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In more than 18 years, it had never happened. In a combined 425 regular-season rounds of Super-Hair Wars, it had never happened. Even though Wars winners were discovered in countries large and small, there has never been an African-American winner.... until now. A Hair Fan found a woman whose style could stop that stunning streak, and suggested her to us. Now your votes have made actress Jaz Sinclair the first-ever black Super-Hair Wars champ!

Sinclair's latest movie Slender Man opened during the last round - but this was no slender margin of victory. She defeated two-time Crown Award winner Amy Robach in a curls-versus-short hair clash, with 73-percent support. "All that Jaz! All that hair!" marveled one commenter. But Robach's fans sounded skeptical: "I love Amy. At least we know it's all her own hair." Then there was the voter who seemed musically inspired - and we don't think this is a jazz tune: "Amy, whatcha gonna do? I think Jaz will wallop you, for a while if not longer, longer with her do!"

So Sinclair has secured her place in our history - but now, can she keep winning?

The immediate answer was no - as the City League champion of Toledo, Ohio, TV reporter Ida Tedesco, beat Sinclair in the next round. We strive not to discriminate when it comes to your nominations for Super-Hair Wars, so send them to SuperHair @

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