Hair Pressure, Page 3

June 2018

The crosswind clearly is moving the bottom of Rebecca's hair, on both sides! A lone strand is off-line - and just above her left eye socket! Super-Hair can't come closer to defeat than this!

But amazingly, the flyaway does not get in her eye. It bounces out - and moments later, Rebecca senses the danger by reaching for both sides of the hair, to secure them behind her ears even while the camera rolls.

At the bottom of the stairs, Rebecca makes about a 180-degree turn. It's primarily to avoid the sun's glare - but when we stop the clip (unable to avoid that arrow on the screen), a longer strand is loose! It goes across her forehead, now from right to left. But nothing longer comes with it, to cause disaster. The rest of the tuck-back holds perfectly....

...and Rebecca rewards Hair Fans with this great view of the style being pushed back slightly by the wind. It stays in front of her shoulders, like she's a supermodel. And the style remains unscathed to the end of the video tour.

CONCLUSION: A Hair Fan suggested this video as evidence Jarvis's hair had fallen, to knock her off our Top Ten Tresses list. We looked at it closely, and concluded it did not. This was truly the closest call we'd seen her have - yet 99.9 percent of the hair held on tight through the breeze. We end this wondering if Jarvis very well-concealed bangs, which bailed her out. Her simple-looking, yet strong-holding styles may be more complex and intricate than we know.

To watch the entire seven-minute video (including Jarvis inside the store), click here.

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