City League Champions


When we saw the style of this TV news anchor as she hosted a podcast, we suspected she might dominate the field. Indeed, she did - coasting past TV competitor Madelyn Bierster in the final round 4-1 (80%) and prevailing in only three weeks.

(Third through tenth place: Yazmin Batch, Hannah Burbank, Gisselle Dominguez, Presley Main, Cassandra Ramirez, Julie Tejada, Taylen Thurman, Lindy Wright tied.)


Our trip to the "Stateline" region came down to battle lines between two TV news anchors. This woman whipped Whitney Martin in the final round 5-1 (83%).

(Third through tenth place: Marianna Neau; Olivia Hogan, Susanna Kemerling, Alexis Lawrence, Emily McMinn, Emmalise Nock, Anastasia Rakita, Ellery Werner tied.)


Our major impetus in coming here was this Texas Tech dance team member, who gained national attention at the Masters golf tournament. With no hat on, her style had enough to edge TV reporter Claudia Puente in the finals 3-2 (60%).

(Third through tenth place: Kennedy Crites, Brooklyn Dendle, Natalie Faulkenberry, Page Mindedahl, Cecilie Nielsen, Jen Phillips, Claudia Puente, Tatum Veitenheimer, Sasha Wilson tied.)


A college senior from the Twin Cities completes a Best Manes on Campus-City double. The communications major dominated TV anchor Briggs LaSavage in the final round 9-4 (69%).

(Third through tenth place: Niki Corbin, Natalie Hoepner, Shalon Monroe tied; Alexis Bass, Christine Fairchild, Emma Fretheim, Jane Nicholson, Camille Zelen tied.)


It's only fitting that a student-athlete at a Baptist university has the last name "Pray." The other contenders in middle Georgia didn't have a prayer, as the Mercer soccer player scored two shutouts - including the final round over TV meteorologist Cecilia Reeves 5-0.

(Third through tenth place: Braxlyn Stewart; Bianca Browne, Kylie Buchanan, Raime Cohen, Nicole Icen, Kierra Johnson-Graham, Grace Loehr, Kamilah Williams tied.)


She was the Hair Fan favorite from start to finish. But once we mentioned the two finalists on Twitter, the rout was on for this TV reporter. Her "stellar hair" (as one voter put it) mashed City Commissioner Mi Stanley 27-4 (87%) - and she considered our mention here a "true honor."

(Third through tenth place: Irelend Viscount; Carey Carlson, Jane Cavender, Miya Ingle, Macare Lumbrezer, Elizabeth Nichols, Amanda Skrzypchak, Roxanne Werly tied.)


A grade school teacher reached the round of four in this city - but the finals went, as one voter put it, to "Wavy" over "Straight." A morning TV anchor stared down ophthalmologist Dr. Steffany Straight 4-2 (67%).

(Third through tenth place: Jackie Castillo, Madison Schlegel tied; Whitney Amann, Cathy Booher, Lauren Creighton, Carla Filkins, Nadine Kobty-Hogg, Meredith St. Henry tied.)


A hot contest in a hot place north of Los Angeles included three Martinez's (not related, to our knowledge). But it came down to two TV news anchors, and this woman routed Rachelle Murcia 5-1 (83%) to take the title.

(Third through tenth place: Kirsten Martinez, Samantha Martinez tied; Danica Aguilar, Sarah Mansour, Sarah Martin, Neyda Martinez, Erica Torres, Savannah Welch tied.)


The hair in the Alabama capital seemed to be very evenly-matched, as it took six weeks to find a winner. It's a TV meteorologist, who defeated local news rival Ellis Eskew in the finals 6-1 (86%).

(Third through tenth place: Rosie Langello; Kyana Evans; Alex Preston; Madison Beasley, Logan Horne, Kay McCabe, Dasia Newell, LaToya Terry tied.)


Our hunt for hair on a "Tallahassee Lassie" came down to two college softball players who happened to do a short Twitter clip together. This local redshirt sophomore who's built more than 4,000 Instagram followers beat teammate Maegan Tomlinson for the title 4-2 (67%).

(Third through tenth place: Melkayla Irvis; Karah Bailey, Brooke Blankenship, Eliya Ellis, Rebecca Moynihan, Jacqueline Porter, Michelle Roberts, Isabella Timiraos tied.)


The hair "Master" here is a pitcher on the college softball team, who should graduate in the spring. She won an all-university final over Maggie McBrayer 4-2 (67%).

(Third through tenth place: Ashlyn Williams; Jasmyn Cornell, Cortney Hicks, Jennie Montgomery, Sloane O'Cone, Paige Patterson, Whitney Watkins, Samantha Zittrauer tied.)


We didn't realize how competitive this city was for hair until TWO former Top Ten Tresses members failed to survive Week 1. The final round went to three days of extra time, with this TV reporter finally holding off Boise State "Best Mane on Campus" Genevieve Crenshaw 5-4 (56%).

(Third through tenth place: Emily Mangan, Brenda Rodriguez tied; Lynsey Amundson, Jennifer Coleman, Heather Cox, Sarah Jacobsen, Hailey Nicholls, Kristen Skovira tied.)


A goal-scoring college soccer player hits the target again - following up a Best Manes on Campus title with an even more dominant city win. Her stunning long blonde locks rolled up 70 percent of the votes in a three-way final against TV reporters.

(Second through tenth place: Danielle Podlaski; Emily Frazzini; Julia Csernyik, Alex George, Rachael Kerchofer, Taylor Long, Lauren McNally, Malaynia Spiva, Alexis Walters tied.)


Aussie fashion models often do well here - and this woman adds to that reputation. She overwhelmed the field, defeating TV journalist Alice Murray in the final round 4-2 (67%).

(Third through tenth place: Scherri-Lee Biggs; Tania Armstrong, Di Bain, Syan Dougherty, Natalie Forrest, Elle Georgiou, Michelle Hopkins Roberts, Tracy Vo tied.)


Our first champion who works as a registered dietician, this "healthy Tiger" with healthy long hair defeated City Council member Jennifer Racca in a final showdown 3-1 (75%).

(Third through tenth place: Falon Brown; Chaundra Banks, Mary Frances Chauvin, Courtney Henderson, Carly Laing, Lauren Marucci, Ashley Ruiz, Molly Thompson tied.)


A speedy swimmer at Florida Gulf Coast University may have surprised some people, by proving she has hair that can endure. She won a five-week fight at the Fort, edging TV reporter Gina Tomlinson 4-3 (57%) in the final round.

(Third through tenth place: Brenna Weick; Brittany Van Voorhees; Jessica Babb, Kellie Burns, Wiktoria Czarnecka, Kirstin Delgado, Nicole Lauren, Emily Merton tied.)


A short flip impressively lasted longest in the "Land of Lincoln." This TV news anchor knocked off a co-worker who once conquered Erin Andrews in the Super-Hair Wars playoffs - as Stacey Skrysak succumbed 7-3 in the final round (70%).

(Third through tenth place: Jade Anderson, Emily Beyer, Reagan Miles tied; Briana Collins, Sarah Converse, Kenzie Hendon, Cheryl Lemke, Hannah Maisel tied.)


Not Mrs., but Ms. Butterworth had the sweet style in this Canadian contest. A college student-athlete who stars on the volleyball team with healthy long hair swatted away classmate Brooke Lapierre in the final 9-3 (75%).

(Third through tenth place: Shelby Oad; Wendy Ng; Brooke Driscoll, Molly Jensen, "Lee," Lisa MacDonald-Lowe, Angela Rose, Meaghan Roy tied.)


Our first trip to eastern Washington came down to a clash of Gonzaga University students. A sophomore volleyball player with daring beach waves proved to be stronger than Polish tennis player Adrianna Sosnowska, winning the finals 5-3 (63%). But Sosnowska's rather mysterious long hair behind the shoulders captivated some voters.

(Third through tenth place: Ariana Lake; Elenee Dao, Chris Jury, Katie Palmer, Laura Papetti, Amanda Roley, Nikki Torres, Stephanie Vigil tied.)


A Hair Fan spotted this woman working as a "senior esthetician" at a spa. While she apparently deleted her TikTok account during the vote, her long waves were enough to unseat Kayla Casteel 3-2 (60%).

July 2020: Kayla Casteel.

A college basketball star was very strong early, faded late, but won a three-way final round over TV reporter Aria Janel and physical therapy student Ashley Gillard (5-4-3). "There will be no storming of the Casteel," one voter declared.

(Fourth through tenth place: Toni Galas, Gayle Gerling, Jessica Hartman, Elyse Hickey, Shelley Kirk, Jackie Monroe, Wendy Robinson all tied.)

= = =


Maybe we need to visit this eye doctor - because we didn't realize until Week 2 of our contest that "Glimmer" and Krystina were the same person, not mother and daughter. She/they dominated, anyway, defeating college student-athlete Summer Rains in the finals 4-2 (67%).

(Third through tenth place: Kendra Sheehan; Evie Allen, Chandra Biermann, Jacie Brianne, Victoria Idoni, Brooke Schlyer, Nadja Stoeckle all tied.)


One voter was thrilled to see this staff member with the local hockey team included, because of her success in area pageants. She succeeded here as well, by defeating TV news anchor Rachel McCrary in the finals 4-1 (80%). The big surprise may have been a Crown Award winner in this field, who didn't survive one week.

(Third through tenth place: Annie Champagne; Camille Gray, Megan LaFollette, Kylee Miller, Ashley Seagraves, Jamie Sherrod, Hannah Tabit, Sarah Tabit all tied.)


We think she commutes from suburban Denver to do TV weather reports here. But this woman's reputation for great hair includes a Super-Hair World Cup appearance. So perhaps it was no surprise that she dominated, winning the final 9-1 (90%) over TV host Mia Atkins in only three weeks.

(Third through tenth place: Taylor Bishop, Dianne Derby, Anna Gurolnick, Crystal Marquez, Emily Roehler, Lauren Scharf, Catherine Silver, Kristen Skovira tied.)


A trip to Missouri's "boot heel" region turned into a showdown of college cuts. A woman who throws hammers and discuses on the track team outmuscled softball player Chelsy Pena in the finals 5-2 (71%). A one-time Crown Awards nominee surprisingly didn't survive Week 1.

(Third through tenth place: Jessica Cole, Laura Richmond tied; Nichole Cartmell, Megan Dennis, Sarah Goodman, Bridget Kielhofner, Angelia Thomas, Laura Wibbenmeyer tied.)


Our first matchup in Maryland turned into a tussle between TV reporters at the same station - with hairstyles so strong that it took 2 1/2 days of extra time to find a winner! This anchor with daring "sleek" hair (to quote a voter) finally wore down Lacee Griffith 6-5 (55%).

(Third through tenth place: Meg McNamara; Nicole Baker, Kristy Breslin, Linh Bui, Lynette Charles, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Mallory Sofastaii, Kelly Swoope tied.)


Our "Canada Day" 2019 champion is a university student who runs in sprints on the track team. Wolfe ran down TV reporter Natalie van Rooy in the final 7-1 (88%), leading one voter to say Wolfe will "survive.... and thrive."

(Third through tenth place: Chloe Valain Wright; "Adele," Hannah Blair, Jenn Campbell, Madison Greenough, Alexandra Pinto, Jess Toso, Cindy Wu tied.)


A freelance journalist from Norway who competes on the college nordic ski team completes a B.M.O.C.-City double. She defeated journalist Lisa Malak 3-2 in the finals (60%). "Oh da have Bekkestad's hair!" praised one Hair Fan.

(Third through tenth place: Brooke Hafs; Erin Davisson, Tia Johnson, Lauren Kalil, Monique Lopez, Amber Luckett, Dorene Sanchez, Brittany Schmidt tied.)


This blonde beauty is a TV reporter, who nearly scooped the ten-woman field with a first-week shutout. She slowed her roll a bit, to defeat college student Edwina Barnett in the finals 5-2 (71%). She also dominated the 2019 All-Star Challenge, defeating 10 local winners.

(Third through tenth place: Naomi Bays, Mattie Best, Lily Bradley, Sarah Lieu, Leslie Rubin, Jessie Shafer, Lauren Talotta, Sierra Womack tied.)


A shocking twist happened here during the final round, when this veteran real estate agent was matched against a college student. The student, a "four-star" high school recruit tennis player, decided to transfer AWAY after not playing in the fall! So we're awarding the City League title to Latine....

...but we also recognize MADISON WOLFE as the winner of our tournament. She was on the fall roster when she made our field, and ran away with the finals 8-1 (89%). We're not sure exactly when she left Akron.

