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Top Ten Tresses

Our Top Ten styles in the world were last ranked by Hair Fans in a Cutting-Edge Hair News poll 7-14 August. Current as of 15 Nov 22:

#1 - MALIKA ANDREWS. To borrow from another ESPN show, we didn't buy the NBA Today host's surprise appearance with a long ponytail. But we hope she never sells out the shoulder-length natural curls that are shapely and stunningly strong. This Crown Award winner now has a Gold Award for one year in the Top Ten!

#2 - CHRISTINA RUFFINI. She's advanced from behind-the-scenes at CBS News to correspondent and occasional anchor. She has to explain on Twitter that she's not Adele. And after watching her thick waves stay tough near the Ukrainian battle zone, we think she's actually better. See her face Hair Pressure!

#3 - MADDY BAXTER. Long red hair from Ontario joined the Orange of Syracuse University with explosive results. YouTube calls her a "hard to cage" star on the Canadian national lacrosse team, a double-unanimous choice of Hair Fans as City League champion and a two-time Best Mane on Campus. But she's asking for trouble with her TikTok videos.

#4 - SUZAN FAKHOURY. The biggest surprise of this year's poll was this woman who makes small appearances in TV series and commercials. Long wavy hair made this Northwestern University researcher a Super-Hair Wars semifinalist - and she also has a Gold Award for one year in our Top Ten!

#5 - JASMINE PEREZCHICA. A rising softball star at Arizona who took down Msddy Baxter to win the 2022 City League All-Star Challenge. Her risky long waves are as hot as the Tucson summer. (Was #10)

#6 - URSULA VON DER LEYEN. The short hair of the President of the European Commission has had surprising close calls recently at summits in Germany and Egypt. Yet this Crown Award nominee has a Platinum Award for two years in our Top Ten. (Was #5)

#7 - AMANDA CURRAN. Montgomery, Alabama can be hot ahd humid, and this brainy TV meteorologist whose hair handles it is the City League champion there. But we're giving her a virtual yellow card for her "Sink-a-Palooza" wet hair photo on Twitter.

#8 - ILEANA GARCIA. Reelected to the Florida State Senate, she says you should "love where you live." People who love her medium-long styles made her a Crown Award winner earlier this year, but she can have messy moments. (Was #9)

#9 - KRISTI CAPEL. Making things hot on Cleveland TV with long, well-prepared hair that led our 2020 City League All-Star Challenge. She now has a Platinum Award for two years on our Top Ten list! (Was #8)

#10 - JENNIFER HEDGER. A veteran sports anchor whose blonde hair holds its own night after night. If only she was on ESPN instead of Canada's TSN.

WHO'S NEW: Jennifer Hedger (#10).

WHO'S OUT: Emma Broyles (#6).

Check our gallery of 286 former Top 10 styles (in three sections).


NOTE: This listing is updated twice per month. Nominations are always welcome; challenges to the names on this list will be considered based on photographic evidence submitted to the Web Manager.

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