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Spanish-language theater productions can be found in some unexpected places. We didn't know until recently that London has a "Cervantes Theatre," with productions in both Spanish and English by Latin-based playwrights. We found out about it because Elena Sanz performs there, when she's not doing voice work on video games and other things. Sanz's style certainly has Hair Fans standing and applauding - because she's now a two-time Super-Hair Wars winner!

Sanz had more serious competition in her second match, thanks to world cross-country skiing champion Jessie Diggins. The race was tight well into the second week, but then Sanz broke away for a 67% victory. No one left any comments, perhaps because something else on our site was getting everyone's attention...

OUR NEXT CHALLENGER is the result of a request (or was it a demand?) by Sam Rubin of the KTLA Morning News in Los Angeles. In an on-air Crown Awards review, he said morning/afternoon anchor Megan Henderson has truly award-winning hair. In fact, she actually was our Dallas-Fort Worth City League champion before moving to L.A.! So we respond to him - and your suggestions for our Wars are likely to get a similar response. Send it to SuperHair @ or send a tweet "@SuperHairNet."

Based on our Super-Hair definition, if these women met in a showdown, which style would win?

ROUND 6 DEADLINE: Friday afternoon, 7 April (U.S. EDT).

Voting filter is ON in Round 6.

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