(Third through tenth place: Luisa Echeverry, Nanette Pitt tied; Paula Cinko, Enya Forgaci, Jessica Horinger, Joanne Owen, Debbie Rosenthal, Veronica Sims tied.)


A goalie on the college soccer team with hot waves stopped all comers in a grueling six-week fight. But she had to come from behind to win the finals over fellow Marshall student Kailee Williamson 5-2 (71%). "E buona," one voter wrote in Italian.

(Third through ninth place: Isabel Vance; Chelsea Ambriz; Erica Bivens; Kristen Bentley, Haley Browning, Morgan DiPalma, Jatara McGee tied.)


A five-week Canadian clash ended with a BMOC winner who plays college hockey gaining a second title. But she wasn't "sailin' away with this," as one voter punned; a vote on the final day provided a close 3-2 final-round win over TV personality Ashley Field.

(Third through tenth place: Stephanie Massicotte, Wendy Winiewski tied; Teagan Borbondy, Hilary Gough tied; Serina Gersher, Sara Rayner, Terri Sewell, Kim Stevenson tied.)


When we saw this TV traffic reporter's Twitter photo, we guessed she would be a big favorite. Right we were, as she dominated a field that inspired nearly 90 votes in Week 1. "The bomb" in one Hair Fan's view topped BMOC champ Rhyen Neal in the finals 10-3 (77%).

(Third through tenth place: Kristi Leigh; Blair Caldwell, Melissa Voetsch tied; Toi Creel, Lissa Guyton, Diane Larson, Allison Peters, Christina Williams tied.)


A Hair Fan went searching in an area we admittedly overlooked - real estate. This agent closed the deal on defending champ Kelley Bush, taking the Burch-Bush battle 12-4 (75%).

(Preliminary Final: Kim Burch d. Liz Minick, 10-0)

February 2018: KELLEY BUSH.

It's not often that the best hair in a city is inside City Hall. But this member of the city Economic Development Team has it - as her long red hair dominated the competition, and routed college student Michaela Keel in the finals 6-1 (86%).

(Third through tenth place: Chandler Kasprowicz; Charley Amissah-Reyes, Toni Anderson, Karen Jackson, Leah Jackson, Madison Machurek, Elizabeth Smith, Payton Smith tied.)


The top tresses in "Texoma" belong to this TV news reporter and self-proclaimed "softball has been." She emerged from a competitive field and beat rival journalist Lauren Smith in the final 6-2 (75%).

(Third through tenth place: Lisanne Anderson; Emily Akins, Danielle Kernkamp, Sherry Smith tied; Wilma Bush, Wava Denito, Meredith Munal tied.)


Never has the City League seen this - a local champion who declined the honor and asked to be removed. This real estate marketing coordinator inherits the title, despite finishing second! For the record, a model named "Shelby" topped her in the finals 7-3 (70%).

(Third through tenth place: "Nancy B"; Devero Bogart, Angie Casey, April Davis, Kasey Freeman, Alison Lorraine, Mandy McQueen, "Ashlee W" tied.)


An all-star college student on the equestrian team has a blonde mane which wowed us right away, but had to grow on voters. After she came from behind to reach the finals in tie-breaking extra time, she dominated TV reporter Samantha Lewis with 75 percent of the votes (6-2).

(Third through tenth place: Kaylee Neal; Elisa Davidson, Barri Fisher, Elizabeth Geronimo, Kayla Green, Zorena Hazen, Valerie Maestas, Josie Ortegon tied.)


Our first-ever trip to Alaska went down to the wire, then beyond it. A TV reporter whose hair was described as "scary fierce" by one voter was tougher in the end, defeating Beth Raines in a 16-hour extended final 7-6 (54%).

(Third through tenth place: Elena Cano, Kacy Hintz, Christina Lob tied; Ariane Aramburo, Melissa Frey, Tami Monette, Rebecca Palsha, Sierra Starks tied.)


The fight for a vacant title came down to two college "Miners" - and the long hair of this sweeper on the soccer team was more "Major." She edged Ajia Richard 4-3 (57%) in the final round, apparently thanks to a "part... slightly off to the center," as one voter wrote.

(Third through tenth place: Angelina Amparano, Nancy Bombardelli, Vania Castillo, Karla Draksler, Isabella Martinez, Elena Reyna, Stephanie Shields, Sophia Tice tied.)


She's not a model or a TV star. She's a former real estate sales coordinator and Army wife, who came to our attention and proceded to overwhelm the competition. Her thick flowing light waves scored 89 percent of the votes in a three-way over deadlocked TV personalities Kathlin Berg and Alejandra Briones (17-1-1) - and even brought pleas from voters to declare a "mercy rule" and end it early.

(Fourth through tenth place: Dawn Star Blazer, Marcel Clarke, Ashley Claster, Courtney Clayton, Faran Fronczak, Georgina Terrazas, Diana Vasquez tied.)

= =


She was born in Peru, then adopted and brought to the Ozarks. Now she sings Southern gospel music and makes outfits for the "Twice Adopted" daily stage show. Her long hair impressed voters enough to outlast other resort performers, and defeat high school cheerleader Christie Brock 5-4 in the finals (56%).

(Third through tenth place: Diana Lynn; DeLisa Delay; Jackie Brown, Amy Dutton, Cass Johnson, Megan Mabe, Ambrus Presley, Tiffany Sassanella all tied.)


The fight to fill a vacant title came down to a teacher and a dentist. This award-winning educator who goes by four names (we shortened it to two to keep things equal) made a late comeback to beat Daniela Martinez in a one-day-extended final round 3-2 (60%).

(Third through tenth place: Mariana Cadena, Diana Garcia, Lizbet Garcia, Cristina Salinas, Sophia Sanchez, Viviana Sanchez, Erika Santacruz, Agueda Valdes tied.)

November 2016: YANET GARCIA.

The self-proclaimed "Mexican Weather Girl" lived up to her international reputation, by dominating our first-ever contest in Latin America. She scored a rare perfect score in Week 2, then crushed TV news anchor Viviana Sanchez in the finals 5-1 (83%).

(Third through tenth place: Gaby Santos; Claudia de la Fuente, Silvia Landeros, Gaby Lozoya, Karla Minaya, Marcela Mistral, Sandra Sandoval, Flor Veliz all tied.)

= =


A victory for Italy! And Coastal Carolina. A college volleyball player who moveed to the area from Europe fills an open title by making journalist Nicole Boone a two-time bridesmaid. Fucka mauled her in the final round 10-0 (100%).

(Third through tenth place: Camille Gayle, Clare Gimpel, Bianca Handl, Madison Hudson, Livi Payne, Elle Padron, Annette Peagler, Victoria Spechko tied.)

September 2016: KAITLIN STANSELL.

One good "Stansell" apparently deserves another. We don't think this TV reporter is related to the one in Chattanooga, but she received a burst of support during the finals (were we mentioned on the air?!) to defeat fellow journalist Nicole Boone 19-10 (66%). "The best hair ever!!!" one voter declared.

(Third through tenth place: Dora Lulic; Jodie Buddenbohn, Eliana Padron tied; Angela Buccilli, Romane Delay, Taylor Herlong, Hallie King, Kiahnna Patterson all tied.)

= = =


A college student from Idaho who decided to take up rowing has mid-length hair that cleared our "pool" in a hurry. She dominated the race for a vacant title, besting Bella Boardman in the final 4-1 (80%).

(Third through tenth place: Jillian Antol, Marsha Augustin, Jenna Cottrell, Deanna Dewberry, Cammie Edwards, Elle Holland, Jatyra Marsh, Janeva Mosher tied.)


An assistant coach in college basketball has hair that seems ready to bounce all day long. She had enough strength to beat first-year college softball player Raegan Herne in the final 5-2 (71%), although one voter declared you "can't go wrong with either one."

(Third through tenth place: Darcy DeAngelis; Carlet Cleare, Rachel Spotts tied; Conley Ernst, Jordan Guerrieri, Mary McCombs, Jamie Wallisch, Emily Wylam tied.)

= = =


When we found pictures of this real estate agent, we knew her long hair would be very hard to beat. And indeed, no one did. One voter called it "amazing," as she dominated junior college student Lacy McClellan in the finals 6-1 (86%). Then she went on to win a hard-fought 2016 All-Star Challenge.

(Third through tenth place: Shannon Price, Kristen Randolph tied; Yolanda Amadeo, Kaliah Carter, Keonna Hobbs, Keona Livatt, Demeshia Russell, Katie Thurber tied.)


A TV news anchor becomes our third Canadian champion, taking control of a field which arguably had more stunning styles. She denied Julie Teufel (maiden name Carroll) a second City League title by winning the finals 7-4 (64%).

(Third through tenth place: Jayme Doll, Kelsey McEwen tied; Alesia Fieldberg, Lane Fraser, Jenna Freeman, Nancy Hixt, Kathy Le, Kate Lumley tied.)


A backup college softball player took the lead to snag a vacant local title, perhaps thanks to fuller waves added for her junior year. They dominated TV journalist and Week 1 leader Kelsey Anderson in the final round 7-1 (88%).

(Third through tenth place: Morgan Bullock, Claudine Ewing tied; Sarah Minkewicz, Mia Mitchell, Jordan Norkus, Jacquie Walker, Emily Watters, Talynn Williams tied.)


A vacant title is filled by a morning TV news anchor, who was endorsed as "prettiest" in the field by one voter. She bested Brittany Beetcher, a college athlete, by 6-3 in the final round (67%).

(Third through tenth place: Haley Hollins; Angela Christoforos; Andrea Ernst, Lauren Hall, Crystal Henderson, Ali Ingersoll, Shannon Smith, Kate Welshofer tied.)

January 2016: MADISON CLARK.

It's another "town and gown" combination, as another college volleyball player adds to her Best Manes on Campus title by overwhelming local famous faces. She held off TV news reporter Lauren Hall in the final round with a two-thirds decision (16-8), while a pageant winner had to settle for fourth place.

(Third through tenth place: Laura Holterbosch; Desiree Wiley; Maryalice Demler, Rachel Elzufon, Jessica McLaughlin, Jane Perkins, Marissa Perlman, Nalina Shapiro tied.)

= = =


A college softball player pulls a double play, winning the city title only days after being named Best Mane on Campus at Missouri Southern State. She endured a five-week fight, which included a 60-percent win in the finals (6-4) over fellow student-athlete Michala Wood. "Kali can!" one voter wrote - and indeed she did.

(Thirs through tenth place: Sarah Williams; Corley Peel, Bradyn Wall tied; Shannon Bruffett, Ashley Caldarella, Pamela Greninger, Shawna Lamb, Jennifer Penate tied.)


A veteran local news anchor who knows how to keep short styles perfect. She overwhelmed competitors which included fashion models, even though some voters seemed underwhelmed by the field. Wilkins defeated co-worker Carly Hildyard 5-1 in the final round (83%).

(Third through tenth place: Kelsey Peck; Kelly Baumgarten, Carrington E tied; Mallory C, Amanda Corbin, Aerial M, Samantha Read tied.)


A vacant title stays on the University of Missouri campus - and this champion golfer from southern California could stay a while, since she won this as a freshman. She outlasted classmate Alyssa Ojeda in the final round 7-3 (70%).

(Third through tenth place: Alisa Sheremeta, Maddie Snider tied; Amari Celestine, Pat Fowler, Kelsey Kobielusz, Miranda McKinsey, Chanel Porter, Emily Spain tied.)

May 2018: RAIME COHEN.

An open title in a college town turned into a six-week endurance contest. It ended with "Mizzou" keeping the title, thanks to a junior softball player and future TV reporter. She beat current reporter Taylor Petras 5-3 (63%) in the finals.

(Third through tenth place: Riley Sents; Lauren Aldridge; Sara Maslar-Donar; Meagan Cunningham, Lauren Gaston, Tylar Grant, Meredith Hoenes, Stephanie Priesmeyer tied.)


Volleyball "kills" the competition again, as this college student-athlete at Missouri made very quick work of a ten-woman field. She dominated the final round over former Kansas City champ Meredith Hoenes 11-1 (92%).

(Third through tenth place: Angie Bailey, Sherree Burruss, Suhey Campos, Cara Denis, Marissa Hollowed, Heather Hourigan, Megan Judy, Kristie Reeter tied.)

= =


A budding scientist and member of a college cross-country team endured to the end of a five-week contest, defeating fellow student-athlete Jessica Mendez in the finals 5-3 (63%). "Hardin's waves rock!" one voter declared. And they were rock-solid enough to eventually become the winner of the 2015 All-Star Challenge.

