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June 2020

...And, after several seconds, Tracie's left side seems to flip up and cover her eye. Amazingly, the "vulnerable" right side stays relatively in line!

As Tracie turns back toward the other camera, the flip-up is more obvious. But so is the hold on the right side - looking quite well-rounded.

But let's keep the wind going. Turned up to 80 miles per hour, now all her hair is blown sideways. But is it dropping in her eyes?

At one point, the left side actually goes above Tracie's eye. The right side is closer to danger, but remarkably not down.

A turn back to the main camera ends all doubt. Tracie's hair is defeated on the left side.

In a later report, the wind tunnel is turned up to 100 miles per hour! Only then does the right side of Tracie's hair finally succumb. The left side gets close, but somehow poufs up.

In fact, the view down the chute at times offers this - "big hair" going vertical instead of horizontal, and refusing to flop forward. Never in the clips we saw did Tracie's hair cover her face on both sides.

And how about this moment when she stepped out of the path of the "hurricane category 3" 100-mile-per-hour wind. Without her touching it, the hair doesn't look that messed up at all! Blown back, yes, but not dissheveled - seemingly ready for another round of battle!

CONCLUSIONS: Savage had trouble standing a couple of times during the live reports. But wow - did her hair stand strong during much of that wind! Looking through the clips, we're not sure how she did it. Was that a lot of teasing on top, or the wind bending the hair that way? And if she used spray (how could she not have?), it proved to be gold-standard against a threat like this.

Yes, this style fell. But we think it still qualified as Super-Hair, against as "super" a challenge as you could imagine. This reporter showed a "Savage" can have a style as tough as a beast. Now, please tell us - who would you like to see face that wind tunnel next?

Watch three of Savage's live reports from the wind tunnel by clicking here.

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