What is Super-Hair?

Everyone probably has a personal definition of "Super-Hair." Here's what we're using at this site:

Any woman can have perfect-looking hair as she walks out of a salon. But it takes effort to keep a style looking good day after day, week after week. And it takes extra skill to keep hair under control through wind and humidity.

The Super-Hair site honors women who keep their styles at their best, no matter what. Especially those who keep hair holding in a "natural" looking way. That means we have a few do's and don'ts for 'dos.


* Hairspray. Most of the time, people can't tell if a woman uses it. Even if they can tell, it can make a style more tempting to touch.

* Headbands. They can add attractiveness as well as hold, without overly pinning hair down or blocking a natural look.

* Perms. They're good for body and strength.


* Braids. While they provide strength and can look attractive, they normally require extra attachments to keep from coming undone.

* Hairpins. They're obviously artificial -- and in many cases, they don't really add to a style's beauty.

* Ponytails and pigtails. Wrapping hair in rubber bands simply isn't natural.

If a woman wears her hair in these ways once in awhile, for a change of pace or to let hair rest, that's fine. But when these things appear six or seven days a week, we draw the line.

So when is a head of Super-Hair no longer super? We'll use a definition that we think most women would accept. If her hair falls in the eyes, the style is disqualified. A tough standard? Maybe. But the women pictured at this site pass the test - and some have done it in public for years.

(Does it matter to women? Yale University research suggests it does!)

If you have a question or a comment about our definition, please e-mail us at -- or leave a note on our message board.

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