(Third through tenth place: Sonya Hill; Sarah Acosta, Candace Torrez tied; Tatum Carillo, Sara Donchey, Hayley Galloway, Ashley Phelps, Claire Reece tied.)


A vacant title stays with Washburn University... and the basketball team... AND a graduate of Bishop Miege High School in metro Kansas City! Well-developed natural curls won the final round over softball player Kimi Patterson 3-1 (75%).

(Third through tenth place: McKenzi Davis, Raegan Wells tied; Reina Flores, Amber Lee, Katie Maher, Deneysha Richard, Khloe Schuckman, Carlee Thompson tied.)

January 2018: HUNTER BENTLEY.

An all-state high school basketball star who's in her first year at Washburn University keeps this vacant title on campus. She charged past TV reporter Courtney Ryan 5-3 (63%) in a final that one voter noted was quite a contrast of styles.

(Third through tenth place: Jacqueline Englebrecht, Brittany Moore, Regan Porter tied; Melissa Brunner, Jessica Fey, Brooke Lennington, Balie Stamps, Erika Yoder.)


It's a double win for a student-athlete at Washburn University. The B.M.O.C. won an all-college final by topping Taylor Kemp 8-3 (73%).

(Third through tenth place: Natalie Davis; Natalie Bates, Gwen Baumgardner, Carolyn Carlson, Tyler Carter, Ariana Cohen, Cathy Gragg, Rebecca Meador tied.)



A Crown Award nominee and youthful softball star claims this vacant title for the University of Arizona. She won a three-way final pileup with 60% of your votes. Then she won a 13-woman 2022 All-Star Challenge.

(Second through tenth place: Breanna Isbell; Destiny Quinn; Marley Chappel, Brooke Chau, Maddy Christopher, Yasmine Lopez, Hannah Mitchell, Presley Money, Regina Romero tied.)

November 2015: SAMANTHA CORTESE.

A TV news anchor and self-proclaimed "desert rat" made like Speedy Gonzalez and ran over the competition. She turned a three-way clash with Kristin Haubrich and Stella Inger into an 85-percent rout, to claim a vacant title.

(Fourth through tenth place: Jennifer Martinez; Carli Campbell, Cali Crisler, Teresa Jun, Kacey Nady, Marissa Scott, Erica Weston tied.)

November 2014: DOMENICA FULLER.

A young TV news reporter came from behind in the finals and stopped what looked like a steamroller for college champ Hannah Stevens, winning 13-7 (65%). "By far the BEST!" one voter exclaimed.

(Third through tenth place: Stella Inger, Teresa Jun tied; Allison Alexander, Barbara Grijalva, Sasha Loftis, Rikki Mitchell, Nichole Szemerei, Kristi Tedesco tied.)



A talented college soccer player takes this vacant title with loose waves. After a tight start, she crushed Dr. Curtrina Strozier 11-0 in the final round.

(Third through tenth place: Maddy Krueger, Crystal Whitman tied; Krystin Bond, Barbara Gauthier, Yelena Labat, Valerie Long, Brooke Miller, Tamorie Smith tied.)

August 2017: AMARINDA TREAR.

It says something about the quality of hair in this city when a former Miss America who moved to town didn't last one week. A restaurant server and budding singer who finished third in 2014 reached the top this time. She defeated Week 1 leader Darby Demarest in the final round 5-2 (71%), and won praise for "hair [that] is a treat."

(Third through tenth place: Casey Googe Dial, Morgan Sanders tied; Celena Shoemaker; Elisabeth D'Amore, Mallory Hagan, MacKenzie Holt, Ashley Lewis, Shyla Tapscott tied.)


A city known for strong collegiate and mayoral hair lived up to its billing, with a spirited six-week battle. A morning TV news anchor with well-prepared mid-length hair emerged thanks to a loyal following, outlasting two-time BMOC and softball superstar Casey Googe in a back-and-forth final round 51-15 (77%).

(Third through tenth place: Amarinda Trear; Jessi Mitchell, Dorothy Sherman tied; Andi Larese, Cheryl Renee tied; Kaitlin Tatum, Tammy Terry, Teresa Tomlinson tied.)


Our second Australian champion is a veteran model, who's apparently moved into modeling management. Her brunette waves impressed voters as "amazing.... stunning," and she downed fellow model Danni Price in the final round of a very competitive race 9-4 (69%)

(Third through tenth place: Elise May; Nicole Chamoun; Jacqueline Felgate, Rebecca Judd, Sandra Sully tied; Abigail Carter, Jennifer Keyte, Giaan Rooney tied.)


She co-hosts a daily TV talk show, then commutes to Boston to work with Bruins hockey games. Her ways with lush long hair filled a vacant title, topping co-worker Kim Kalunian 9-3 (75%) in what one voter called a "very even" final-round contest.

(Third through tenth place: Madison Doherty; Jenae Alderson, Lauren Boen, Ashley Cullinane, Shannon Hagy, Taylor Huntly, Rebecca Turco, Patrice Wood tied.)

February 2014: ALEXANDRA COWLEY.

A news reporter who's a native of Florida outshone the field during a snowpacked New England winter. She overwhelmed college student-athlete Beth Hoyt in the final round 10-3 (77%).

(Third through tenth place: Liz Tufts; Alison Bologna, Logan Harris, Shannon Hagy, Karen Meyers, Lucia Petty, Susie Steimle, Ayumi Tsuda tied.)


The fight for a vacant title came down to two Missouri State students, who battled into extra time. The win goes to a redshirt senior golfer from Wynne, Arkansas. She prevailed over fast-closing runner and one-time Crown Award nominee Megan Nickles 8-7 (53%), with one voter saying: "Her hair dresser must be Caroline's boon companion."

(Third through tenth place: Lauren Boone, Leigh Moody, Cambree Villarreal tied; Jordan Belcher, Cheryl Burnett, Megan Garcia, Darby Joerling, Megan Rice tied.)

December 2013: JOANNA SMALL.

A TV reporter with a "cute cut" (to quote one voter) and who is "so pretty any hairstyle would work" had to work hard to win this title. She came from behind in the last days of the final round, then edged BMOC winner Megan Nickles 11-10 (52%) after about 12 hours of extra time -- while an Ultimate 50 member failed to last two weeks.

(Third through tenth place: Cheryl Burnett, Lindsey Clain, Lindsey Day, Leigh Moody tied; Chelsea Dirks-Ham, Laura Kennedy, Lauren Matter, Shayla Patrick tied.)


A TV news anchor admitted on Twitter she'd never asked followers to vote for her hair before. But enough of them did to make her Canada's second champion. She outran Alexandria of the CFL "FeLions" in the final round 28-12 (70%).

(Third through tenth place: Maria Guloien, "Heather" tied; Lynn Colliar, Kristi Gordon, "Marissa," Randene Neill, Lynda Steele, Elaine Yong tied.)


She may have stepped away from morning TV news, but we couldn't forget this thick well-sculpted style. It emerged from a close pack, and dominated the final round over reporter Carly Figueroa 18-5 (78%) -- with one supporter speculating she "needs a lot less product to keep her hair from falling."

(Third through tenth place: Haley Lange, Marissa Mendenhall, Hope Woodside tied; Brittany Graham, Velaida Harris, Brianne Johnson, Elizabeth Smart, Ali Spurrier tied.)


A College of Charleston cheerleader took momentum from the B.M.O.C. to top the best styles throughout the city. She defeated news reporter Lisa Weismann in the finals 13-8 (62%). Then she finished a strong second in the 2013 All-Star Challenge.

(Third through tenth place: Rachelle Coward, Andy Wontor tied; Wynter Davis, Deona Jones, Octavia Mitchell, Stephanie Sbardella, Tessa Spencer, Lizzie Theesfeld tied.)


It was an a-Maez-ing performance by this TV news anchor, as she dominated most weeks of voting and crushed fellow journalist Jill Galus in the finals 11-1 (92%). "Very silky," explained one voter.

(Third through tenth place: Mickey Brown, Kaela DeBroeck tied; Antoinette Antonio, Tonya Gramstad tied; Cindy Hernandez-Wall, Kim Holland, Khadijah Shumpert, Nykilah Torres tied.)


Our first-ever trip to Australia led to a classic match between this TV news "reader" and the woman she replaced. Collins pulled away from the similar short style of radio host Belinda Heggen to win what Aussies would call the "grand final" 13-6 (68%).

(Third through tenth place: Danika Carty; Rebecca Morse, Kiara Parker tied; "Amy," Jessica Davis, Virginia Langeberg, Rosanna Mangiarelli, Lucy Polkinghome tied.)


She lost her job as a TV news anchor early in 2012, but her delicate short style was a favorite for months on our search engine. Hair Fans showed why, as she roared ahead from early runner-up showings to dominate the finals over Jessica Moore 59-35 (63%). "Sexy Dayna.... hairtastic!" supporters wrote. But a woman who shows up often on tabloid TV was a shocking first-week loser.

(Third through tenth place: Katie Crowther, Beth Fisher, Jessica Gillespie, Monica Jackson tied; Rikki Cheese, Elizabeth Donatelli, Holly Madison, Lisa Remillard tied.)


A rapid-fire contest quickly reached the final round, where this veteran TV news anchor and morning host prevailed over college volleyball player Libby Webber 13-11 (54%). A one-time Super-Hair Wars champion had to settle for third.

(Third through tenth place: Sarah Brodhead; Jordan Carson, Juliet Dragos, Michele Fife, Tara Hernandez, Crystal Hilliard, Amanda Roelofs, Briana Snyder tied.)


A part-time panelist on Fox News webcasts has become a morning news anchor, and was able to make quick work of the field. She scored a very rare 100-percent score in Week 2, then breezed through a three-way final round with 79 percent of the vote (15-2-2). "Kaci's color is clearly comely," commented a Koviak convert.

(Second through tenth place: Gillian Sheridan, Katie Wilson tied; Kris Betts; Lauren Callahan, Anissa Centers, Anna Dickey, Courtney Friedman, Jennifer Hines, Dana Hughey tied.)


A college softball player with long waves made short work of things in "the biggest little city in the world." She overpowered sports reporter Kristen Moran 4-1 (80%) to claim a vacant title.

(Third through tenth place: Raegan Gorzeman, Preslie Hewitt, Kenna Holt, Rebecca Kitchen, Michelle Lorenzo, Angela Schilling, Shelby Sheehan, JoAnn Steveson all tied.)


In a City League first, a gourmet chef and culinary consultant brought Hair Fans' interest to a rolling boil. Her well-rounded short cut praised by one voter for "good body" downed Dora Scheidell in the final 20-10 (67%).

(Third through tenth place: Shelby Sheehan; Lauren Lastrapes, Julia Lopez, Katie Romanko tied; Samantha Boatman, Brooke Boone, Wendy Damonte, Kristen Remington tied.)

= = =


She won several local beauty titles across the state, and now has settled down in a TV reporting career. But her thick blonde hair fired up voters, and what one commenter called her "flat out gorgeous" style dominated B.M.O.C. champion Anna Proffitt in the finals 45-10 (82%). Hulsey's hair went on to finish first in our 2012 All-Star Challenge.

(Third through tenth place: Brittany Jeffers, Deana Silk tied; Katie Arnold, Jennifer Loren, Shelby Robb tied; Miesha Dinkins, Ekaterina Kondrashova, Delaney Scrivner tied.)


This Marine landed with authority, to fill a vacant local title. A TV news reporter rose to the top, defeating college student Tori Fryar in the finals 9-3 (75%) and winning praise from supporters for hair that's "so soft and sleek.... the best hair ever!" She went to top ten other women and win the 2017 All-Star Challenge.

(Third through tenth place: Madison Brooks, Nicole Edison tied; Jessica Gray, Ann Kharlamova, Denise Middleton, Christina Nickerson, Brejamin Perkins, Winnie Wright tied.)


A TV news anchor broke away from near-lookalike Jessica Dean in the final round 12-5 (71%), and was praised for hair that "looks perfect!"

(Third through tenth place: Lacey Fleming Glover, Alexis Stone tied; Melissa Dunbar-Gates, Alyse Eady, Ashley Fejleh, Gina Martin, Michele Pittman, Donna Terrell tied.)


A college high jumper (who mysteriously was dropped from the roster during our poll) used shapely well-groomed long hair to outlast the competition. She edged Amanda Meadows 11-8 (58%) to win the main division -- then scored a first for the City League by crushing a nominated male, dominating TV reporter Sam Brock 11-0.

