Hair Pressure, Page 3

February 2018

Audra begins screaming uncontrollably, as she discovers a dead man on a hangman's noose in a room! Her head drops, but we don't notice the hair going out of line much.

The doctor comes over, presumably to console Audra. He strokes the left side of her hair a couple of times! But the hair is largely still in place, only disheveled a bit.

"You're insane!!" Audra yells - as a closer look shows a strip of hair approaching her left cheek. But there's still plenty of clearance for her face.... for now!

The doctor pins Audra against the locked door! "This will only take a minute," he says. Left-side hair seems to be forward, but still not much.

But Audra breaks free, runs through the house and finds a wide-open back door! She turns to check whether the doctor is in hot pursuit....

...and as she turns toward the camera, it closes in on her! As she seemingly looks for help, a couple of strands have flung across her left eye. The pin remains on top, but the style officially is defeated.

Don't worry, the Sheriff arrived moments later to save the day. Audra hid until the danger was over.

CONCLUSION: Evans's "Old West" look actually was a popular style of the 1960s and 70s; check pictures of Presidential daughter Tricia Nixon for an example. This episode showed how much this kind of hairstyle could endure at its best - and Evans came within a fraction of making it through it all unscathed.

Under our Super-Hair rules, pins in hair are not allowed - but ribbons and headbands are. Whatever method Evans used, the medium-long styles were stunning and attractive. How many Hair Fans would want to put themselves in the doctor's shoes? But we don't recommend that. Pardon the spoiler, but the doctor wound up dead. May you pursue Super-Hair in a far friendlier way - and may many more women have perfect styles that are worth the effort.

We are indebted to MeTV for our vidcaps.

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