Super-Hair Wars - Playoffs '22

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** "TYPE 2" TAKES 2! **

If you change TV channels when the commercials come on, you might miss a Super-Hair contender. During the U.S. evening news recently, we happened upon an ad for the type 2 diabetes medicine Ozempic - and to our surprise, there was a familiar face with very good hair. An online hunt confirmed it was Erica Shaffer at an amusement park. The same Erica Shaffer of the series Scandal and Family Time - who now is becoming a famous name here, as a two-time Super-Hair Wars winner who's qualified for our playoffs!

Shaffer captured the final open December spot by clobbering Kelsea Ballerini. The better-known country singer never gained any momentum, as Shaffer claimed 67% of your votes. That means five women will take undefeated records into....

THE 2022 PLAYOFFS! The top eight hairstyles of our season come together in a classic bracket "knockout" format. The last style standing will win a Crown Award as our Champion Hairstyle of the Year. In the quarterfinal round, we have four matches underway at the same time!

Based on our Super-Hair definition, if these women met in a showdown, which style would win?

1) Heather Jackman v. 8) Janai Norman

2) Ambika Vas v. 7) Kerri Corrado

3) Sarah Hay v. 6) Jenna Thiam

4) Andrea Flores v. 5) Erica Shaffer

QUARTERFINAL DEADLINE: Thursday night, 15 December (U.S. EDT). The winners move on; the losers go home.

Voting filter is ON throughout the playoffs.

Nominations are open now for "Wars '23", beginning in mid-January. Send them to SuperHair @, or write @SuperHairNet on Twitter.

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