(Third through tenth place: Heather Sullivan; Christina Feerick, Tracy Sears tied; Tracy Lynn, Emily Moffett tied; Meredith Gouger, Reba Hollingsworth, Jessica Warner tied.)


A TV reporter at the station where the last champion worked keeps a vacant title within the building. An unusual five-way final week due to ties ended with her capturing 53% of the votes.

(Second through tenth place: Sarah Winklemann; Amy Zimmer; Kameryn Baker, Brooke Butler tied; wJessica Coombs, Ravyn Cystrunk, Diamond McGilberry, Shannon Royster, Helen Stone tied.)


The first champion of this city recommended this sportscaster with long flips to us. She took the lead, then was caught - but after a day of extra time, she edges Erin Thomas to take the title 5-4 (56%).

December 2016: ERIN THOMAS.

She grew up in Hawaii, loves Missouri, but now presents the weather on the Georgia coast. Layers of red hair grew on Hair Fans, and she claimed a vacant title by beating college student and early leader Renae Moken in the final 7-5 (58%).

(Third through tenth place: Samantha Mault, Arianna Poindexter tied; Jaycee Bunner, Josie Gregory, Chasney Jenkins, Tesla Reed, Jessica Satterwhite, Ariella Scalese all tied.)

October 2011: MEREDITH LEY.

A TV news reporter urged on a loyal legion of Ley lovers to a lopsided lashing of the competition. We averaged around 100 votes per week, as Ley dominated the field and crushed Jessica Gardefjord in the finals 92-18 (84%). Her thick flip won praise as "stunning.... naturally beautiful.... gorgeous.... Love that Southern girl 'do." Ley advanced from there to finish the 2011 All-Star Challenge, gaining 44 percent of the vote against nine other local champions.

(Third through tenth place: Lorin Ricketson; Ariel Brooks, Jessica Kiss tied; Alisha Nelson, Leia Pittman, Katrina Riley, Melanie Ruberti, Karolina Rykowska tied.)


She moved from Alabama to become a news anchor, and she proved to be the class of a tough field -- topping Kali Nicole with her "body and thickness.... awesome" 14-9 in the final round (61%). But the big story here may have been a top-ranked style in Top Ten Tresses, who failed to survive the first week.

(Third through tenth place: Morgan Smejkal; Megan Southworth; Brittany Jeffers, Kelsey Larson, Shelby Martinek, Deborah Tuff, Kaitlan Walker, Katie White tied.)


For the first time, a doctor takes the local title -- helped by her appearances on the cable TV series Hoarders. She claimed two votes on the final day to edge meteorologist Monica Woods 15-13 (54%), and won praise for hair that's "always perfect."

(Third through tenth place: Danielle Leigh, Cristina Mendonza, Natalie Sentz tied; Ama Daetz, Dierdre Fitzpatrick, Pallis Hupe, Debbie Thompson Kippel, Kristina Werner tied.)


Our first trip to this city was a six-week slugfest. The second was anything but - as an assistant college volleyball coach advanced to the finals right away. Then she disposed of radio host Kim Carson (who left the air for a new job in the middle of the final round) 8-2 (80%).

(Third through tenth place: Kim Chapman, Ashley Conner, Donna Elle, Michelle Heron, Jill Jelnick, Jasmine Joyner, Valeria Sistrunk, Jesslyn Stockard all tied.)


"Better body" made the difference for one voter in the final, as a college volleyball player edged soccer goalie Taylor Mangrum in a "Moc-2" final round 9-6 (60%).

(Third through tenth place: Latrice Currie, Dakot Davis tied; Amy Katcher; Tess Kosycarz, Shaina Singh tied; Kim Chapman, Rachel Oesch, Jessica Oh tied.)

= = =


Talk about a Mad-house! In almost 20 years of City Leagues, this was a first - a woman sweeping the field with unanimous support in the first week! Then we brought on reserve candidates, and she did it again! So a vacant title goes by acclamation to a college lacrosse player from Ontario, Canada.

(Other candidates: Julie Abbott, Andrea Beaty, Shaleah Colaire, Aysia Cobb, Sistina Giordano, Ryan Gallegos, Lindsay Raychel, Vanessa Rizzitano, April Serrano tied; Erin Brousseau, Kate Kemnitz, Olivia Schaertl tied.)


A vacant title led to a hard-fought final round, which had to be extended to extra time. After eight more hours, a TV reporter with well-developed hair topped student-athlete Lauren Richards 9-8 (53%).

(Third through tenth place: Paige Rogers, Natasha Tcheki-Jamgotchian tied; Sarabeth Ackerman, Christie Casciano, Megan Coleman, Alexis Peterson, Jennifer Sanders, Kate Thornton tied.)


Was it the "better body and thickness" praised by a voter, or was it the smile that made voters declare Nixon's the one? The morning TV host made quick work of the field, handling college athlete Ari Kasprowicz in the final 12-5 (71%).

(Third through tenth place: Paola Benevento, Christie Casciano tied; Taylor Chamberlain, Akane Hosoyamada, Noemie Lefebvre, Jessica Sorenson, Allison Todd, Lauren Welch tied.)


A morning reporter on local TV astounds Hair Fans with a perfect well-rounded bob. It held strongly enough to take a vacant local title by beating Kelly Frey 14-3 in the finals (82%), while a one-time Top Ten Tresses member couldn't even survive Week 1.

(Third through tenth place: Courtney Brennan, Christine D'Antonio tied; Katherine Amenta, Kelly Brennan, Lori Houy, Kristine Sorensen, Lisa Sylvester, Kalista Walters tied.)

April 2011: JULIE BOLOGNA.

The TV meteorologist still has the "sleek" hair quality (to quote one voter) which put her on our Hot List in 2005. She overwhelmed a meaty two-division field, shutting out her opponent in the Long Division finals and crushing Kristine Sorensen 17-8 in the overall finals (68%).

(Third through 14th place: Wendy Bell; Laura Aeschbacher; Jennifer Antkowiak, Alexandra Assaf, Meredith Dunn, Diana Voynova tied; Morgan Claycomb, Angela Majkut, Kristin Shumaker tied; Timyka Artist, Jessica Wasik, Sally Wiggin tied.)


In a City League first, a corporate vice-president (and former Mrs. Nebraska) takes the title. She dominated early, then held off news reporter Erika Summers 11-8 in the final (58%).

(Third through tenth place: Caitlin Roth; Katie Becker, Liz Dorland, Jo Giles, Mary McMullan tied; Alex Bloomquist, Molly Meister, Brittany Telecky tied.)


A traffic reporter and native of Pakistan outlasted contenders from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds. She topped former CBS news correspondent Teri Okita in a hard-fought final 10-8 (56%).

(Third through tenth place: Mareike Collier, Kathy Muneno tied; Brittany Hewitt, Ashlee Jimenez tied; Malika Dudley, Dagmar Genee, Moanike'ala Nabarro, Allison Schneid tied.)


Her challenger in the finals tried some semi-trash talking against this TV news anchor, with a "natural Bump-It" reference on Twitter. But Erin was "the guy" anyway, overwhelming reporter Katie Johnson 8-1 (89%).

(Third through tenth place: Shannon Berg, Kelley Dunn tied; Terri Parker; Taylor Grenda, Liz Quirantes, Tania Rogers, Teona Tatishvili, Michelle Turner tied.)

January 2011: ALYSSA DeMONTE.

A defender on the college soccer team impressed Hair Fans with what one commenter called "the best combo of waves, thickness, color and body." She defeated TV news anchor and "Cougar" (as another voter called her) Kelley Dunn by only 5-3 (63%) in the final round. "DeMonte DeMonstrates Super-Hair!" praised another.

(Third through tenth place: Faith Warren; Alivia McDaniel; Tara Cardoso; Suzanne Boyd, Marci Gonzalez, Meredith McDonough, Terri Parker, Kate Wentzel tied.)


She actually was the older of the two finalists to fill a vacant title. But a TV news anchor with impressive and often flawless long hair took care of college tennis player and Chinese graduate student LingWei Kong 5-2 (71%). A longtime Top Ten Tresses member made news here by not surviving Week 1.

(Third through tenth place: Alyson Acklin, Stephanie Bergmann, Lainee Brown, Rachel Hackbarth, Andrea Herrera, Kylie Marneris, Lisa Teachman, Faith Turner all tied.)

December 2015: DANI MOSTROM.

A college volleyball star impressed us with long curls, even when they're tied down on the court. She fills a vacant opening by prevailing over veteran TV news anchor Susan Peters in the finals by a 60-percent margin (9-6). "Dani's cascade of waves is awesome," wrote one admirer.

(Third through tenth place: Amanda Jaeger, Kara Maleski tied; Rangie Bessard, Heather Forde, Susan Pompeo, Susie Santo, Katie Taube, Jamie Travers tied.)

December 2010: TORRIE BROWN.

A relative misspelled her name "Torrid" in an e-mail to us - but the college softball player turned out to be exactly that, especially after the first two weeks. She defeated 2009-10 BMOC and teammate Jamie Hull in the final round 53-8 (87%), and dominated the comments section for "absolutely gorgeous silky.... beautiful naturally auburn hair."

(Third through ninth place: Cindy Klose; Sammie Shook; Hannah Eakin, Susan Peters tied; Brianna Kaiser, Sierra Scott, Aileen Simborio tied.)

= = =


We're not sure if we were mentioned on the air, but two TV co-workers put a friendly "battle of the Jennifers" on Facebook -- and it was war from there! More than 1,500 votes were cast over eight weeks, with the weather anchor rallying late to top news anchor Jennifer Horbelt in a fight-to-the-finish final round 185-167 (52%). Consider some of the comments - and there were dozens:

"Rukavina's hair is so nature looking."

"Looks like Horbelt cut her own hair without a mirror."

"Rukavina's hair is so awesome. I bet it smells like a double rainbow all the way."

"Bree [Snow] should be walking away with this. This is for best hair, not your favorite news personality!"

"Horbelt has always had wonderful hair."

"Jennifer R's hair is so limp. How is she in first?"

"I'm glad I don't live in Paducah...."

Thanks to everyone who voted, and made Paducah one of our most surprising hair hotbeds yet! Read our exclusive interview with the champion!

(Third through ninth place: Bree Snow, Lauren Adanms, Beth Bradley, Shannon Copeland, Allison Whitledge, Carol Gault-Penny Mariner tied.)


A news reporter emerged from a six-way field, then somehow put on a "Raus rush" to rally from behind in the second week of final-round voting. She topped local champ Lauren Kamena with 69 percent of the vote (33-15), and won praise for hair that's "silky and shiny.... super soft." She then moved on to dominate the 2010 All-Star Challenge, gaining almost 80 percent of the votes.

(Second through sixth place among challengers: Erika Arias, Rachel Frank, Jennifer Lahmers, Rachel Lutzker-Joy Lin Nahrin tied.)


Our jaw dropped and we smelled an upset when we found this college softball player. Sure enough -- her medium-long hair was too athletic for a host of famous local names. She overcame some negative comments in the finals to defeat Irene O'Connor 30-13 (70%).

(Third through ninth place: Sarah French; Lisa Carberg; Keisha Grant, Emily Linn, Yvonne Nava, Amy Parmenter, Miranda Wallace tied.)

= = =


She stayed at home for college and became a member of the cheerleading squad. Now she turns a BMOC-City League double. She made TV news anchor Amanda Hara a two-time runner-up, winning a vacated title 5-1 (83%) in the finals. Then she captured the title in our 2021 All-Star Challenge.

(Third through tenth place: Robin Wilhoit; Jordan Brown, Bryn Hesson, Ellie Mundie, Raquel Perinar tied; Beth Haynes, Caroline Lewis, Madeline Thompson tied.)

April 2015: CLAUDIA COCO.

A first-year student-athlete on the volleyball team drove Hair Fans "cuckoo" (as one wrote) with her sturdy long curls, especially after a tight pack reached the final round. An aspiring sportscaster handled news anchor Amanda Hara with ease, 17-2 (89%).

(Third through tenth place: Whitney Good; Abby Ham, Shelby Miller tied; Bashaara Graves, Kanisha Jimenez, Tearsa Smith, Lori Tucker, Kendra Turner tied.)

May 2010: ANN KEIL.

A TV news anchor may have received some unexpected help from us, when we notified an eliminated co-worker via Twitter. But her short style was seriously tested in the final, before she defeated Megan Campbell 25-16 (61%).

