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August 2019

Even before the ladies sing a note, a distant camera catches hair action! Agnetha the blonde makes a 180-degree turn, and her long blonde hair flies up! Yes, this should be good.

The singers swap sides, and Frida will be on our left. They turn their backs to us, for a dramatic first turn....

....and as they say at NASCAR races, we have trouble in turn one! Frida's hair swings well across her face, seemingly almost touching her nose! Yet notice how perfectly the hair is cut for this. Bangs near the right eye stay strongly in line. In contrast, Agnetha's long hair scarcely tries to come in front of her right shoulder.

But the bounce-back shows neither style dropping to defeat. In fact, they both look superb. And now we have a better idea at what our hair "frien-emies" have. Frida brings a long helmet cut with full bangs, or a "shag" reaching the shoulders....

...while Agnetha relies on layered bangs. The layers are long enough to get into her eyes, yet she somehow keeps them tight.

A marvelous side view reveals Agnetha has a strand or two sticking down, not set back. Frida doesn't have this issue. Could this be trouble?

Not in the early going. When Agnetha turns to her partner, the long hair swings toward the front - but the bangs still refuse to move.

Frida is another story. A 180-degree turn brings the hair up quite a bit. The bangs above the left eye flex in a little, but they stop fractions short of her eye. At one point, Frida also pulls off a three-part turn - perhaps tilting her head back slightly to keep hair on her shoulders.

This is quite a start! But the song has a second verse....

Will the hair control last as the dancing rolls on? Will either singer go off the choreography, and change from disco moves to freestyle? Will any men get in on the action - and dare to try to bring ABBA to "Omega?"

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