Top Ten Tresses

Our Top Ten styles in the world were last ranked by Hair Fans in a Cutting-Edge Hair News poll in August 2017. Current as of 19 Jun 18:

#1 - ASHLEE BANKS. The most fascinating curls on TV news are hiding with this reporter at RT America. In fact, she's hidden them herself lately by straightening her top-quality long hair. Hair Fans voted against that, but a smoothed-out look is arguably her riskiest and most professional.

#2 - MICHELLE ASSELIN. Some Hair Fans contend Fresno, California has the world's most beautiful dentist. A former Super-Hair Wars semifinalist and Crown Award nominee has a Triple Platinum Award for four years on our list! Now if she would kindly do more on Facebook and Instagram.... (Was #4)

#3 - RACHEL NICHOLS. Her long hair is red, and its perfection is often on fire. The ESPN host and NBA All-Star celebrity game coach won a Crown Award for it - but we sgmaitill want to see that style make "The Jump."

#4 - RENEE CRITTENDEN. A "special ed" teacher in Michigan is getting special attention here, after getting discovered for her dance coaching at Aquinas College. Perfectly-prepared and "just married" long hair reached the Super-Hair Wars semifinals. (Was #7)

#5 - MARY TEDESCO. She may have earned a "PBS Nerd" shirt as an ancestry researcher on TV, but her adjustably-wavy sideparts are smart and timeless. She has a Gold Award for one year on this list - and she says Genealogy Roadshow is preparing for future seasons. Not quickly enough, we say. (Was #6)

#6 - AYESHA BILLIMORIA. India's "Fit Girl" can run sprints with Olympic potential, and developed a short cut with dramatic helmet hair. The bangs are gone, but strong hold remains as she represents her country in Super-Hair World Cup V. (Was #5)

#7 - IDA TEDESCO. The Toledo, Ohio City League title may have won this TV traffic anchor a promotion to nighttime reporter. So why was she passed over for a job with E!?!? (Was #9)

#8 - LAURA RUTLEDGE. ESPN's Southeastern Conference sports expert has blonde hair which gives fans plenty to S-E-see. She's the perfect contrast for Paul Finebaum in more ways than one.

#9 - ALYSON ACKLIN. Wichita does it again, with a TV news anchor whose short hair defies gravity with incredible hold day after day. (Was #10)

#10 - JACKIE SPEIER. Many members of Congress could learn styling lessons from this veteran San Francisco lawmaker. She received a Crown Award nomination for a risky shoulder-length cut with bangs.

WHO'S NEW: Laura Rutledge (#8), Jackie Speier (#10).

WHO'S OUT: Kendy Kloepfer (#2), Rebecca Sheehan (#8).

Check our gallery of 217 former Top 10 styles (in three sections)!


NOTE: This listing is updated twice per month. Nominations are always welcome; challenges to the names on this list will be considered based on photographic evidence submitted to the Web Manager.

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