(Third through tenth place: Samara Gelb, Allison Kropff tied; Hana Kim; Emily Stroud; Kristen Cazana, Sarah Helm, Jill McNeal, Tearsa Smith tied.)

= = =


A TV reporter gained praise for her color, and quickly became the class of the field. She dominated college volleyball player Lynsey Farris in the finals 11-3 (79%).

(Third through tenth place: Alex Herring; Jean Jadhon; Alyssa Corfont, Cara Stein tied; Erica Bruce, Meagan Farley, Morgan Grant, Joy Sutton all tied.)

= =


In a City League first, a former local champion reclaims her title! This TV reporter left town for Nashville for awhile. But she came home and topped a strong field, defeating fellow journalist Jennifer Lambers in the final 4-1 (80%).

(Third through tenth place: Ashley Knight; Lenise Ligon, Nele Mattner tied; Drexel Gilbert, India Hall, Rose Ann Haven, Lily Mascari, Emma Robison tied.)

December 2015: NICOLE DURHAM.

An open title along the Gulf Coast led to a contest where college students dominated. The five-week race ended with a final round extended to extra time, and a junior at South Alabama edged Morgan Jones 8-6 (57%).

(Third through tenth place: Ashley Cooper; Faith Steinwedell; Melissa Constanzer, Emily Hundt, Modupe Idowu, Blair Johnson, Deitra Tate, Debbie Williams tied.)

February 2010: CHERISH LOMBARD.

She's a local favorite in many ways - first as a radio traffic reporter, then in television news. The woman who once told an interviewer she dreamed of becoming the next Salma Hayek used similar long brunette locks to take dominance over the field, and top Emily Williams in the final round 9-6 (60%).

(Third through tenth place: Kimberly Curth; AnnMarie Coan, Debbie Williams tied; Shea Bowers, Derica Williams tied; Kathryn Land, Alexis McPhail, Caitlin Murphy all tied.)

= =


In a City League first, an account manager at a credit union not only wins the local title, but overwhelms a star-studded field. She became the champion by beating a Champion - former Miss Alabama Chandler Champion, 10-2 (83%).

(Third through tenth place: Vanessa Araiza, Jill Gillardi tied; Kassidy Blevins, Rebecca Leonard, Britton Lynn, Kate Neisler, TJ Russell, Meaghan Thomas tied.)

January 2010: SHANISTY MYERS.

One voter claimed her first name is silly, but the hair of this morning TV anchor is seriously solid. She crushed college cheerleader Leah Skinner in the finals 20-3 (87%).

(Third through tenth place: Shenea Harris, Ashley Looney tied; Richole Berger, Ashley Brand, Hillary Fountain, Emily Luxen, Colleen Standridge, MacKenzie Wilson all tied.)

= = =


This TV reporter was in third place after Week 1, but climbed from there to capture a vacant title. She defeated meteorologist Kassandra Crimi in the final, 3-1 (75%), while a former Top Ten Tresses member had to settle for third.

(Third through tenth place: Jaclyn DeAugustino; Deanna Allbrittin, Holly Bristow, Ybeth Bruzual, Amanda Castro, Bri MacNaught, Karen Parks, Karla Ray tied.)

February 2015: ANN KEIL.

A champion in Knoxville, Tennessee several years ago becomes a rare two-city winner! This TV reporter emerged from a strong field to fill a vacant title, defeating college softball star Shelby Turnier in the final round 10-4 (71%).

(Third through tenth place: Meredith McDonough; Hillary Barrow; Kirstin Delgado, Ginger Gadsden, Daralene Jones, Sheli Muniz, Brittany Solis, Carleigh Williams tied.)

December 2009: SABRINA FEIN.

A morning meteorologist wound up matched with co-worker Holly Hatch in the final round, and prevailed 23-15 (61%).

(Third through tenth place: Danielle Bellini, Shannon Butler, Barbara West all tied; Sonni Abatta, Cheryl Getuiza, Katie Riley, Martha Sugalski, Eryka Washington all tied.)

= = =


This veteran news anchor had a battle in Super-Hair Wars in 2006, but lost. Against hometown opponents, she dominated the field -- crumbling Jenny Toste in the final round 18-10 (64%), and gaining praise for her hair thickness.

(Third through tenth place: Pamela Prado, Lorena Rabago, Faith Sidrow all tied; Sara Sandrik; Annie Bledsoe; Alex Delgado, Liz Harrison, Allison Ventura all tied.)


Third-time "Luck" for a TV news anchor who first appeared on our Hot List in 2002. She fills a twice-vacant title by defeating co-worker Amanda Ferguson in the finals 6-4 (60%), and called the support "such an honor" on Twitter.

(Third through tenth place: Sara Rydman; Carly Cooke, Tanya Rivera tied; Tara Bettle, Brianna Gomez, Tracey McCain, Jordan Releford, Stacey Spivey tied.)


A vacancy created by a college graduation led to what one Hair Fan called "lots of fantastic heads of hair." This TV reporter emerged as the best, defeating model Angel Clark in the final round 16-7 (70%).

(Third through tenth place: Bethany Berry, Julie Luck, Lauren Melvin tied; Jackie Fernandez, Alexandra Gonzalez tied; Jewel Black, Asia Williams, Sierra Zentz tied.)


A woman praised by some and mocked by others for a "helmet head" had her tough-to-muss style cut from shoulder-length in the middle of the final round (poll on that upcoming). Yet it still was strong enough to hold off co-worker Nicole Ducouer 18-17 (51%). While they're both based in Winston-Salem, our competition actually involved a "Triad" of cities. So we're declaring three different winners here....


A college lacrosse player finished third overall, and won applause from one voter for "the sleekest, prettiest hair."


A weathercaster whose short style appears very carefree, she claimed fourth place overall and was praised for her color.

(Fifth through tenth place: Cindy Farmer; Jo Garton, Julie Luck, Michelle Reger, Nikki Wilborn, Cheyenne Woods all tied.)

= = =


A somewhat-mysterious young local model came on strong late in the contest, filling a local vacancy by defeating news anchor Heather Crawford in the finals 16-6 (73%). Crawford was bidding to become only our second two-city champ.

(Third through tenth place: Addison U.; Alicia Booth, Kathryn Jeffries tied; Erica Bennett, Paige Kelton, Nikki Kimbleton, Dawn Lopez, Adrienne Moore tied.)

June 2009 - AYESHA K. FAINES

We actually caught this TV news reporter recruiting on Twitter for votes. The effort apparently paid off, as she edged college champion Hannah Munneke in a hard-fought final 21-20 (51%) and won praise for "impeccable style." Read our exclusive interview!

(Third through tenth place: Katarina Engler; Ashley Coleman, Paige Kelton tied; Jackelyn Barnard, Staci Spanos tied; Diane Cho, Deborah Gianoulis tied.)


A veteran TV news reporter proved she has long hair strong enough to outlast the competition. She filled an open title with a surprisingly dominant performance over a tough field, winning the final over Ohio State ice hockey player Kara Gust 11-2 (85%).

(Third through tenth place: Kayla Anderson, Monica Day tied; Kristine Frazao, Tenille Funches, Taylor Jones, Terri Sullivan, Liz Tamburro, Cara Zubko tied.)


A member of Ohio State University's national champion synchronized swim team (not to be confused with the race car driver) thrilled one voter with her "bangs and color," and grew to dominate a contest which included collegians and TV personalities. She stunned Top Ten Tresses member and former Miss USA contestant Monica Day in the finals, with an easy 12-4 win (75%). Then Theriault finished first in the 2009 ten-city All-Star Challenge.

(Third through tenth place: Andrea Cambern; Whitney Hackman; Christina Heaton; Amy Basista, Brittany Johnson, Taylor Jones, Nicole Krauter, Alexis Wiley all tied.)

= = =


We're not sure how long she'll stick around, because she's a fifth-year senior at Notre Dame from northeast Ohio. But this star swimmer with "Heller high water" precise waves (as one commented) was strong through a five-week fight, and took the vacant title by defeating fellow student Sydney Cripps in the final 6-2 (75%).

(Third through tenth place: Megan Smedley; Tiffany Salameh; Erica Finke, Alexis Holloway, Summer Horan, Olivia Jacobsen, Melissa Stephens, Caroline Yu all tied.)

JUNE 2016 CHALLENGE ROUND: She approaches her senior season on the Notre Dame tennis team, and proved she still has competitive long blonde hair. She remains the champ, by fighting off the challenge of TV reporter Suzanne Spencer 5-4 (56%), despite praise for Spencer's hair as "fantastic."


An open local title not only stays at Notre Dame, but with the women's tennis team. The #4 singles player rose to #1 in her city over several weeks, rolling over reporter Rachel Brown in the finals 15-1 (94%) and winning praise from commenters for hair that "looks the softest.... more natural."

(Third through tenth place: Megan Hickey; Emily Pritchard; Amanda Fay, Gabby Gonzalez, Michaela Mabrey, Sarah Russel, Lauren Stauder, Lauren Stuhr tied.)


This college sophomore tennis player arrived at Notre Dame via Oman and central California. Her somewhat daring sidepart led most of the way, then held on to defeat Sarah Platt 7-5 in the finals (58%) - and won praise from voters for "color, thickness and softness."

(Third through tenth place: Lindsey Sablan; Lauren Parisi; Niele Ivey; Sarah Gray, Becca Hutter, Elishah Oesch, Jessica Sullivan, Mariel Zagunis all tied.)

= = =


She's moved from on-air TV work to management, but she apparently still has a sidepart that Hair Fans like. She won a close final round over one-time Super-Hair Wars winner Megan O'Rourke 8-6 (57%), while some longed for a college athlete who finished third despite leading Week 1.

(Third through tenth place: Mollie Schrank; Candice Hunter, Molly Meter, Kate Tejkl tied; Kathryn Burcham, Sonu Wasu tied; Danielle Elias, Kimberly Thomson tied.)


The tight sleek style of an evening news anchor came from behind and outlasted the thick wide mass of morning anchor Robin Marsh in a spirited final round, 12-9 (57%). Schambach went on from there to finish first in the 2008 All-Star Challenge, defeating a Crown Award winner from Phoenix. But all the comments of praise locally were left for a college athlete, who finished a surprisingly strong third.

(Third through tenth place: Andrea Sellmeyer; Maggie Carlo, Monica Price tied; Jamie Cerreta, Sarah Libby, Jennifer Pierce, Jamie Ratliff, Darrielle Snipes all tied.)


How about this baby gift for a woman on maternity leave! The TV news reporter became our first Canadian champ by defeating co-worker MairiAnna Bachinsky in the final round 11-6 (65%). "Her hair looks thicker and fuller," one supporter explained.

(Third through tenth place: "Courtney;" Alicia Kay-Markson, Dina Pugliese tied; "Alyssa," Pauline Chan, Linda Leatherdale, Lynne Russell, Carolyn Weaver all tied.)

PENSACOLA, FLORIDA: Abigail Williamson.

A college swimmer left us wondering how long her hair really is. But it was good enough to keep this vacant title on the West Florida campus, as she defeated assistant coach Zoe Hardin 3-2 (60%) in the finals.

(Third through tenth place: Dianne Bakarian, April Baker, Christina Clark, Jennifer Munoz, Brogan Wallin, Melissa Wolter, Kaitlin Wright, Stephanie Lawrence Yelton all tied.)


This open title stays inside the University of West Florida, as a senior college softball player impressed Hair Fans with her "color and body." She topped assistant coach Alanah Gamwell in the final round 13-7 (65%) - then went on to win our 2014 All-Star Challenge, after her graduation.

(Third through tenth place: Jenise Fernandez, Heather May Walton tied; Kelley Bahn, Mollye Barrows, Katie Bobos, Lena DeFlores, Caroline Kaston, Jasmine Wigfall tied.)


She may look like a Florida blonde, but this recent college graduate (with multiple times on the Dean's List) is a native of Calgary, Canada. She held off hard-charging TV reporter Tara Brown in the final 10-8 (56%), after a Super-Hair Wars winner was tossed early.

(Third through tenth place: Renata Mattos, Erin Ovalle, Grace White all tied; Mollye Barrows, Kylie Dorton, Lindsey Ford, Emily Martin, Chelsea Wilhoite all tied.)

= = =


A Hair Fan thought we left someone out earlier in the year. But this TV news anchor showed co-worker Danielle Trotta otherwise, with an 18-2 rout (90%).

JUNE 2008: She used to host A Current Affair, and now is a local news anchor. Her high-endurance shoulder-length look held off a late rally by competing anchor Tera Blake to win the finals 10-6 (62%).

