a word of warning

A beautiful woman is a sight to behold - as is a beautifully perfect head of hair. But if you're not careful while admiring the styles at this web site, your emotions could go too far. That's why we're doing what cigarette and wine companies do - and offering this warning page.

You may have noticed we keep nudity off this site. There are two reasons for this "G-rated" approach:

1) Our focus is on the woman's hair - and really not what she wears below the neck.

2) We believe beauty and morality can go hand-in-hand.

Perhaps you've heard someone describe a woman's long hair as "her glory." Ever wonder who came up with that line? It's in the Bible - I Corinthians 11:15, to be exact. (If the religious folks don't mind, we think short hair can be glorious, too!)

It's easy to let long looks at lovely locks lead to lust -- or perhaps envy toward some of these successful styles. There's a reminder for you about that in Proverbs 12:11. "He who chases fantasies lacks judgment." Proverbs 28:19 adds such a person "will have his fill of poverty." (For instance, printing pictures of SuperHair for ten cents a page at the library.)

God made a beautiful world, which just happens to have beautiful women in it. There's nothing wrong with that. But there is something wrong when you get your priorities out of order. The Bible has this warning for women who live in a haughty, sinful way: "The Lord will snatch away their finery: the bangles and headbands.... the headdresses.... and tiaras.... instead of well-dressed hair, baldness." (Isa. 3:18-24)

But the good news is, God is offering those who obey Him a "crown of glory that will never fade away." (I Pet. 5:4) This glory won't fall apart in high humidity, or even in a hurricane. If you'd like to know how to obtain it, drop us a line at . We'll be glad to tell you more.

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