Top Ten Tresses

Our Top Ten styles in the world were lsst ranked by Hair Fans in a Cutting-Edge Hair News poll 11-18 August 19. Current as of 20 May 20:

#1 - ALYSON ACKLIN. A Wichita TV news anchor and runner-up for Miss Kansas USA has told us she's honored to be included here. Her amazing work to keep both short and mid-length hair strong now earns her a Platinum Award for two years on our list.

#2 - GAM WICHAYANEE. A singer from Thailand stole the hair show at the 2020 Oscars, with long hair that often seems to be perfectly "Frozen" in place. Gam on.

#3 - MICHELLE ASSELIN. We're not sure why a few Hair Fans are turning against this Fresno dentist after all these years. She's a one-time Super-Hair Wars semifinalist and Crown Award nominee, and has a rare Quintuple Platinum Award for six years on this list - long enough to make our "20 For 20" list of the greatest styles of our first 20 years!

#4 - SIMONE MISSICK. The judge on the TV drama All Rise has us applauding a great blend of natural curl and soft-looking hold. Hair Fans apparently saved it for a second season. (Was #5)

#5 - KIM BURCH. A realtor with an impressively strong sidepart first was the City League champion of LaGrange, Georgia, then nearly won an All-Star Challenge. She now earns a Gold Award for one year in the Top Ten - but where are the new pictures? (Was #4)

#6 - STEPHANIE WHITE. The Vanderbilt women's basketball coach has attractive mid-length hair that easily will distract you from the game. She quieted the style scoffers to reach Gold Award one-year level - and it appears her job is safe for another season.

#7 - KRISTEN SKOVIRA. A morning TV news anchor in Colorado Springs has long hair almost as mighty as Pike's Peak. She's the first undefeated champion of Super-Hair Wars 2020.

#8 - KALEIGH McENANY. Newly hired as White House Press Secretary, she has strong blonde styles that might top her boss on some days - and even keep her around if the Democrats win in November. (Was #9)

#9 - LAUREN BLANCHARD. This Fox News correspondent may be best-known for a long winning streak on Tucker Carlson's "Final Exam." Her smartly-prepared and strong medium-long styles are passing every test. (Was #8)

#10 - BETSY STARK. Decades of strength with short styles on television get rewarded here, after Hair Fans voted this woman the best of our "Ultimate 50" unbeatens. Despite some critics, the Ogilvy and Mather executive receives a Gold Award for one year here - but she needs new pictures, too.

WHO'S NEW: No changes.

Check our gallery of 250 former Top 10 styles (in three sections).


NOTE: This listing is updated twice per month. Nominations are always welcome; challenges to the names on this list will be considered based on photographic evidence submitted to the Web Manager.

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