(Third through tenth place: Amanda Bowman; Debi Faubion; Kim Brattain; Yudeshnee Pillay; Lisa Eisenzopf, Molly Grantham, Amy Lehtonen, Melissa Martin all tied.)


The most-praised woman in what some considered a dull field didn't last two weeks -- while this TV journalist made quick work of the competition. Her natural-looking shoulder-length look defeated Kelley Day in the final round 12-7 (63%).

(Third through tenth place: Jessica Morket, Anna Song tied; Christine Ferreira, Christina Feyen, Debra Gil, Kimberly Schuster, Stephanie Stricklen, Angelica Thornton all tied.)


A morning news anchor and former Miss USA contestant claims a vacant title after finishing second in 2013. Capel was capable of overwhelming college student Briana Niedermeier 7-1 (88%) in the finals, as a former finalist for the Hair Fan's Hall of Fame was left shut out. She went on to win our 2020 All-Star Challenge.

(Third through tenth place: "BreeOnna," Lynna Lai tied; Kierra Cotton, Isabelle Gradwell, Lydia Latimer, Monica Robins, Meg Shaw, Nichole Vrsansky tied.)

November 2013: JACKIE ZABIELSKI.

We spread the word about two finalists for a vacant title on Twitter -- and a network of fellow traffic reporters rallied around this woman from there. She rolled up an 86-percent score against Kristi Capel (76-12), winning praise from voters for a "fantastic" cut which seemed "too perfectly coiffed.... to be true."

(Third through tenth place: "Bayley," "Jordyn," Tiffany S. tied; Catherine Bosley, "Erica," Jennifer Jordan, "Shannon," Suzanne Stratford tied.)


This mysterious all-star dancer for the basketball Cavaliers (and a restaurant hostess as well) becomes the most famous head of hair there since Anderson Varejao. She survived a record-long nine-week grinder, defeating college basketball assistant coach Annie Thomas in the finals 23-6 (79%). A former champion in Cincinnati did no better than fourth.

(Third through tenth place: Kathleen Cochrane; Suzanne Horgan; Alicia Booth; Tricia Skidmore; Allie Riczo; Alexandra Bagi-Lacie Brenner tied; Stacey Bell.)

= = =


A hockey player at the University of St. Thomas added to BMOC success by capturing a vacant title. We somehow forgot to record the full results.


Once a contender in Connecticut, this TV news anchor's sleek look impressed voters -- and even inspired one to bring up the theme music to the old Mary Tyler Moore Show. But she endured a final-round challenge from college cheerleader Katie O'Neill, winning 11-8 (58%) to fill a vacant title.

(Third through tenth place: Natalie Nyhus, Morgan Sickels tied; Heather Brown, Jordyn Burns, Heidi Collins, Tori Dixon, Nicolette Marquardt, Chelsea Pettit tied.)


A veteran newscaster filled a 2007 vacancy, and left TV reporter Heather Brown a bridesmaid for the second time in 15 months - winning the final round 13-6 (68%).

(Third through tenth place: Carmelina Carabajal-Emily Stanzyk tied; Krista Erickson, Mollie Lenzi, Natalie Mast, Stephanie Schmikla all tied; Julie Nelson-Liz Tusler tied.)


The Twin Cities were tough to call for weeks -- but when the field dropped to three, this news reporter's loose shoulder-length style raced away to victory. She crushed co-worker Heather Brown in the finals 26-4 (87%). Honorable Mention goes to a college tennis player, who missed the finals by only one vote.

(Third through tenth place: Liz Tusler; Marni Hughes, Julie Nelson tied; Lauren Gibbemeyer; Amy Hockert, Jamie Reese, Jeanette Trompeter tied; Alexis Russell.)


A Hair Fan who knows the area offered nine contenders, and they were praised for showing a wide variety of styles. After a grinding seven-week battle, a real estate agent and mother of three surged at the end and edged TV journalist Jodi Lowery in the finals 16-13 (55%). Walton was praised for hair that's "very soft," and worth the work to have body. Walton also led our 2007 All-Star Challenge, gaining a majority of the votes in a seven-way race.

(Third through tenth place: Sherri Allen, Sonja Bailes tied; Lisa Hargrove; Sherri Smith Cheek; Sydnee Lincoln; Melissa Terry, Katrina Webber, Heidi York tied.)


A vacant title in the bayou returns to McNeese State University, and this sophomore volleyball player made it look very easy. Her long blonde hair almost scored a shutout in Week 1, then blanked ophthamologist Dr. Marcy Hanudel in the finals 5-0.

(Third through tenth place: Jennifer Barrow, Cindy Choi, "Christie," Madison Fontenot, Baylee Laskoskie, Robin Richardson, Sydney Roberts, Regan Stiawalt tied.)

August 2019: DREW MARINE.

A TV reporter fills a vacant title by dominating dentist Mai Tran in the final round 7-2 (78%). One voter marveled at how strong her hair must be, to stay in place through a summer on the Louisiana bayou.

(Third through tenth place: Becca Davis; Demi Boudreaux, Brentney Carroll, Alexsandra Flores, Sophia Landry, McKenzie McCoy, Alexis Miller, Robin Richardson tied.)


This college hurdling star leaps over a City League barrier - as she becomes the first African-American City League champion in four years! She defeated Olivia Vidal 12-4 (75%) to fill the vacant local title, and was praised by one voter for a better style in a "close call."

(Third through tenth place: Jillian Biagini, Becca Tudor tied; Cynthia Arceneaux, Courtnei Carter, Angelina Covington, Heather Ogea, Sofia Simancas, Jasmine Webb tied.)


This one was a bit bizarre, as a recent college graduate whose home is in Argentina (and may not actually live there anymore) won a Southern U.S. title despite displaying a tied-back style. She won the final round over another collegian, Celeste Vannoy -- but only by 6-3, with some voters seemingly unimpressed by the entire field.

(Third through tenth place: Lenissa Lopez; Cynthia Arceneaux, Rebeka Broussard, Shayla Cormier tied; Keely Daughdrill, Haley Henagan, Courtnee' Hollins, Meagan Kelleher tied.)

= = = =


This contest turned into a family affair -- as the blog of this TV weathercaster's husband sent out an alert in her behalf! She defeated co-worker Melissa Moon in the finals, but not by much: 25-20 (56%). One fan (and perhaps a relative) wrote Nations "changes from curly to straight and wavy.... and keeps us watching." And a nephew/niece declared her a "neat dudette."

(Third through tenth place: Kate Murphy; April Norris; Lauren Amundson and Tori Gross tied; Tealy Devereaux, Gresh Gorman, Dee Griffin, Markova Reed all tied.)


It took some time to confirm the last name of this former two-year dancer with the "SaintSations." We know she's only about 20 years old, has attended Delgado Community College -- and we know she's the first cheerleader to be a City League champ. She won an all-dancer one-week final round over "Kirsten," but by only 5-2 (71%).

(Third through tenth place: Lauren Boatwright, Dawn Brown, "Vanessa" all tied; "Michelle;" "Aneshia," Angela Hill, Nancy Parker, Luna Rebrovic all tied.)


After finishing in second place twice, a former TV news anchor and current "Vice President of Corporate Communications" finally wins top honors here. After a five-week fight, she defeated college student Abby Baez 4-2 (67%) in the final round to fill a vacant title.

(Third through tenth place: Rachel Everson; Terra Brantley, Elizabeth Fuerst tied; Kayla Blakeslee, Kaitlyn Kendall, Kayla Stewart, Melea Van Ostrand, Sydney Windlan tied.)


A vacancy created by a college graduation is filled by another college athlete - in this case, an all-league softball pitcher from Iowa. She quickly mowed down the field and made news anchor Heather Herron a two-time runner-up, dominating the final round 13-3 (81%).

(Third through tenth place: Katie Law; Haley Emenhiser, Taylor Gordy Prescott, Kayti Hanson, Sarah Heckman, Alyssa Ivanson, Courtney King, Kristen Kirchhaine tied.)


Believe it or not, we had eight nominations in this small city - and this college soccer player emerged after a show start as the champion. Her final-round 53-percent win over journalist Heather Herron (8-7) was subject to debate. "Long blonde hair is pretty," one supporter wrote. But others called the style "blah," and Herron's hair "more professional."

(Third through tenth place: Beth Miller; Jennifer Cross, Angela Rodriguez tied; Jennifer Blomquist, Ashley Hunter, Kelly Koh, Crystal Martinez, Jessica Thomas all tied.)

= =


A Crown Award winner, Cup of the Americas finalist and longtime Top Ten Tresses member is now officially her city's top style as well. The baseball reporter renowned for "luscious locks" and "natural curls" (to quote commenters) won a hard-fought final round over Miss Texas U.S.A. Brittany Booker 13-10 (57%) after six weeks of action. She went on to dominate the 2013 All-Star Challenge as well, with one voter declaring her "cascade of coppery-red curls is AWESOME!"

(Third through tenth place: Dominique Sachse; Reagan Creely, Lauren Freeman tied; Stephanie Wilka; Emily Akin, Caitlin Espinosa, Mary Hansen, Celine Simmons tied.)


A TV news anchor becomes the first woman to be champion of two different cities! Noland moved from New York, conquered a field which included a former #1 style in Top Ten Tresses, then brought down two-time local champ Dominique Sachse 13-6 (68%).

(Challenge Round second through fifth place: Lauren Freeman, Courtney Zavala, Sibila Vargas, Alison Triarsi.)


We honestly thought the long blonde hair of co-worker Lauren Freeman would give the reigning champion a fierce challenge. But Sachse succeeded in bringing down her opponent with a strong 65-percent majority (17-9). "Redheads rock!" one supporter roared.

APRIL 2006: The TV news anchor whose hair seems oblivious to her city's oppressive humidity fought off two cheerleaders with the N.F.L. Texans in a great three-way scrum. She took the final round over "Erin" (sorry, we don't know her last name) 16-13 (55%). Sachse went on to lead our third annual All-Star Challenge of city champions by a wide margin.

(Third through tenth place: "Gwen;" Marine Hernandez, Alania Torres tied; Cynthia Cisneros, Krystal Frazier, Maudess Fulton, Stephanie Guerrero, "Tiffany" all tied.)

= =


A TV reporter pulled a surprise, emerging from a field which Hair Fans admired as high-quality. A poll adjustment midway through the finals opened the way for her to break away and defeat Ainsley Earhardt 35-8 (81%). Pari was praised for having an original look. which "goes great with her eyes."

(Third through tenth place: Sarah Lucero, Delaine Mathieu, Brandy Ralston all tied; Jenny Hansson; Wendy Rigby, Natalia Zea tied; Johanne Lochard, Tanji Patton tied.)


This one was rather strange -- as our champion either resigned or was fired from a TV news job (depending on which message board post you believe) as the competition began. Yet her thick helmet-like style finally proved too tough to dislodge, beating Leanne Leamanczyk in the final 11-8 (58%). One unimpressed voter described the overall field as "very similar and not outstanding."

(Third through tenth place: Erin McElroy; Carole Meekins, Toya Washington tied; Rebekah Wood; Silvia Acevedo, Tami Hughes, Shayna Illingsworth, Erin Watkins all tied.)


A sprinter from California keeps this vacant title on the Yale University campus. She knocked off TV reporter Noelle Gardner in the finals 6-2 (75%), winning praise from voters for "sharp... thickness and body."

(Fourth through tenth place: Kaliegh Garris; Jacey Baldovino, Nic Conway, Tish Dettling, Lauren Freedman, Natasha Lubczenko, Cate Mollerus, Ann Nyberg all tied.)


An open local title came down to a battle between two student-athletes at Yale. A member of the rowing team from Oklahoma with plush hair grew on our voters, as she defeated gymnast and Week 1 leader Jacey Baldovino in the finals 5-2 (71%).

(Third through tenth place: Ann Nyberg, Anna Zhou tied; Teresa Defour, Hannah Johns, Olivia Levieux, Jocelyn Mamimta, Alyssa Taglia, Meghan Yost tied.)


We frankly considered it an upset when this TV news anchor didn't prevail the first time. She made it to a heads-up clash with champion and co-worker Annie Rourke, then scored a dominating 15-1 decision (94%) with hair one voter called "long, lush, wavy and gorgeous."

(Preliminary Final: Baghdady d. Ann Nyberg, 19-15.)


Yes, she works for a Hartford TV station -- but from the New Haven bureau. Her inviting short style emerged from one of our most evenly-matched fields, edging veteran news anchor Ann Nyberg in a tight final. "Neat, professional and stylish," praised one voter.

