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April 2019

As the chef and Brooks talk about "Baconfest," her hair is in one of her classic looks. It's shoulder-length, parted a bit off-center, and heavy on her left side. The hair isn't far from her left side, but that's normally no problem for her. It stops there - right?!

A bite of the bacon and pineapple skewer will tell us. It's made with two kinds of chiles, and it stuns Marion's taste buds. She puckers, and the hair is jostled a bit.

The heat (from the food) kicks in - and Marion can't handle it! She has to reach for a napkin. And two hands on a napkin leaves NONE to protect her hair! She bends down. The left side drops, moving in ever CLOSER....

....and as she comes back up, this is the result! The left side is still solid, but it's been shaken into Marion's left eye. She shakes it out easily moments later, but the drop is official.

CONCLUSIONS: After years of impressive control which finally led her onto our Top Ten Tresses list, this discovery was a shocking upset. All Marion needed to do to escape unscathed was tilt her head to the left. But when you're choking, Super-Hair may not be your top priority. Thankfully, she came up OK - and left us laughing at a hair defeat like we never have before.

The takeaway for scheming Hair Fans is this: the way to defeat a Super-style may not be atop her head. It could be through her mouth - or her stomach.

To see the entire clip (and read the recipe for this hair disaster), click here.

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