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Poeple with long memories may remember a TV comedy series called That Was the Week That Was. India has had a similar-sounding series in recent years called The Week That Wasn't. One of the "correspondents" on that show is a comic actress named Ambika Vas. But she's smart in other things, as she has a Master's Degree in accounting. And Vas certainly must know something about keeping long hair attractive - because she's now on the list of Super-Hair Wars winners!

Vas was victorious in a match against Kona Panis, defeating the disc golf star from Colorado with 76 percent of your votes. Our Wars always reflect what one commenter wrote about... well, hold on. The comment was, "Vas populi!" That's Ambika's last name, not the Latin phrase for "Voice of the People."

OUR NEXT CHALLENGER is the mayor of Tucson, Arizona. Regina Romero tied for a Crown Award earlier this year for the Best Hair in Government/Politics. We're looking for your Wars contender; offer candidates by emailing SuperHair @ - or write @SuperHairNet on Twitter.

Based on our Super-Hair definition, if these women met in a showdown, which style would win?

ROUND 12 DEADLINE: Friday evening, 1 July (U.S. EDT). The winner fights on against a new challenger!

Voting filter is ON in Round 12.

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