Hair Pressure, Page 2


December 2022

Here's the challenge - someone with scary makeup and a red suit, waiting on the way to the studio. What will, uh, IT do? How will our Super-Hair react?

It keeps a few feet of distance - but when Malika sees it, she stops.

Then she turns - laughing out loud! (She called this a "prank.") Her curls don't move at all on her right side.

Malika bends down laughing, almost to all fours! But the right side doesn't budge! It looks a bit from the photo that she might have tucked a bit of it behind her right ear, but we don't think so.

Malika comes back up and throws her head back, still laughing, as she walks into the studio. No harm. No foul. No collapse.

CONCLUSIONS: As long as Andrews is in a studio (or at least indoors), it's going to take a lot to bring down her curls - certainly more than this. Her "glam fam", as she calls them in one video, apparently takes good care of her. And she takes good care of her style the rest of the time. Erin Andrews may still be a hair star to some, but we think Malika's time is now.

Watch the entire video on Andrews's TikTok feed.

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