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June 2022

Before we head for the beach, we begin in Israel with that short bomba dance lesson. This is the hairstyle that had our jaw on the floor - Colon with long ultra-thick waves and seemingly little spray. (That gold spot is from a YouTube clip we found; someone else recorded her that way.)

Colon does a small circle on stage. The hair flexes marvelously, but doesn't move a lot...

...and when her back is to the audience, we see practically all her hair is in front of her shoulders. This "full-forward" approach has become popular for TV personalities with styles to show - and truly she has that. Our own vidcap of the moment suggests Colon might have had one stray bang on her forehead, but no more.

If that's all there is to a bomba - something like a modest merengue dance...

Is that really all there is? Could things get more energetic back home in the Caribbean? Will the weather make "Latin passion" go too far? Can this "Colon" come out smelling like a rose, or will this "rumba" get too rugged?

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