(Third through ninth place: Carolyn Schmolz; Sonia Baghdady, Danielle Rodriguez tied; Sara Abbott, Kristen Cusato tied; Kaitlin Emmerling, Tricia Taskey tied.)



A vacant title came down to a classic matchup between TV reporters: loose and long against short and solid. The short cut pulled ahead on the final day, bringing down Rebecca Roberts 16-14 (53%).

(Third through tenth place: Margie Ellisor, Michaela Jones, Callen Luetkemeyer, Kay Quinn tied; Julian Austin, Kristen Cornett, Kelly Jackson, Erin Klostermann tied.)


The carefully-crafted hair of this TV journalist dominated her city as few have, steamrolling college softball player Kara Sell in the finals 14-1 (93%). "It has more style," wrote one voter, "and has had more attention paid to it."

(Third through tenth place: Cheryl Levick; Amber Dodman, Maggie Norton tied; Kelly Jackson, Sandy Miller, Erin O'Neill, Krista Rasnic, Ann Rubin all tied.)


The TV meteorologist with "thick and lush" hair (according to one voter) was strong from the start, but almost faded out at the finish. A Colts cheerleader named Tessa D. led her late in the second week of the finals -- but Buchman battled to force a day of extra time, and won 15-14 to claim a vacated title.

(Third through tenth place: Lynnsey Showers, Julie Loncich, Megan Martz, Joy Dumandan, Jennifer Carmack-Maggie Mathieson tied, Molly Casperson-Martha Weaver tied.)


The college softball pitcher ends 2005 with an unbeaten record here, stopping challenger Shana Kelley 8-4 (67%) in admittedly light holiday season voting. Kelley was condemned by one voter for a look which seemed more out of 1975.

AUGUST 2005: The "Butler" did it! A softball pitcher at Butler University pulled off what might be considered a surprise -- outlasting more veteran styles, and winning over weathercaster Angela Buchman in a low-scoring final round 8-4 (67%). One voter found much to admire: "soft, flowing, not too much product, great color: simply fantastic!" Howard also dominated our third annual All-Star match, winning a 61-percent majority without any noticeable ballot-box stuffing.

(Third through tenth place: "Whitney;" Lynsey Showers; Johnica Roach, Martha Weaver tied; Linsey Davis, Michelle Hawes, Tina Simpkin, Stacey Speshyock all tied.)


A tournament which had a record 15 candidates came down to two division winners, both veterans skilled at strong-holding styles. After a tight first week of the finals, the TV news anchor staged what we considered an upset -- pulling away from the former sportscaster and current wife of the Detroit Tigers President Karie Ross Dombrowski 16-9 in the finals (64%). "She can do no wrong," praised one backer.

(Third through 15th place: Beth McLeod; Heather Catallo; Karen Drew, Lila Lazerus, Christy McDonald, Joann Purtan all tied; Carolyn Clifford; Pallas Hupe, Rhonda Walker tied; Deena Centofonti, Lisa Halushka, Shay Ryan, Ruth Spencer all tied.)


The person who nominated Jennifer Baileys as a challenger seemed rather confident, but the champion meteorologist crushed her by a massive margin of 11-2 (85%).

2005: It certainly was "Figg season" (her maiden name, we're now told), as a weathercaster with experience in national TV shows dominated what some complained was a weak field. Her neat short style topped former Miss America Heather French Henry in the finals 13-6 (68%).

(Third through tenth place: Anne Marshall; Julia Harding; Ann Bowdan, Stephanie Collins, Carrie Harned, Abby Miller, Carol Minn, Kim Stevens all tied.)

Read our interview with Angie Glotzbach in Super-Hair Q&A.


Realtors must be turning up the hair quality in a tough housing market, because another one prevails here. She easily eliminated champion Kim Barnes 19-6 (76%), and won praise for her "beautiful" look.

2005 - KIM BARNES.

Ever heard of the "Carole Kneeland Project?" She works there now, after years in television news. A picture which some declared old was good enough to top former co-worker Christine Haas in a spirited final 43-28 (61%). While Haas's hair was praised by voters as "most professional, well kept," Barnes won with a style that "looks natural, not polished. It does not look over-styled, as so many celebrities' do."

(Third through tenth place: Bettie Cross; Cindy Goldrick; Elizabeth Dannheim; Sally Hernandez, Teresa Rodriguez, Allison Smith, Connie Swinney, Pat Tate all tied.)

Read our interview with Kim Barnes in Super-Hair Q&A.


The short style of an afternoon news anchor endured through a six-week slugfest to claim a vacant title. She edged college student Kynnedy Myers in the final round 4-3 (57%).

(Third through tenth place: Karli Ritter; Loren Halifax; Kim Byrnes, Kerri Stowell tied; Bianca Beltran, Keyvona Bragg, Kera Mashek, Emily Welsh tied.)

September 2012: ABBY SHIMOTA.

A vacant title resulted in a race to the wire between student-athletes from local universities. It ended with a soccer defender displaying sturdy (and shiny, as a voter noted) long blonde hair to edge Vanessa Hemkens 9-7 (56%) in the finals.

(Third through tenth place: Madison Hughes; Macradee Aegerter, Lisa Benson, Donna Cho, Taylor Spencer tied; Bonyen Lee, Carolyn Long, Anne Peterson tied.)


This TV journalist with a solid style first caught our eye in Corpus Christi, Texas a few years ago. She moved to a large city and survived an extra-large field which included three "reserve candidates" brought in due to voter complaints. One reserve made the final round, but Carolyn Long fell short by 13-8 (62%).

(Third through 13th place: Jade Hernandez; Katie Horner; "Shauntel;" Elizabeth Alex, Ann Brock, Kelly Eckerman, Anne Peterson all tied; Kellee Dunn-Walters, Susan Hall, Barbra Porter Hill, Natalie Moultrie all tied.)

Read our interview with Meredith Hoenes in Super-Hair Q&A.



We had a record 16 nominations in this city (and even then, some people complained a better candidate was missing). But the reigning champ from public television waited them all out, and prevailed in the finals over Amanda Lewis 17-8 (68%).

(Short division first through eighth: Erin Kiernan; Trisha Shepherd; Katie Piper; Lisa Carponelli-Stacey Horst tied; Elizabeth Erwin, Sonya Heitshusen, Kerry Kavanaugh tied. Long division second through eighth: Lynn Melling; Emily Givens-Metinka Slater tied; Cynthia Fodor, Elizabeth Klinge, Heidi Soliday, Jannay Towne tied.)

2005: This morning news anchor endured cynical "dyeing" critics to survive a grueling seven-week tournament, winning the final over early leader Karen Schulte 40-18 (69%). Special mention goes to a Drake University volleyball player, who outlasted several well-known local names and finished third.

(Third through tenth place: Lindsey Johnson; Terri Shell; Kathryn Pritchard; Susan Slycord; Jennifer Curtis, Angie Hunt, Amanda Lewis, Heidi Soliday tied.)

= = =


To borrow from one of her TV shows, this blonde style proved to be a "Music City Must." She filled a vacant title by overpowering the competition, defeating Lauren Lowery in the final round 5-1 (83%). A veteran Top Ten Tresses member didn't last one week.

(Third through tenth place: Alex Corradetti, Grace Smith tied; Embrey Brannon, Nikki Christiansen, Tuwanda Coleman, Lisa Spencer, Kelly Sutton, Stephanie White all tied.)


With this title vacated, we decided to leave music stars out of the running. That opened the door for a cheerleader and biology major at Vanderbilt University to leap to victory - beating rival Belmont's assistant coach Embrey Brannon in the finals 12-7 (63%).

(Third through tenth place: Kelly Sutton, Holly Thompson tied; Aundrea Cline-Thomas, Jessica Earnest, Alex Hudgens, Stephanie Langston, Emily Mintman, Lauren Rhein tied.)

2004 - SARA WALSH.

The leader varied from week to week here -- but when the field was cleared to a final two, this TV sports reporter and her "sooo pretty" shoulder-length style were too strong for Tennessee Titan cheerleader "Kimberly" [last name withheld; ask us if you need to know why]. Walsh's final round 82-percent thumping (18-4) was misleading, considering how competitive several other women were.

(Third through tenth place: Lea Little, Lisa Patton, Denise Davis-Erika Lathon tied; Agia-Amy Marsalis-Heather Orne-Holly Thompson tied.)

= = =


The soft, inviting semi-curl displayed by this meteorologist was too tough for the competition. After an opening week with about 300 votes, she emerged from a six-woman pack and blew away 2003 champion Alison Grande by an 84-percent margin (83-16). Many comments again were left, and here's a sample of them:

"Rebecca's hair adapts for the weather."

"Photos should all be the same size. Bigger photo of Amy Clancy gives her an unfair advantage...." [Yeah, right. She finished third.]

"Go Rebecca, you are very talented, and also beautiful!"

"Amy's change beats them all...."

"Both have great hair, but Rebecca's is more original for an anchor."

"Stevenson's hair looks like a 60's style, a little too cutesy.... actually, I hate it."

"It's a farce Alison ever won!"

"She could fly with those wings." [For Stevenson, we think -- and we wouldn't mind watching that.]

"Who chooses some of these other candidates anyway?" [Actually, we were asked to keep that anonymous.]

Thanks to all who voted - along with someone named "SurfSeattle," who kept plugging our poll on a major television news message board!

(Preliminary: Stevenson defeated Shannon Brinias 25-10. Third through sixth place: Amy Clancy; Meg Coyle-Carolyn Douglas tied; Sally Schulze.)


After a wild competition in which the Week 1 leader failed to survive Week 3, this investigative reporter made it a "Grande Final" by whipping Susan West 260-27 (91%). Complaints about bloc voting were made, but never overcome by West fans. "Alison is hip and totally in style," one voter wrote. "Tell your hairdresser to keep up the good work." Grande also led a short "All-Star" vote of City League champions, though more bloc-vote complaints came up.

(Third through sixth place: Susannah Frame, Amy Clancy, Sue Bird-Leslie Miller tie.)


After the local champion disappeared from sight, an eight-week battle royal erupted in an area known for Hair Fan interest. The early leader was promoted by her husband on his radio show. Then she fell off, and another short style took control. But this native of Antigua and Barbuda finally emerged as the champion, topping fellow news anchor Heather Childers in the final round 24-22 (52%). Among the many comments left, among several hundred votes:

"Sharon's got the best hair, hands down!.... It's always looked great, plus very versatile."

"Just say no.... to helmet hair."

"Kelcey's hair appears natural and touchable. Very attractive."

"Laura Barron's hair is the best. She should definitely win. GO YAYA"

"Combine Laura's color, Heather's style and Erin's thickness and body, and you'll have an undefeated champion."

(Third through tenth place: Laura Barron; Erin Hartness; Kelcey Carlson; Tisha Powell; Stacy Davis, Barbara Gibbs, Angela Hampton all tied; Erin Coleman.)


A Hair Fan directed us to this traffic reporter, after the former reigning champion left the area - and she fought through a month of "grid-locks," breaking out of a close final round to defeat Carolyn Costello 14-9 (61%).

(Third through tenth place: Kate Bolduan; Lynda Loveland; Kelcey Carlson, Shelvia Dancy, Melissa Jamerino, Kim Roberts, Jenny Shull, Vanessa Welch all tied.)


She's a news reporter, a meteorologist and a member of a sailing club. That last detail may have turned the race in her favor, as several sailors pulled for her in a final round which followed a record 273-vote Week 3. (We thank the News & Observer paper for that.)

Tenret's tight short style withstood "Hurricane Frances" Scott in a well-fought final 77-51 (60%) -- and the cuts filled our comments section like never before:

"Tina's hair stays great, even sailing on the lake in 20 knots of wind!" [Note: we want pictures of that!]

"Frances's bangs beat Tina's big red cow-lick any day!"

"I love Tina's hair color."

"....Tina and her Bozo the Clown colored hair a distant third."

"Tina's can stand up to those hurricane breezes that she reports from; I doubt Frances' would last on a calm day."

"If Tina's hair is so stiff it can resist hurricane force winds, that's NOT a good thing!"

"Tina is outside all the time; she should get bonus points!"

"Is Frances Scott and Vicki Liviakis the same person?" [Note: not to our knowledge - but we see what you mean.]

"This is another Seattle. The best hair loses."

"Please get them some stylist with a little more edge to them."

Thanks to everyone who voted, left comments, and showed your enthusiasm for top-quality hair!

