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April 2023

Zoe starts her report in a crouch position - perhaps to protect her hair, although we can't see what's around her. The style seems solid, with surprisingly no sign of pins at all. Only a small strip seems to be tucked behind her right ear. Is she that confident about her style?

Maybe not! Standing fully, the right side already is pushed into her eye. It's largely solid, but it's been shoved hard. (And all this is before Zoe says a word into the microphone!) If you noticed a hint of a loose strip on her left side above, that's a sign of what's to come....

Zoe tries "the lean," as we call it - tilting her head right to clear the hair off her face. The wind actually appears to help push it to her right, but a strip is still at her cheek.

But the wind is relentless! It blows even more of Zoe's right side out of line, almost entirely across her face. She admits she's having trouble keeping her balance.

Yet the crosswind seems to be playing with that long hair a bit. A gust blows it out, so her face is fine for a moment - extending strands far to her right in the process.

But then the wind pushes the style in again! Now right-side hair is almost 90 degrees to her left - even kicking some up over her head!

With this "third strike," we'll let Mintz go (even though the live report continued) with her classic comment: "Nobody's hair is safe today!"

CONCLUSIONS: The studio meteorologist said it was his idea to put Mintz outside - only to add: "Now I'm kind of regretting it." We're not sure many Hair Fans would agree with that. And to Mintz's credit, she smiled through it all - even putting the full clip on her "Weather With Zoe" YouTube section.

In other roof reports, we noticed Mintz had a ponytail for protection. But when the wind gust tops 60 miles per hour, is that always enough? Would a full tuck-back behind the shoulders have saved her? And we leave it to you to imagine and speculate - does someone have Super-Hair that could stay safe and strong through a breeze like this? If so, whom? Please tell us; maybe we can arrange something.

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