Hair Pressure, Page 2


February 2018

Early in this hour-long drama, Audra Barkley is awake after 3:00 a.m. because her mother is ill. But this is no "bed-head" hairstyle. There's big curl at the ends, and much of the hair is pulled back above the forehead. A metallic ribbon seems to secure a soft-looking style. Is it secure behind the ears as well? The doctor comes to the house.... but he doesn't make a move yet. Too many people are there.

Audra visits the doctor's office - and provides us this gratuitous back shot of the hair. Quite perfect!

She lowers her head for some reason, allowing us to analyze how the hair is put together. The pullback extends across the forehead, then pinned down. If the doctor reaches for it....

But no, not yet. Instead, the single doctor invites Audra to join him at an empty rural ranch house that's going up for auction. Outside the house, we get a close-up look at a style slightly fluffed by a breeze (this apparently was filmed at Old Tucson, Arizona). It's a bit thicker, yet still perfect. But once they go inside the home, the doctor locks the door behind her....

What terrible trouble awaits Evans in an empty house? If the doctor moves in, will she find a way out - and will her tremendous hair find a way to stay precise through it all? Could "The Big Valley" be heading for a big victory, or a historic horror?

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