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October 2019

Chatterley is on our left; Andree clearly isn't playing. The wind is blowing right-to-left, toward Chatterley - but notice how she prepared for it. She sits facing the breeze. And her hair is behind the shoulders.... or is it?

Maybe not entirely! Her right side has hair that's not long enough to throw to the back. But there's clearly some wave to steer it in that direction. Can it hold in the long haul?

Chatterley turns to face the audience during the interview, and a small gust of wind tries to bring her hair forward. It fails miserably. One small strip comes up, approaching her jawline - but it goes no farther, and flexes back down! Chatterley flicks her hair with her hand as a precaution, anyway. All goes smoothly like this for the first 30 minutes, but then....

Chatterley leaps from her chair and takes her microphone into the audience, so someone can ask a question! The back of her stays in line as she runs out, but she realizes what she has to do on the way back. We catch her in the middle of a big hair-flip turn - a perfect turn, with a lot of room to keep hair out of her eyes.

Someone in the crowd holds an audience mic after that, and Chatterley ends the session looking much like this. The left side is worn down a little, but not a lot - and the style sometimes gets about an inch from her eye, but holds strongly.

CONCLUSIONS: What could have been big trouble turned into an impressive Super-Hair display. We're left to guess if Julia added a lot of spray for hold, or if she relied on nothing but wave. Either way, a little wind was no issue for her. It takes more than that to bring down a top style - but what will it take? It's enough to keep Hair Fans watching and wondering.

Watch the entire 42-minute clip by clicking here.

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