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39. Lisa Myers

2012 Update

Myers seemed to move away from investigative reports at NBC in 2012. One assignment put her in North Carolina, covering the trial of former U.S. Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards. This "stand-up" outside the federal courthouse shows Myers's classic short style - but admittedly looking a bit long on her right side.

Myers was live during NBC Nightly News 24 April -- and we knew from watching earlier news reports in the afternoon it was a blustery day in Greensboro. When we saw this, we said to ourselves: "This could be a test." Compared with recent years, a relatively rare test for her....

...and moments later, look what one gust did! A crosswind attacked Myers's hair like we've never seen before. One layer blew straight up, above her head. But that's not the "breaking point" for us.

This is -- and a review of the clip at the NBC News website confirmed a few strands from one layer fell across Myers's right eye. We were left stunned. It took a fierce springtime breeze to do it, but even short Super-Hair can be caught and defeated at the wrong moment.


2010 Update

With hair collapses in recent years by Norah O'Donnell and Savannah Guthrie, Myers has proven worthy of being called the "Ultimate" hairstyle at NBC News. This May report in a studio shows her short hair as flawless as ever. So we decided to conduct our own mini-investigation of Myers online, searching for any slips in her style. What would happen if a Hair Fan snuck up behind her, and tried to muss this head of Super-Hair once and for all?

You might have this -- a 2009 appearance on MSNBC, which was posted on YouTube by a U.S. Senator. The perfectly-combed right side would fall harmlessly across her forehead, almost filling it with well-trimmed bangs.

This head of hair simply is built not to fall to defeat, whatever happens. Super-Hair? Unquestionably.


2008 Update

One key to successful Super-Hair is consistency - and Myers certainly displays that. Her well-cut style remains unchanged, as she continues to file investigative reports for NBC News. The only danger seems to come when hair is combed close to her eyes - and even then, hidden bangs seem to prevent any harm.

So how does Myers's hair stay so unbeatably perfect? This unusual side view shows us - lots of short layers, going well back from the forehead. See several views of this amazing style in a photo gallery from the day she was honored by her alma mater, the University of Missouri.


2006 Update

Myers's title has not changed from 2004, nor has her basic style. This rare outdoor appearance in London during 2005 showed no movement at all, and the style's usual perfect position. She has the potential to go down as eternally undefeated.

With no known photo galleries available of Myers, your best place to see her in action online is likely at the MSNBC web site.


2004 Update

Myers is now "senior investigative correspondent" for NBC News - and she's still not seen much outside the studio. The layers of her style are much more noticeable, and sometimes the bangs seem a bit dangerously long. Yet as long as she remains indoors, her hair is quite unlikely to fall.

To see video of Myers interviewing Rush Limbaugh in 2000, click here.


2002 Update

Current photos of Myers (or any photos, for that matter) are hard to find. In fact, we have no new links to offer for her hair. But she's subtly adjusted her cut from the super-sizzled style of years gone by, such as the picture above. Today the strands around the eyes are much shorter and looser - and cut in layers so well that her hair still seems unlikely to get in her eyes.

NBC needs to get this woman outside the Capitol, so we can see how strong the new look really is. We'd think the risk factor is a bit higher, with less spray at work. Suffice to say, though, Myers's style remains unbeaten - and remains one of the more underrated cuts in TV news.

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