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May 2014: Wings in Flight

The biggest challenge many women face with their hair is controlling the sections closest to their eyes. After all, those are the strips most likely to drop in the face when the pressure is on. There are many ways to accomplish that control. One attractive approach in the modern era uses what are called "wings" around the eyes.

SUZANNE SOMERS became the icon for this look in the 1970s, when she starred in the TV comedy Three's Company. Even though her character was a "ditzy blonde," her shoulder-length blonde hair was prepared with skill. This photo shows extra-large "wings" of hair -- with sections on either side of a center part combed back, yet not pinned down. We think a round brush was used, followed by a secure spray. The result is a very risky and bouncy style.

This very memorable picture of Somers's style (for us) makes the wings look slightly windblown (although we doubt any fans were used). The wings are out a bit, proving no pins are in use - but making Hair Fans wonder what would happen if the breeze blew in a different direction.

This picture for a "sticker/card set" from the TV show seems to show the wings a bit weaker. The left side actually is drooping down from that near-90-degree angle above. And notice a wisp of hair is down on Somers's right side - a long bang which appears capable of hitting her eye. Clearly this style depends a great deal on spray for holding power.


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