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Only a few women received a Hair Watch from us - a day-by-day style check over several weeks. One of them was Robin Meade, during her years as morning anchor at HLN (formerly CNN Headline News). Meade won three Crown Awards between 2005-07, then ws voted into the Hair Fan's Hall of Fame by our Vetersn Committee in 2021. But in all our years of admiring Meade's mane, we've never seen it like this. A Hair Fan pointed out how Meade has gone hyper-curly since CNN derailed the Morning Express. It's certainly a less formal look - but is this the right look for her?

Unlike our last poll (below), our voters indicated natural curls are not for everyone. A large 78% majority want Meade to keep the styles straight (7-2). No one left a comment, but we agree with the straight side. Meade seems to need that look to avoid hair collapses in the TV studio. We haven't heard anything about Meade returning to TV, by the way - but is she subtly telling that Knoxville station to stay away?

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On 3 April, Tabitha Bartoe posted what turned out to be an ominous tweet: "We need more #GirlsWithCurls in the media! Natural curls are beautiful and professional." Bartoe was a TV meteorologist in Knoxville, Tennessee at the time. But by early May, Bartoe says she faced an ultimatum. After months of pressure, she had to "soften her curls" or lose her job. The hint was that the managers wanted Bartoe's hair straight. Bartoe wound up fired for a style that "isn't aligning with the company and the company policy," she was told.

A Hair Fan brought this matter to our attention - so we asked whose side you're taking in this dispute. We offered the best style comparison of Bartoe that we could find, and our voters left no doubt. A one-week poll was unanimous for Bartoe being curly (6-0). No one left a comment, so we'll offer a couple of thoughts. We're surprised that other "curl advocates" in the news media (hint: one is a Top Ten Tresses member) have not spoken out in Bartoe's defense. And we can't help wondering how Bartoe has straight bangs while the longer hair is curly. Both are equally attention-getting, and both seem equally impressively strong.


Which U.S. TV news network has the best hairstyle lineup, from top to bottom? If you asked us in spring 2023, we'd easily say it's CBS. There's evening news anchor Norah O'Donnell on top (see below). There's Top Ten Tresses member Adriana Diaz (who replaced Christina Ruffini there). Morning co-host Gayle King is an Ultimate 50 member. But don't overlook hair veterans such as Chief White House Correspondent Nancy Cordes. She once was in the Top 10 herself, while at ABC News. And she still shows strong attractive control during live reports outside. But Cordes may have followed others in getting a cut for warmer weather. We noted her in May with a quite short cut for her - ends scraping the shoulders, where she once had several more inches.

Are you in accord with Cordes, on a change that looks like she's matching Bonnie Bernstein? While our voters like O'Donnell's hair shorter, it's the opposite here: two-thirds preferred the longer approach in our week-long poll (4-2). No one left a comment, but we'd think Cordes faces an even tougher challenge now to keep her hair in line. But if she can do it without resorting to her ears, she'll show how Super her style really is; only a rare extra-windy day has brought it down.


If anyone qualifies as a "legend" of Super-Hair, it's Bonnie Bernstein. The long-time sports reporter won 24 Crown Awards in our first decade, including five wins for the top-of-list Best Long Hsir award. Bernstein backers even lobbied to have her "icon" on our Ultimate 50 list changed, because it showed a shorter style from her early ESPN years. But now that her age is above 50, Bernstein may be having second thoughs about her length. As she tours the country promoting her She's Got Game podcast, Bernstein is showing a style that might touch hit her shoulders if she leans to one side.

Has Bernstein shown brilliance my shortening her look? It's a rarity when she gets voted down, but it happened here. Our Hair Fans preferred the longer style by a two-thirds margin (6-3). "Awful," one critic wrote; "Was the person who cut her even paying attention!!" Other commenters seem to turn back the clock, remembering the time when Bernstein was all alone in our Hair Fan's Hall of Fame (yes, that happened for a year). "Actually glad she's back," one said. "Bonnie was bad for the site then and worse now," another replied. To use sports language, it appears Bernstein has lost her mane momentum - although we imagine it's still very hard to muss.


Kayna Whitworth calls herself on Twitter a "peasant who married a Prince." People who have seen her on ABC News in recent years might conclude the opposite. Her attractive blonde hair moved with her from Boston television and has endured numerous tests in live reports. But more recently, Whitworth has spent time at the "digital" anchor desk - and we wonder if that led to a shortening of her style. She might not need a ponytail at Western wildfires anymore, as the hair barely goes beyond her shoulders.

Is Whitworth more wonderful with shorter hair? Not at all, our Hair Fans say. They shouted down the short cut by a 90% margin (9-1), with one wondering: "Did she thin it out too or did she have extensions..." We seriously doubt the extensions part; it appears the look on the right simply reflects added waves. Another voter pointed out that Whitworth "used to work with Kerri Corrado and Victoria Warren in Boston. That TV station is a feeder network for Super Hair." Yes, we know - because you should search for some of the less successful hairstyles we've found there through the years.


Monthly reports from one tracking service show one woman regularly leads in visits to our website. Not the Hall of Fame members or the Crown Award winners - but CBS News anchor Norah O'Donnell. Hair Fans apparently love to marvel at the short pageboy she displayed for years at NBC News, which we made into a Hair Watch.. Since she moved to CBS, O'Donnell has had flings with taking her style longer. It appeared that way to us in April - with big curl at the ends nd the ends touching her shoulders.

We thank a Hair Fan on Twitter for reminding us of how long O'Donnell might go - a vidcap from a CBS Morning News program several years ago. Should she do this again? Our voters said NO to Norah by a two-thirds margin in our week-long poll (8-4). No one spoke out either way, but the longer approach allows O'Donnell more style variety - even if she risks a drop, which still doesn't seem to happen often.


In some parts of the U.S., spring seems to be coming late this year. Late-April days are unusually chilly in some places, while other spots have snow. But Britain's Cara Delevingne made a dramatically summer-like move with her hair in mid-April. The two-time "Model of the Year" at the British Fashion Awards trimmed her mid-length style into what one beauty writer called a "voluminous layered bob." We're not sure where she got the "voluminous" part, but it's certainly wavy from top to bottom.

Does Cara carry your support, for what some consider a traditional summer cut? Our one-week poll ended as split as a center part: half the Hair Fans like Delevingne's new look, while half do not (3-3). No one spoke up on either side, but we lean toward the long and softer-looking approach she had a few years ago. The shorter style (along with that stare) actually reminds us a bit of Delevingne's biography on her Instagram page: "thick knuckles and a juicy spine."


If someone asked you to name the most fabulous Julia Roberts haistyle moment, what would come to mind? We'd say her role in The Pelican Brief, with plenty of waves at risk and in motion. Other movies have shown her with different looks, of course. But can you think of a time when Roberts had bangs above her eyes? We couldn't - so that makes a change she made in late March surprising. Veteran stylist Serge Normant filled her forehead with fringe, which even seemed a bit red before the cameras, when she appeared at an event promoting luxury watches.

Has the "Pretty Woman" made a change which makes her even prettier? The bangs had it, for most of our one-week poll. But the final outcome was close, with 57% of voters preferring Roberts with bangs (4-3). Since no one left a comment, we'll admit we're leaning against this change. The bangs seem heavy and forced on her forehead - although we'll admit it could simply be a matter of our being surprised by the change. At least Roberts is living up to another of her movies: Something to Talk About.


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