Hair Pressure, Page 3

December 2018

Scruffy is feisty, and goes in face-first again. For a moment, Ojeda's hair becomes a BLUR!

She finally puts a hand on Scruffy's face to push him away. But a strip of left-side hair has flexed up a good bit. Is it too little, too late?

Although there's an angle, we conclude it is. Ojeda's hair is a blur because it's been well mussed, and (we think) some of it got in her eyes. For a few frames, Scruffy poses for the camera to record this dramatic hair moment.

Ojeda finally moves Scurffy to her right shoulder, out of harm's way - and without touching her hair, the style seems to still be OK. She's able to laugh off the moment, and later posts the Twitter video with two hearts for Scruffy.

CONCLUSION: That video tweet from Sofia noted Scruffy has "lots of energy." He put that to great use, to shove this Super-Hair around. But Scruffy couldn't destroy it completely, as Ojeda adjusted her style back into line with ease.

We love how Scruffy posed as if to say, "See what I just did!" How many Hair Fans secretly would want to do the same thing with a Super-Style? But we should note this moment came days after Sofia faced a carjacker of her TV truck during a morning newscast. That approach, we absolutely do not recommend. But if you can find other ways to challenge the greatest styles - especially if they don't mind taking on such a test - it could be a thrill like few others.

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