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Great hair is a popular topic -- not only among "Hair Fans" and celebrities, but the everyday news media. We're collecting articles relating to hair that you may find helpful, interesting - and maybe even a little funny:

NEWEST: Uncombable Hair Syndrome - Imagine being unable to comb your hair. For a few people around the world, it's a reality - and it's considered a genetic disease. We link to a Georgia boy's UHS story which his mother shared with Good Morning America.

Are Blondes Becoming Extinct? - This rumor made the rounds, and was quoted by some national newscasts. Fact or fiction?

Bad Bangs - A photo gallery set up by a Hollywood gossip web site, which we think reflects a bias against bangs in general. Whether you agree or not is up to you.

Bangs Make the Cut - A Gannett News Service article on a hair trend that's right across many women's foreheads. Why did bangs make a 2008 comeback?

Bangs and Plastic Surgery - "Women's Wear Daily" reveals how some women use hair to cover up a cosmetic procedure. It drops a famous name who allegedly was thinking about doing it.

Beating Humidity - TV news professionals share ideas for stopping droopy hair, as summer heats up. From a Vault message board.

Beauty Parlor Stroke - A warning from the "Wireless Flash" news service and "" about why you might get hurt during a shampoo at the salon.

The Best Hairspray - TV news professionals discuss which spray offers the best hold, as well as the best on-air look. From a Vault message board.

Cancer and Hair Loss - Many people diagnosed with cancer become concerned with how they'll look in public. This article explains how with mesothelioma can protect their hair during therapy.

Causes of Hair Loss and Baldness in Men - Are these problems preventable? Why do some treatments sometimes work, but sometimes don't? Pakistan's Sajid Rasheed offers insight.

Celebrate With Color - Thinking about adding a few highlights, or going all the way for a new look? Expert Diana Dudas has tips to help in your decision.

A Century of Bobs - Born in 1909, the short style may never die completely. This article from a British newspaper mixes hair history with current examples of women who keep bobbin' along.

Curling Hair How-To - If you weren't blessed with natural curls, there are four ways for women to add them. "Jen Reviews" explains what they are, and then examples of four kinds of curls to try.

Cutting the Wedge - How to do it is one of our most frequently asked questions. We've tracked down a Time magazine article from the height of Dorothy Hamill's fame in the 1970s, with a description which could help.

Dye and Cancer - New scientific research about whether dying hair can harm your overall health.

Dye and Hair Loss - A Georgia woman sued a major hair coloring company, claiming its product left her partially bald. You'll be stunned by what you see.

Extension Confessions - Many women wear them. Maybe even some stars that you didn't think would. This blog entry by a company which sells extensions names names and shows photos (including several Crown Award winners), while offering tips for doing extensions the proper way.

Fiber Moisturization Imbalance - If you have bad hair days during the winter, this could be your problem. A news release explains what it is, and how it could be solved.

A four-step plan - Suggestions for healthier hair from "" and MSN's "WomanCentral."

Growing Out A Short Style - If you've never tried it to "go longer," what challenges will you face? This article from the late 1990's actually was aimed at men, but we think the advice will help women as well.

Hair and Eating Disorders - Scientists in Utah say if you check hair under a microscope, you can spot someone with anorexia or bulimia. Our link goes to a summary of the research, which appeared in Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry.

Hair and food - A report from ABC News about how the right nutrition can help build Super-Hair.

Hair and humidity - A brief article from USA Today confirms what you suspected all along about how summer affects your hair.

Hair and water - A report from the nationally-known Dr. Dean Edell, about how bad water can harm your hair.

Hair Fetishes - For some people, the admiration of great hair can move to fascination, or beyond that to even stranger stuff. (ADVISORY: This is a topic for mature readers only - NOT for children.)

Hair Growth Genetics -- A scientific article revealing which gene seems to make hair grow faster. It also has good hair basics about the process occurs.

"Hair Hack" tips - Little things can make a big difference when it comes to Super-Hair. This illustrated article from Yahoo DIY shows how to improve styles with items such as an eye makeup brush and toothbrush.

Hair Obsession and Marriage - The TV program Dr. Phil focused on one couple where a husband's interest in great styles was driving his wife toward divorce. For male Hair Fans, this will be thought-provoking. (ADVISORY: This is a topic for mature readers - NOT recommended for children.)

A History of Bad Hairstyles - Posted by CNN via another web site, it offers five styles which both women and men might do well to avoid.

"How to Do Things" tips -- A web site that's a bit like Wikipedia, only with people contributing instructions. Our link is to a section on "fashion and personal care."

Keys to Hair Health - A CNN report with a dermatologist warning what causes the most damage to hair, and offering tips for stronger strands. (Wait until you see who did the reporting.)

A Long Stretch From Tradition - Thinking about braiding your hair, or getting it weaved? Diana Dudas suggests several factors you should consider first.

"Looking Good" Tips - A collection of items on all sorts of hair topics, from a free online newsletter; this includes a link for those interested in subscribing to it.

Meditation on Hair and Science - A religious site offers interesting facts about hair, along with two verses which may put things in perspective.

Mistakes Customers Make - What should you do before going to a salon? A professional offers advice to potential clients.

Our Twitter Favorites - A collection of hairstyling tips (and scattered other things) which drop into our Twitter feed.

Quench the Thirst of Frizzy Hair - How can you keep a curly cut in mint condition and at top quality day after day? Diana Dudas says the secret to Super-Curls begins with "M."

Rodeo Queen Hair Secrets - It's long. It's wavy. It's perfect!!! But how does a rodeo pageant winner develop drop-dead gorgeous Super-Hair? Former Miss Rodeo Arizona Taci Shaffer shows and tells, step by delicious step - including whether or not the hat matters.

Salt For Your Hair - It's incredibly natural, and has all sorts of uses. This article from the Daily Mail explains how salt could add volume to your hairstyle.

Shampoo Chemicals - A 2005 article claims the ingredients of some popular hair products could damage your nerves. We must note the association behind this article may have an "organic bias."

Shampoo or No-Poo - Does the right shampoo give a woman Super-Hair? How often should it be used - if at all? A conversation-starter from Yahoo's "Shine" branch.

The Study of Blondes - A story from Britain's Sky News about a hair research project. Blondes wanted!

Styling Contest - A contest in early 2006 for people showing creative ways with hair. We haven't heard about it becoming an annual event.

Sunday Times "Hair Special" - Several articles on hair topics, from color to style secrets, appeared in a major British newspaper 4/15/1. From our link, search for "hair" in April 2001 for the topics. (This way, their webmaster won't get angry.)

Wave of the Future -- You don't need harsh chemicals to relax hair anymore, thanks to the "Ionic-sphere." Diana Dudas looks at the science and strategy of straightening styles.

What Men Want - Blonde or brunette? Long hair or short? One college actually has researched this vital question, about what sort of women's hair turns men on. Are the stereotypes right?

Why Don't You Sell Your Hair and Make Lots of Money? - If it's time for a cut, it might be tempting. But Jenny Corteza says there are pros and cons to it. (NOTE: This article includes a sponsored text link.)

Yale University study - Examines how bad hair days can affect your life.


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