Hair Pressure, Page 2


June 2017

Ahhhh.... now we see why she's in this section! Schiavocampo takes the dais with her right side probably pinned down, but the left side loose - and close! The gap between hair and eye can't be more than an inch! She's known as a hair risk-taker - but can she handle this?

As the presentation goes on, a strip of hair clearly comes loose. It curls in toward Mara's eye! There's no margin for error at all!

Mara lowers her head to check her notes. Is that strip drooping down to cover her left eye? The angle gives that impression. Mara probably realizes in this moment she'll have to do a make-or-break move to save her Super-Hair....

...So she comes up a couple of times tilting and flicking with her head. In one case, this is the result. Did it happen?

We admittedly didn't think so at first. But a zoom-in on her left eye shows the strip is long enough to cover the eye, even if it's closed. Yes, it's finally happened. We've caught "Super-Schiavocampo" with defeated hair.

BUT we're not finished with Mara yet! A Hair Fan must have known we were working on this, because we were directed to another Schiavocampo hair challenge - this one with a more traditional look for her, and certainly a tougher test....

To watch clips of this event (there are several), click here.

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