Top Ten Tresses

Our current Top Ten styles in the world were last ranked by a vote of Hair Fans in a Cutting-Edge Hair News poll 12-19 August. Current as of 6 Nov 18:

#1 - HILLARY VAUGHN. The latest stunning style from the Fox News stable, this bold head of hair spends most of its time on business news. She's impressively survived some narrow escapes, to hit the top with our voters.

#2 - RENEE CRITTENDEN. A "special ed" teacher in Michigan receives special attention here, after getting discovered for her dance coaching at Aquinas College. Perfectly-prepared and "just married" long hair reached the 2017 Super-Hair Wars semifinals, and now has a Gold Award for one year on this list!

#3 - SIMONE BILES. The world all-around gymnastics champion is strong in many ways - from physique and ethics to her hairstyles. The way things are going, she may be directing all U.S. gymnasts before long. (Was #9)

#4 - KAITLIN STANSELL. A TV news anchor who's moved her strong style down the South Carolina coast. From Myrtle Beach to Charleston, she's faced many hair challenges with beautiful skill. (Was #7)

#5 - JACKIE SPEIER. Many members of Congress could learn styling lessons from this veteran San Francisco lawmaker. She received a Crown Award nomination for a risky shoulder-length cut with bangs.

#6 - ALYSON ACKLIN. Wichita does it again, with a TV news anchor whose short hair defies gravity with incredible hold day after day. She plans to compete for Miss USA with it in 2019.

#7 - MICHELLE ASSELIN. Some Hair Fans contend Fresno, California has the world's most beautiful dentist. This former Super-Hair Wars semifinalist and Crown Award nominee has a Quadruple Platinum Award for five years on our list - and we're ruling she survived a Hair Fan's "Santa hat" challenge by a hair's width. (Was #3)

#8 - ALY WAGNER. She made history as a men's World Cup soccer announcer, and now covers NWSL games. Her blonde hair should receive more than a few seconds on camera every couple of hours.

#9 - WEIJIA JIANG. U.S. President Trump once called this CBS News correspondent "obnoxious." We call her long hair with bangs outstanding - with a few live shots indicating it's almost windproof. (Was #4)

#10 - KOLINDA GRABAR-KITAROVIC. The sidepart of the President of Croatia has impressive hold at its best, and just enough to survive when conditions are at their worst. She had the best hair at that other World Cup.

WHO'S NEW: No changes.

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NOTE: This listing is updated twice per month. Nominations are always welcome; challenges to the names on this list will be considered based on photographic evidence submitted to the Web Manager.

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