Hair Pressure, Page 3

April 2018

After some of the jewelry is displayed, we come back to this startling shot. More flyaways are filling Rebecca's forehead! Could the breeze have brought out.... hidden bangs?!?

The crosswind works in Rebecca's favor, blowing the short strands over to the "strong side" of her style. But now there's a very short flyaway to the right of the partline. Could the long hair from that side cause more trouble?

To add to the drama, the camera zooms in for an extreme close-up of Rebecca's face! Every loose strand of hair is clearly in view. One "bang" stops at her left eyebrow.

The light wind stirs up a few more flyaways! They're around her right eye! A move of less than inch will bring the defeat of our Super-Hair!

But amazingly, that's where it stops! A tilt of Rebecca's head helps put the hair back in position. The video ends with her style still out of her eyes.

CONCLUSION: Sheehan knows how to show off not only jewels, but amazing hair. Why else would the camera come so close, to let us see her style at the brink of disaster - yet not collapsing? We're left thinking her hair is not completely shatterproof perfect. But she's also smart and savvy enough to keep it from dropping at the critical moment. This is well-built, well-guarded hair that can handle dramatic pressure - and we say that's what top-level Super-Hair ought to be.

To watch the entire promotional video, click here.

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