Hair Pressure, Page 3

August 2017

That stronger gust clearly weakened Henderson's cut. A strip next to her right eye which was relatively in line before now is pushing in! The teasing arch above the eye now is more obvious. A strand is up on her left side as well - almost to her mouth! But does she still have enough to keep the hold?

Seconds later, the answer is no! Another gust shoves that strip inside the right eye - but if you blink, you miss it. The strip bounces right back out, without Henderson even reaching for it.

After a check of the forecast. the live camera is back on Henderson. There wasn't much time for fixing the hair, and now a section from farther back on the right side flips forward into her right eye. But again, it only lasts for a moment. Then it bounces back out, without her having to touch it back.

CONCLUSION: We were considering Krystal for our Top Ten Tresses when we came upon this clip. She clearly has hair that fights to stay in line, and we admire that sort of fight. But on this morning, the breeze seemed to be a bit unpredictable - and the weather won the day over the weather forecaster. Yet we can see why Hair Fans in Arizona recommended her to us. She has high-risk styles, that probably win more often than not.

To watch a full clip of this hair in action, click here.

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