair into a perfect 10 - or a messy and mussed zero?

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