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August 2018

We first see Ashlee with her hair like this. It appears she's tucked a lot of hair behind her ears, to guard against the wind - but the ends hint that she's dealing with a cross-wind from her left to right. That's always dangerous for any Super-style. Yet what some would call a "lion's mane" of thick hair is almost entirely in line, even if her curls are not fully defined.

Ashlee turns to her right to check the crowd that's gathered at a memorial event. This conveniently allows us a side view, showing almost all her hair is in front of her shoulders! This is something media experts recommend these days for TV appearances - and it works here, because Ashlee's body blocks the breeze that's now at her back.

But Ashlee's going to have to turn back around, because the minister is to her left....

...and here's what happens when she does! The wind pushes her left-side hair in. It comes up near her mouth, and may be within an inch of her eye!

Ashlee completes the turn, but this is clearly a fight. A gust of wind blows a strip of curl into her mouth! The turn also reveals she may have created a natural hair braid, to hold the tucked-back section in place. But is it enough?

The answer.... no. A couple of strips of curl cross both eyes during the interview. She had to grab for them at one point, to put them back in line.

CONCLUSION: Please make no mistake - we love Banks's hair. It's thick, full and fabulous. And she's dared to display natural curls on the air. They're the reason she vaulted to #1 in the world on our Top Ten Tresses list. But despite her best effort in preparation, this live moment showed her thick curls are not windproof.

We wonder what the outcome would have been, had Banks thrown most of that hair behind her shoulders. One strip of hair probably would have been easier to manage - and if it all had been tossed back, only a little might have come forward during her first turn to cause trouble. This is a case where going "full forward" with Super-Hair can be marvelously dramatic, yet has the risk of being potentially destructive.

To watch the entire interview, click here.

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