Hair Pressure, Page 3

October 2018

After about five hand-steps, Bonnie starts to come up. The hair is obviously full-forward, but it doesn't appear out of line at all.

She uses the side of the studio wall to brace herself. But is the hair down - as in her eyes? The mane actually hides the answer! She's sideways to the camera, which is still some distance away. (No good CBS or ESPN photographer could resist a close-up here!) Based on this "Bernstein blur", we still lean toward saying the hair is out of her eyes....

....But we must note Bonnie reaches for it on both sides. That's a rare moment for her in public. So we know that at least, the hair was very close.

All it takes is a light flick back, and Bonnie's hair looks like this - back in practically perfect position!

CONCLUSION: It was Bernstein herself who posted this moment on Instagram. She wrote alongside it, "Confidence is a key to success." Bernstein undoubtedly has it - especially when it comes to her thick locks. How many other women would even accept a challenge like this? And how many could finish with their hairstyle unmussed - arguably not even falling? This is why Bernstein is considered a Super-Hair legend, with only a couple of drops in her career. What do you think might be too much for this marvelous mane?

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