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Top Ten Tresses

Our current Top Ten styles in the world were last ranked by Hair Fans 8-15t Aug. Current as of 22 Sep 21:

#1 - KRISTI CAPEL. Making things hot on Cleveland TV with long, well-prepared hair that led our 2020 City League All-Star Challenge, and now hits the top here. Capel is more than capable.

#2 - URSULA VON DER LEYEN. The President of the European Commission almost dares you to try to muss her short style. Seemingly immovable hold earned her a second-place finish in the Crown Awards, as well as a Gold Award for one year in our Top Ten.

#3 - ALYSON ACKLIN. A Wichita TV news anchor and one-time runner-up for Miss Kansas USA tells us she's honored to be included here. She came back from a zero score in our 2020 poll, thanks to strong styles which give her a Double Platinum Award for three years in the Top Ten!

#4 - JENNIFER MORGAN. She left her job as co-CEO at SAP and now is "head of portfolio operations" at Blackstone, as well as a UKG board member. Her skills with layered loose hair should be an inspiration to other executives. (Was #5)

#5 - ADRIANA DIAZ. The pins of this CBS News correspondent came off when she started anchoring the Saturday night news, unleashing marvelous natural curls. They've come back during pregnancy, though. (Was #4)

#6 - PATRICIA DIMANGO. At an age when some people retire, this judge fires up TV's Hot Bench with long grayish-blonde styles which make her look much younger. She's "Exhibit A" for great hair at 68. (Was #7)

#7 - SANNA MARIN. The Prime Minister of Finland with her safe and full-forward long styles brought a nice email during our poll week. Yet strangely, she had no votes of support. (Was #6)

#8 - SUZAN FAKHOURY. Small appearances in TV series and commercials got her noticed. Long wavy hair made her a Super-Hair Wars undefeated champion. But research work at Northwestern University pays the bills for now.

#9 - MALIKA ANDREWS. The "hair apparent" to Maria Taylor at ESPN, becoming the host of the upcoming NBA Today" with well-shaped strong curls which earned her two Crown Award nominations. Can we still put her head-to-head against Rachel Nichols?

#10 - ANNE WILSON. Not the rock legend of "Heart," but a young Christian singer more concerned about souls. Her blonde waves may look messy, but they "fight the good fight" quite well. (Was #8)

WHO'S NEW: Suzan Fakhoury (#8).

WHO'S OUT: Camille Schrier (#10).

Check our gallery of 271 former Top 10 styles (in three sections).


NOTE: This listing is updated twice per month. Nominations are always welcome; challenges to the names on this list will be considered based on photographic evidence submitted to the Web Manager.

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