(Other entries: Stacey Horst third; Stacey Elgin, Allison Landers, Christie Regula; Kaitlin Bailey, Laurie Clowers, Betty Davis, Lynda Loveland all tied.)


With all due respect to colonial New England, this was the Battle of Lexington. We had a record opening-week response, then an action-packed and comment-filled final. Our biggest count with voting filters found Combs brushing away Mary Jo Perino 143-98 (59%).

It was a nomination of Perino which brought us to Lexington -- and we discovered Perino actually recruited friends to vote for her! Here's a sample of how the debate went:

"Combs hair-style is the most stylish."

"Mirandas hair looks like Satan himself dyed it. Mary Jo has much better hair and is a beautiful woman no matter who wins,"

"Miranda's hair and face are prettier! DEAL!"

"As for Miranda, I'm not sure what's going on there. It's like kudzu lately. Mary Jo has, by far, the best hair in Lexington."

"There's no comparison, Miranda looks like a professional."

"MJ Is the Hottest!"

"Miranda's hair looks more professional and cosmopolitan."

Thanks to all who voted, and proved people in Kentucky care about great hair!

(Third through eighth place: Nicole Cervantes; Dia Davidson, Emily Gimmel, Marina Jurica, Jennifer Nime, Kristi Runyon all tied.)


An investigative reporter moved from Tennessee to Texas, then outlasted a field that included a Hair Fan's Hall of Fame member and a one-time member of Top Ten Tresses. In fact, those two didn't even reach the finals! Autler won that showdown over Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Amy Leonall 6-1 (86%).

(Third through tenth place: Jenny Anchondo; Dionne Anglin, Samantha Chatman, Colleen Coyle tied; Laura Harris, Madison Sawyer, Kara Sewell, Jalyn Stough tied.)


She's been dubbed "Dallas's digital dynamo," and this operator of a web marketing company is no "ding dong" (to borrow from a voter's comment) when it comes to long hair. She handled Erin Harris in the finals 18-10 (64%), and even received a Twitter compliment from Harris for "GORGEOUS locks!"

(Third through tenth place: Wendy Cruz, Tammy Dombeck, Meagan McVay tied; Arazow Doost, Cheri Garcia, Kendra Lyn, Kristi Nelson, Candace Crawford Romo tied.)


You've got to get up early to outmatch this morning news anchor's strong style. She defended her title with power, stopping Maria Arita 11-4 (73%) -- but the woman Arita edged in the preliminary final gained all the praise from voter comments.

(Preliminary second-third place: Jackie Hyland, Julie Bologna.)

AUGUST 2004: Did you spot the three Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders in our field? This morning newscaster with what she good-naturedly calls "big hair" outlasted them all, including final-round opponent Adrianna Butler 23-10 (70%). One voter praised Henderson for a style where your hands "probably wouldn't get stuck."

(Third through tenth place: Eileen Gonzales; Misty Duncan-Ashley Melott tied; Marty Copeland, Marjorie Ford, Sandra Hernandez, Karin Kelly, Shannon Oliver all tied.)


This TV reporter with a delicate sidepart led every round, but had to overcome a fierce final-round fight over Jill Martin and her alleged "ragged ends" 15-11 (58%). A member of our Ultimate 50 was left embarrassed, with no support at all.

(Third through ninth place: Susan Bennett-Lisa Cabrera tied; Pam Giganti-Jilda Unruh tied; Lindsay Czarniak, Robin Kish, Maria Elvira Salazar all tied.)


A Hair Fan found her at a TV station website, but she left television during 2015 to work at nearby Thomas More College. She took impressive medium-short hair with her - strong enough to top three former co-workers, then defeat longtime champ Becky Clark (Meyer) 8-3 (73%).

(Second through fourth place: Jessica Brown, Lisa Hutson, Kara Sewell tied.)


How curious is this? A Xavier University student who was second on her own campus (admittedly a filter-free vote) gets even here, by defeating TV reporter Sharee Paoletto 24-21 (53%) in a final round which wound up being a thrilling three-week showdown. Clark was praised for her red color, and one voter added: "She doesn't need lots of product, unlike some people!"

(Third through tenth place: Ali Nellis; Sasha Rionda, Angela Brown; Sandra Ali, Lauren Bercarich, Laura Borchers, Jillian Chuck, Tanya O'Rourke all tied.)


The tightest City League showdown we've had yet saw the Week 1 leader get booted in Week 2, and the final round come down to the final night. Only in the last round did this TV reporter lead -- making Shannon Kettler feel like Xavier against Duke, 14-13 (51.9%). "She is definitely the queen of TV hair," one supporter said, although others disputed it.

(Third through tenth place: Lindsay Burton, Lynsay Clutter, Paula Faris all tied; Clarissa de Campos, Maria LaRosa, Tanya O'Rourke, Bekka Prewitt-Denney, Anna Maria Tiernon all tied.)


A discovery by a Hair Fan dethroned a longtime local leader, as this news anchor scorched Sabra Gertsch 12-7 (63%). Anaya's enticingly cut bangs were praised for their bounce and color -- and they moved one voter to ask if "Anaya is Spanish for fox." (We have a translator tool on the home page for those things, you know.)


"Hot as the desert sun, Sabra is," wrote one voter of this TV reporter -- while another claimed she has an even newer style that's even better than this. She slammed Week 1 leader (perhaps misleading with no filters) Diana Sullivan 23-6 (79%).

(Third through seventh place: Lin Sue Cooney; Kaley O'Kelley; Fay Fredericks, Gayle Jansen, Lisa Graham Keegan tied.)


For the second time a pro soccer player kicked out the TV journalists, winning a hard-fought final over news anchor-turned-motivational coach Denise Yamada 28-20 (58%). "Julie's hair is thicker, more lush and stronger," one supporter wrote.

(Third place: Aloha Taylor.)


Kathy Sabine finished third the first time we were here. A Hair Fan thought she could beat the champion one-on-one -- and the two tugged back and forth for more than a week, seeking the advantage. But a longer looser look on the former news anchor wound up stronger, winning 13-9 (59%). (Courtesy Blacktie Colorado)

2005: She "retired" from the news anchor desk some time ago, but Hair Fans want her to make a comeback. Her carefully-placed pageboy dominated a field which included a former host of Extra and a fill-in weather forecaster on Today -- shellacking Shaul Turner in the finals 38-5 (88%).

(Third through eighth place: Kathy Sabine-Libby Weaver tie; Tamara Banks, Sarah Bowling, Kyle Dyer and Marcia McGilley tied.)


This news reporter with a risky helmet-like style started slowly, but dug in tightly to overpower TV preacher Paula White in the finals 46-2 (96%). A former Miss America contestant had to settle for third.

(Third place: Linda Gialanella.)


It probably wasn't fair putting a Hall of Fame and Ultimate 50 member in this section. But with no national TV gig, she was eligible here - and her "thick, luscious" hair (one voter's opinion) dominated. Allen cruised to victory with 84 percent support (21-4)....

so we'd like to give honorable mention to the rather surprising runner-up: lawyer and political activist Vernadette Ramirez Broyles, who advanced by edging the city newspaper editor.

(Third through tenth place: Cynthia Tucker; Cathy Cox, Tracy Flanagan, Lori Geary, Janice McDonald, Laura Meadows, Danae Roberts, Lynne Russell all tied.)


She told us it was a "career highlight" to be mentioned on our Hot List. Now the news anchor adds another one, as the hair praised by voters as "thick, gorgeous.... luscious.... sheer luxuriance" defeated co-worker Gail Pennybacker 27-16 (63%).

(Third place: Jan Crawford Greenburg; photo courtesy


Not even a recent chop from shoulder-length (and her hair was awesome when it was longer) could stop this TV newscaster from dominating the competition. She beat co-worker Julie Luck in the finals 113-12 (90%). "Vicki's bangs are so cute!" was a common response.

(Third through fifth place: Suong Tran*, Lyanne Melendez, Elizabeth Bermudez.)

* We errantly put Suong Tran in this region, when she actually is based in the Los Angeles area. Our apologies for the mix-up.


The former TV reporter and Hair Fan's Hall of Fame member now works in public relations for a hospital. Perhaps that explains why "the queen of the entire site" (to quote one voter) had a tough time winning this prized vacant local title. She fought from behind to take the final round over TV reporter Joy Dumandan 20-14 (59%). Warren went on to win the 2018 All-Star Challenge as well.

(Third through tenth place: Nichole Berlie, Erika Tarantak tied; Diane Cho, Cecy del Carmen, Paula Ebben, Jacqui Heinrich, Maria Stephanos, Sara Underwood tied.)


This news reporter knocked off two-time champion Catarina Bandini with surprising ease, 12-4 (75%) -- but some voters noted their styles looked awfully alike.


In our first-ever Challenge Round, two great styles went toe-to-toe for two tough weeks. After several lead changes and an extra day of voting, the news anchor escaped still as champion, edging Bonnie Schneider 20-17 (54%). Schneider won the most praise from voters for "soft and shiny hair.... Bonnie's cute!"

(Preliminary: Schneider defeated Sharyn Alfonsi 8-3.)

AUGUST 2003 -- The TV newscaster with precise short hair topped a former co-worker who recently disappeared from public view - conquering Kim Khazei 45-15 (75%). Khazei apparently hurt her cause with a style some declared "not pretty."

(Third place: Juliette Kayyem.)


For the first time, a registered nurse takes a local title. But that's a little misleading, since she presents TV health reports. She won this vacated title "by a mile," in the words of one voter -- but officially, it was a 12-7 final-round margin over Lauren Cohn (63%).

(Third through tenth place: Sheena Parveen; Kerry Barrett, Cecily Tynan tied; Paola Elorza, Dawn Timmeney tied; Renee Chenault-Fattah, Tamala Edwards, Karen Rogers tied.)


Playful yet sturdy waves combined with overall cuteness (we mean that in a nice way, really) to bring victory for this TV traffic reporter. After three competitive weeks, she poured on the strength in the final to beat co-worker Kerrie-Lee Halkett 14-7 (67%). "Curly girls rule," declared one voter -- and for a change here, they truly did.

(Third through tenth place: Erin O'Hearn; Brandy Bell; Jessica Borg, Renee Chenault-Fattah, Robin Regier, Dawn Stensland, Lesley Van Arsdall, Lori Wilson all tied.)


Hair Fans got a "Charge" out of this women's soccer player/fashion model. In a competition one cruel voter called "Goldilocks vs. The Three Stooges," she broke the newscaster domination by stomping Dawn Stensland 64-3 (96%). (Mitts moved away in 2006, leaving the local title vacant.)

(Third through fourth place: Lisa Thomas-Laury, Renee Chenault Fattah.)


That's certainly not "Lu" as in loser - as the morning TV host annihilated Ann Martin 16-2 (89%). Parker gained noticeable support from her old home area of San Antonio.


The veteran TV newscaster pulled what we consider a surprise, as the first living woman to defeat one-time Super-Hair Wars superstar Carolyn Hughes. "Love the bangs!" one voter declared during the 29-19 final-round vote (60%), which followed three weeks where their strong styles finished in dead-even ties for the lead.

(Third through sixth place: Dorothy Lucey, Jillian Barberie, Christine Devine-Onnie Willis tie.)


"What I would love to do with Marion's hair!" one voter exclaimed upon seeing this style. (Hopefully, it would be something within the law.) The newscaster with a reputation for keeping hair in place, yet awe-strikingly close to her eyes, outpointed traffic reporter Susan Carlson 19-7 (73%).


This open title had a field which included a current Top Ten Tresses member, an original Top Ten member and a former Super-Hair Wars Champion Hairstyle of the Year. Yet this TV journalist outfought them all, winning a tight final round with a day of extra time. She defeated Kate Sullivan 17-16 (52%), after dominating a filter-free Week 1.

(Third through tenth place: Carolyn Gusoff; Paula Froelich, Diana Williams tied; Lynda Baquero, Liz Cho, Marijoel Duran, Mary Murphy, Melissa Russo tied.)


This newscaster with a rather daring pageboy-type style crushed defending champion Cora-Ann Mihalik with surprising ease 12-1 (92%) -- surprising because she had to rally from behind to win a close Preliminary Final. The fact that a college student received more nice comments than anyone else in New York.... well, draw your own conclusions about that....

(Preliminary Final: Noland d. Elizabeth Montreuil 6-5; preliminary runner-up: Trine Allenberg.)


Well, OK, she works in Secaucus -- but she topped competing news anchor and one-time Top Ten member Diana Williams, 21-6 (78%).

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