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April 2004: Hair With a Flare, Page 2

JAMIE COLBY may have the best flared style we've seen among celebrities. She's bounced in the last couple of years from CBS News to CNN to Fox News Channel -- but the same basic look (shown here with thanks to TV has not changed, and probably doesn't bounce at all. The tips are solidly up on both sides....

....while hair closest to the eyes remains very tight and seems straight throughout. We suspect some women use mousse or spray in this critical area, to prevent hair from collapsing.

What fascinates us most about Colby is how she takes this style outside, to face potentially challenging weather. We caught one testing day, as she covered the Kobe Bryant case in Colorado. We should have noticed right away her hair was a bit worn, as the flares were a bit bent-down and flat.

Then came a strong mountain breeze from her right to left (your left-to-right). Colby took it on without flinching, or even reaching for the hair -- and to our surprise, after a couple of seconds bangs showed up on the forehead. The style was positioned to hide them, save perhaps for trials like this. (On some occasions since this day, she's actually spread bangs across the forehead on the air.)

The hair stopped at this point and fought the wind with toughness for several seconds. It was a supreme test of this style's hold, and it displayed plenty of immovable strength - more than you might expect from this style at first glance.

But alas, the strands near her right cheek came loose after about ten seconds and pushed into her right eye. They didn't push in far -- not even reaching the nose, and in fact almost bouncing back out. Meanwhile, the flared locks in back appeared to stay locked down in position. It was a Super-Hair quality struggle - and for Colby's quality coif, it was the first defeat we'd seen.

Learn more about Colby's styling secrets in our Q&A section.


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